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Item #: SCP-113-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-113-KO is to be contained in a small refrigeration unit in a 3*3*3 meter vault located in the special storage wing of Site-48. Cold temperature is unnecessary, but will make future testing more convenient. The vault itself is monitored by no fewer than 8 cameras, staffed 24 hours a day. Experimentation on SCP-113-KO is to be approved on a case-by-case basis by the site director; Under no circumstances is SCP-113-Ko allowed to leave its refrigeration unit.

Description: SCP-113-KO a standard rectangle-shaped carton typically used to hold milk, made of paper board which is made of natural pulp with sterilized polyethylene coated on both sides. SCP-113-KO is indestructible. Item’s capacity is 1 liter. This matches with typical Korean milk cartons. In the front, the phrase 'Always fresh morning! Exciting weekend soon!' is written in Korean with red letters and a character which resembles a cow is placed in the center of the carton. Its production date is Thursday, January 13th, 197█, and it says the manufacturer is <██ milk>, which went bankrupt after roughly 1 year after the business has started due to a large work strike. While laborers demanded the company provided meals and housing, a sensational working condition back then. They claimed they were suffering from endless night works and overtime labors “for unknown reasons.” After the facility went bankrupt, the owner of such facility committed suicide and his son appeared to have inherited SCP-113-KO.

The contents of SCP-113-KO, hereinafter SCP-113-KO-1, appears to be anomalously refilling within SCP-113-KO. Upon ingestion, affected subjects will think the current day is Thursday, despite any attempts to prove the contrary. Effects also include an increase to the subjects’ stamina, willingness and efficiency, loyalty, and ethics, often suggesting changes to existing rules and methods. Affected subjects deal with seemingly unreasonable demands (such as working an excessive period of time) much better than otherwise. The effects cease after 24 hours. Affected subjects will undergo retrograde amnesia, forgetting everything they experienced over the last 24 hours. Some memories formed before exposure may become blurry. SCP-113-KO-1 keeps itself fresh when it's inside SCP-113-KO. However it will decay like a regular milk once removed from SCP-113-KO. For more detailed characteristics, see the experiment logs.

SCP-113-KO was retrieved from Parker ██, CEO of the famous salt manufacturer company ███. Parker ██ claimed he inherited it from his father who was a milk manufacturer, and had said he never used it in inhumanely or unreasonably. He said he was firmly keeping his sensational working condition (“Meals and housing for all employees, a workday from 9 to 6, 5 days a week”), and his staff members gave the same testimony.

However, based on the employee performance log and CCTV record of the manufacturer ███, all claims were proven false and an estimated ███ personnel had a calculated group total of ██████ hours of unpaid labor. This has happened mostly by voluntary work or Parker ██'s unreasonable night shift demand. The factory made them consume SCP-113-KO-1 every morning as their breakfast, and no personnel allergic to milk or lactose intolerant were hired for consumption of SCP-113-KO-1. The company mainly hired people without close relatives, and Parker ██ also [REDACTED] including [REDACTED] in order to keep his company’s secret. After retrieving SCP-113-KO, Parker ██, the CEO was administered Class-E amnestics, and his company went bankrupt in 2011, 90 days after the retrieval of the SCP due to the poor performance. Parker ██ Is currently in a comatose state at ███ hospital after complications arising from Class-E amnestic administration.

Addendum 1: Recovery Log 733X6: Video interview record of Worker C and Worker F from the salt manufacturer ███ before their resignation.

Interviewers: According to logs from the company, Worker C is age 42, Asian male, was working other part time jobs and had been with the company a total of 3 years.

Other interviewer, Worker F, applied for resignation at the same time as Worker C, Having only worked 34 days. No other personnel had resigned as quickly. Worker C was age 27, Asian male, having entered the company after graduating college.

The interviewee was Parker ██, the CEO of the company at that moment.

<Begin Log, ██/██/2010 Sunday, unknown time>

Parker ██: So, you want to resign? What gloomy talk for a good day like Thursday!

Worker C: Yes, personally it's regrettable. However, I think my health has deteriorated. No other company would provide meals, and let me work from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. like here, and most importantly, work for 5 days a week with the dormitory.

(At this moment Worker F started to break out in a cold sweat and shake his legs compulsively.)

