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Item #: SCP-112-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Currently, the Foundation has five boxes with thirty bottles of the subject each. The proxy company, Sinill-Cheonggang Produce is to retrieve instances immediately after discovery. Tests should be done under the authorisation of more than five Level 2 personnel. The resulting organisms of the tests are to be terminated with the D-Class. Testing on Canidae species is prohibited.

Description: SCP-112-KO is inside a container similar to the typical 360ml diluted soju bottle sold in Korea, with "Factory" printed on the label. The liquid inside is mostly identical to the diluted soju sold in Korea, but 1% of SCP-112-KO is unidentified. The unknown substance is similarly organised to [DATA EXPUNGED] commonly found in alcohol but shows completely different traits.

If a mammalian species drink SCP-112-KO, it goes through four stages in the span of an hour, permanently morphing into a canine species. The process is as follows:

At stage one, 10 minutes after consumption, acetaldehyde(CH3CHO) chemically bonds with the unknown substance, causing regional nerve paralysis. Simultaneously, the subject's brain structure changes similar to a dog's, causing them to behave like a canine species. Also, the subject turns noticeably aggressive, has an enhanced olfactory and auditory function, and turns completely colourblind. At stage two, which lasts 5 minutes after stage one, the unknown substance circulating around the body stimulates the subject's hair follicles, causing long and rapid hair growth. At stage three, osteoblasts and osteoclast are abnormally activated, causing simultaneous destruction and regeneration of all skeletal tissue. All other organs morph into a canine species', albeit not in the right position. On the last stage, stage four, all the morphed body parts move to the right place.

These stages are usually painful and dangerous enough to result in death; in tests, 35% of subjects died from stage one due to complete failure of the brain, of stage four from organ damage or misassembly of tissue. However, the subject does not report pain during the procedure. This is believed to be the result of anaesthesia caused by the paralysis of the brain in stage one.

Testing has found out that, in the case of canine subjects, 95% of them successfully undergo the transformation. Testing on canine species is banned, as the resulting organism is hazardous.

Test log SCP-112-KO

Test director: Dr ██████

Test subject: D-5873

Specifics: 29 y.o. female, Height:168cm, Weight: 52kg, blonde, European

Peculiarities: Subject suffers from osteoporosis, which is unusual for the subject's age.

Results: Fail. Subject died from compound fracture during stage four.

Analysis: Request for healthier subjects on consecutive tests.

Test subject: D-2546

Specifics: 42 y.o. male, Height: 185cm, Weight: 82kg, African American

Peculiarities: Very aggressive. Suffers from light dimensia.

Test results: Successfully morphed into an American pit bull terrier. The organism was unusually larger than other pit bull terriers. The subject bit other D-Class personnel and tried to escape while attempting to bite anyone in its sight. Subject terminated afterwards. Eight D-Class personnel died, and three MTF agents suffered severe injuries from this incident.

Analysis: We need a more mentally stable subject.

Test subject: D-5546

Specifics: 21 y.o. male, Height: 180cm, Weight: 70kg, Asian.

Peculiarities: Injected with drugs to reduce aggression.

Result: Subject morphed into a wolf, larger and tamer than average.

Analysis: Based on this test, it is recommended that consecutive tests follow this procedure.

Test subject: Tosa dog

Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] Subject terminated. Five members of the MTF were killed, 32 were seriously injured, and 184 were lightly injured.

Analysis: Banning tests on Canidae species or subjects preexposed to SCP-112-KO.

Test subject: D-8543

Specifics: 33 y.o. male, Caucasian, Weight: 56kg

Peculiarities: Subject suffers from pituitary dwarfism, resulting in a small height of 130cm and severe deformation of bodily structures. The subject is drugged to remove emotions.

Results: Subject morphed into an unknown hound. The resulted organism is smaller than other hounds but does not have the same deformities to the original subject.

Analysis: The theory that SCP-112-KO does not morph the subject's skeleton but reforms it has been confirmed.

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