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Item #: SCP-1118-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1118-JP is to be blocked from being perceived from the outside by use of installed perception blocking equipment. Regular maintenance is to be performed to ensure containment’s certainty. In the case a flying object enters its vicinity, the target aircraft will be led away by radio wave transmission.

Whenever a Walt Disney Studios work is announced, monitoring team must carefully examine said work. If a character in the work is newly discovered as dead or missing, exploration of SCP-1118-JP is to be programmed. The process will continue until SCP-1118-JP-A is found, identified as the same affected character when inside SCP-1118-JP.

Currently, SCP-1118-JP can only be accessed by aircraft. Personnel entering SCP-1118-JP are required to receive adequate training.

Expected dreams related to SCP-1118-JP are to be given the origin of urban legends amongst Disney employees through the use of a cover story. When new information regarding the appearance of dreams is discovered, the person who saw the dream is to be detained, interviewed, and given amnestics before being released. The Foundation will not intervene in the activities of the subject in question, unless a case urgently requires it.

Description: SCP-1118-JP is a group of facilities in the shape of a theme park located about 12,000m above Tokyo Disney Resort. From all sorts of written media, it’s believed the group of facilities to be named “Tokyo DisneySky”. SCP-1118-JP is built on top of a massive floating block of materials. This material is white-colored, and possesses repulsive qualities.

SCP-1118-JP’s business hours are 08:00-22:00. The gate will be closed outside of business hours, needing to wait until 08:00 the next day to either enter or exit SCP-1118-JP. During business hours, all guests receive service without needing to pay. Methods for maintaining water, electricity, the source of supplied goods and waste disposal are not known. A brick at the entry/exit gate has the words “The immortal fantasist continues to grow here, from the Oneiroi Collective”1 engraved on it.

All areas and attractions are composed of copyrighted material derived from Walt Disney and Walt Disney Studios. A group resembling Disney characters moving autonomously (Hereafter referred to as SCP-1118-JP-A) work as cast members. They are responsible for services such as providing meals and selling goods, clean-up and sanitation, inspection and repair of attractions, information, performing, etc.

SCP-1118-JP-A’s outward appearance is based on the original cel animation/3D CG/performer of the original work, with their voice based on the version of the language the target understands the most. SCP-1118-JP-A has a variety of individuals, including non-entities, having personalities and physical traits based on Disney characters. SCP-1118-JP cannot be lethal towards others, and all attacks result in “blowing the target away without injuring them”. Furthermore, SCP-1118-JP cannot be destroyed by external attacks.

A common trait with SCP-1118-JP-A’s characters is that in the original work, they are either dead or their fate is unknown. The memories of SCP-1118-JP-A correspond to that after the ending of the story, and most individuals retain memories of their deaths.

Following the end of business hours at 22:00, SCP-1118-JP-A collapses into glittering dust, which is then carried away by the wind. Because of events happening at SCP-1118-JP, some characters disappear according to their deaths in the original work. At 08:00 the next day, the wind blows at the locations of disappearance, and the same dust whirls up in a vortex. When the vortex stops, all SCP-1118-JP-A individuals, including the deceased ones, will reappear2. The reappearing SCP-1118-JP-A continue to have memories from before disappearing.

The release of Walt Disney Studios films may bring changes in SCP-1118-JP, with new area expansions and attractions, additional SCP-1118-JP-A instances, etc. The change occurs when a character dies or stops appearing in a film work, or when the dead/disappeared character appears again. In the case of the corresponding character turning out to return in a sequel, the change locations revert to their original state. There’s no evidence The Walt Disney Company or The Oriental Land Company is involved in SCP-1118-JP, only that SCP-1118-JP reacts to the changes made.

SCP-1118-JP suddenly appeared on 20██/11/18, and was discovered by the Foundation when satellital camera images detected an unidentified floating object. During the initial investigation, severed red ribbons were found scattered around the entry/exit gate. The ribbons were greatly deteriorated, as if affected by long periods of rain and wind.

Monuments and attractions found within SCP-1118-JP, and SCP-1118-JP-A (Excerpt)

Overview: Statue of Walt Disney

Location: In front of the Gate

Details: Upright, suited up statue of Walt Disney. Made of copper. Damaged fingertips. Appears to be an imitation of the “Partners” statue3, but clear differences can be seen:

  • Mickey Mouse is not next to Disney, empty space instead.
  • Disney holds his right hand at head height, having it open.

Overview: Group of buildings in the style of a French town in the Middle Ages, named “Villeneuve town”.

Location: SCP-1118-JP’s west side, inside the “Fancy Area”.

Details: Closely resembles the village that appears in “Beauty and the Beast”. Combines motifs from both the 1991 cel-animated film and the 2017 live-action film. A theater attraction with the theme of “Beauty and the Beast” is adjacent to the area, and community events are held.

Confirmed SCP-1118-JP-A:

  • Gaston4(SCP-1118-JP-A-30)

Moves and has the appearance of the cel-animated character, or of the actor who portrayed the role, Luke Evans (At the time of filming). The appearance switches from day to day5.

When a event starts, enters attraction according to program. At the climax scene, the floor opens up, and he falls down. From that point onward, their status becomes unknown.

Overview: Western-style castle, named “Forest Castle”.

Location: SCP-1118-JP’s center

Details: Structure that resembles the castle from “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Believed to have been placed as a substitute to “Cinderella Castle”6 due to its location. Inside of monument displays goods related to “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”.

A chimney that is not in the original work is present on the tallest tower. This chimney has been observed constantly emitting a gray, shiny smoke. The smoke emissions decrease daily, but are periodically restored to a certain, fixed amount. Due to the obstruction by a group of SCP-1118-JP-A in charge of security, collecting this smoke has not been successful.

Confirmed SCP-1118-JP-A:

  • Old Lady7(SCP-1118-JP-A-01)

Has a cel-animated appearance. When she spots a guest, she approaches them and hands them an apple. In a feeding experiment using D-class personnel, the apple caused mild headaches and stomach ache.

At an unspecified point after 12:00, seven costume characters representing the Seven Dwarfs will chase after SCP-1118-A-01. Eventually, SCP-1118-A-01 is chased to a high point inside SCP-1118-JP, and a sudden lightning will strike the place she’s standing on, making her fall. After her screams of death, she turns into dust as she falls and disappears.

An unknown structure’s been discovered at the monument.
An addendum for this item is being considered.

Below is an interview log on an appearing SCP-1118-JP-A. The SCP-1118-JP-A to be interviewed is limited to those fit within the safety standards, first checking their degree of understanding and offensive faculties according to the original film they’re from. For the sake of convenience, SCP-1118-JP is referred to as “DisneySky” or “Sky” during the interview.

Special investigation 1118-JP

Thanks to successful infiltration attempts performed by MTF teams during SCP-1118-JP closing times (22:00-07:59), multiple additional explorations were carried out. Besides the cases below, no abnormalities were detected in SCP-1118-JP’s mechanism that couldn’t be observed during opening hours.

Addendum: During the early days of investigation, interviews conducted to staff from The Walt Disney Company, the existence of dreams with several points in common with SCP-1118-JP were discovered.

As far it’s currently known, this dream experience is limited to creators and proprietors of The Walt Disney Company and Disney-related companies. Many of the people who experience the dream have gone on to produce commercial hits and become award nominees for them, as well as carrying out radical reforms in administration and planning. This continues even if the Foundation has erased the memories of the dream. It must be noted that the dream also has the mental effect of deifying Walt Disney.

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