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Item #: SCP-113-FR

Threat Level: White o

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-113-FR is to be contained on one hard drive, isolated from any and all digital interventions, so that it does not infect the Foundation's entire database.

Description: SCP-113-FR is a sapient entity claiming to be trapped inside an electronic circuit. As of right now, it has attempted communication through several of the files on Dr. Kaze's computer.

The entity claims to be a victim of a Foundation experiment aiming to

Is anyone reading this?
This is SOS message n°113-B.
I am Dr. Anton Vehan, research director on mind dematerialization at Site-Aleph. I was recently offered the opportunity to work on project O.O.H.S. (Operational Omnipresent Humanoid Sentinel), which

claims to be Dr. Anton Vehan, who had been diagnosed with and died of lung cancer years earlier. Dr. Vehan was found dead in his office, next to one of his inventions. In order not to scare personnel, the O5 Council classified the file,

How about you hold your promises, O5 Council! Give me my new body, as promised.

Dr. Anton Vehan, 13/09/1998.

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