Parker ██: Sure, sure. Not many companies can keep this great working condition—unlike us. But why do you want to resign? I could give you a vacation instead, how about that?

Worker C: (C whispers to F grumbly "Stop shaking your leg, you're distracting me.") Ah, thank you for your vacation offer. It's that my body is so tired nowadays. I think I’ve gotten old fast. Now I'm only in my 40s, and I feel like an 80-year-old man. I don't know why, I'm working delightfully every day. It's a bit hard to wake up in the dormitory. Worst of all, I’ve got indigestion and I’ve throw up my meal after breakfast these days.

Parker ██: (he looks very surprised after this comment, but regained composure after a short while) What? It looks like you've gotten a lot worse. It seems it won't be solved by a vacation… Alright, as you wish. I'll be generous about your severance pay. (sound of suspiciously smacking his tongue) Well, I'm sorry to hear that but there's no other option. There are many diligent workers, but few ever come to work at this great company.

Worker C: Thank you. (Truly regretting look in his face) Once again I feel very sorry for this. Should I leave now? (Parker ██ nods, Worker C gets up) Have a nice Thursday!

(After Worker C gets his permission, he glanced at Worker F strangely and then left the interview site. Worker F was still breaking out with a cold sweat with serious anxiety)

Parker ██: (quietly murmurs "Damn it, that was close", glances at Worker F and says indifferently) Ah, yes, you said you want to resign too? I understand…

Worker F: (dazed as if he's passed out and then) Uh, thank you. I'll leave.

(However, Worker F determinedly turns back halfway out of the site, suddenly pauses.)

Worker F: Sir, isn't it Sunday today?

Parker ██: (frowns) What's that supposed to mean?

Worker F: (Speaks highly quickly) No, I know it's the company policy but, uh.. Yes! Where the hell is that milk come from? In fact I found it weird to see people too bright when I first got here. Well it wasn't a big deal, but… uh.. I've become weird myself once I drank it. However, I’m pretty sure it’s not Thursday today, despite what the other workers say, and I can't remember if I worked yesterday or not… Anyway the moment that thing goes to my throat, it's like… (2 seconds of silence) I would personally send a sample of that milk to my friend, a guy from the FDA, to check that out—

Parker ██: (Interrupts) How many days passed since you skipped breakfast?

Worker F: (Surprised) Uh, how did you know that?

Parker ██: (Confident smile) There were other workers who was talking the same. How many?

Worker F: (After a short hesitation) About three, four days, why?

(Gunshot, Scream, Camera falls to the floor, facing upwards)

Parker ██: That's a company violation, you bloody rat.

<End Log>

Addendum 2: Experiment log: The following is the list of foundation experiments on the retrieved SCP-113-KO.

Experiment Log-113-A: Test result after converting SCP-113-KO-1 into cheese, butter, and other milk products.

SCP-113-KO-1 was converted to cheese, butter, yogurt, etc. Anomalous properties remain, in full force.

For the following experiments, the foundation made a small simple factory and dormitory for about 10 D-Class personnel to live and work. D-Class personnel will repetitively work on making 'a clay pot' from a pile of clay and put it on the moving conveyor belt. D-Class informed of the following work conditions : 3 meals a day provided, work is from 9am to 6pm, work is for 5 days a week, housing is provided.

Experiment Log-113-B: First interview with personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1.

Foreword: A simple interview to identify immediate effects of SCP-113-KO-1

Subject: [D-3███, Age 24, Asian male, outgoing personality, SCP-113-KO-1 was included in his breakfast]

<Begin Log, ██/██ Saturday, 11:32 a.m.>

Dr. ██: Good morning! How's your work?

D-3███: Ah, its great, doc. Nobody can refuse this relaxed work environment. (extraneous data removed for brevity) and it's Thursday today, isn't it? What an exciting day.

Dr. ██: Do you like Thursday? With the 5 days a week policy, then isn't Friday better?

D-3███: (Slightly frowns) Of course, of course. Friday is also great! But uh, I can't focus on Fridays because of thoughts about end of work and break. Also, it gets really annoying when I get asked to do a night shift in Friday. But on Thursday it seems the work’s going great cause I feel good or something, and I just gladly do my night shifts.

Dr. ██: I see… What do you say to this, then: there are many people would have different favorite days of the week.

(D-3███ gives a menacing look, begins shouting.)

D-3███: No, that is stupid. Anybody would say Thursday is the best. Not just us workers, anyone will say that. It's pathetic to think otherwise. Fuck off.

(D-3███ huffs and puffs in rage, mutters "Thursday is the best…" without relaxing and starts to get foam in his mouth.)

Dr. ██: Oh, very well. Of course Thursday is the best. in fact, I love Thursdays as well.

(Dr. ██ pulls up next question but pauses for several minutes, muttering "Are you kidding? Can you say that after seeing that bastard's face? He's gonna kill me for asking this.")

Dr. ██: Well then, Don't you think it's Saturday today, not Thursday? I think you misunderstood.

D-3███: (Stands up as soon as he finishes, violently.) WHAT? What kind of a dogshit is that? Today is Thursday no matter what! Fuck you, you stupid bitch!! It's Thursday today! Thursday! THURSDAY!

(D-3███ rushes towards Dr.██, assaulting his arms, legs, and neck, causing wounds that took 6 weeks to cure. 3 security guards intervened and took D-3███ away. Protocol updated to require at least 5 guards on standby. D-3███ became calm about 3 hours later and didn't remember the interview.)

<End log, ██/██ Saturday, 11:56 a.m.>

Conclusion: Personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 show excessive aggression about an opinion of the day not being Thursday, and either a result of that or SCP-KO-1 may cause paranoiac amnesia.

Experiment Log-113-C: Experiment result of reminding personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 of date, with reasonable argument

Foreword: We have decided to convince the consumed personnel more logically. Due to the lack of trained personnel, Dr. ██ from Experiment Log-113-B was hired once again.
Note: Damnit, get me a gun, too, would you? - Dr. ██
Note: 6 security managers followed to the interview site.

Interviewed: [D-1███, Age 48, Asian male, prudent personality, SCP-113-KO-1 was included in his breakfast]

<Begin Log, ██/██, Monday, 3:12 p.m.>

Dr. ██: (In an exaggerated tone) It is but a bloody fantastic Thursday! Isn't it, D-1███?

D-1███: (Smiles brightly) Ah, yes, doctor. I'm doing great in my work, thanks to that I guess. (Notices Dr. ██’s bandages, covering injuries acquired from previous experiment, noticeably flinches) Uh… Why do you need those bandages? What happened?

Dr. ██: I was attacked by some lunatic called “day-of-the-week zealot”, no big deal though. So I heard you're a reader of The Monday Seoul, right? That weekly magazine that comes out every Monday.

D-1███: Sure! I really love (extraneous data removed). Anyway, witty remark, I guess? About The Monday Seoul I read today.

Dr. ██: (Interrupts) Right! You received The Monday Seoul today, didn't you?

D-1███: …Yes?

Dr. ██: The Monday Seoul is delivered every Monday?

D-1███: So?

Dr. ██: (With a confident look in his face) What day is it today, then?

(D-1███, who was answering just fine, suddenly stops as if he's having a seizure. Pauses as he opens his mouth and eyes for 8 seconds, his pupil continues to expand)

Dr. ██: …D-1███?

(D-1███ rushes toward to Dr.██, screaming "Of course it's Thursday! you f[Expletive]!" with a horrible shriek. Security mangers moved immediately and tried to stop D-1███. After several gunshots, Scream in pain can be heard, which is from security managers and Dr.██.)

Dr.██ and 6 security managers were killed on the site. D-1███ has acquired abnormal strength and vitality, and MTF Nu-7 (“Hammer Down”) was deployed terminate subject. D-1███ was killed after sustained machine-gun fire.)

<End log, ██/██ Monday, 3:22 P.M.>

Conclusion: Further experiments to convince affected personnel of the date has been discontinued. While uncertain, it seems the more logically personnel try to convince the subject, the more aggression and vitality the subject gain, for unknown reasons.

Experiment Log-113-D: Experiment result of personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 was reminded that it's not 'Thursday' by chance.

Subject: [D-4███, Age 28, Asian Female, 164cm, Lazy personality, SCP-113-KO-1 was provided at 1:12 am after the last day's night shift]

Foreword: D-4███ was provided with a specially created alarm clock. The alarm bell is an electric alarm clock using LED, the section indicating the day of the week is especially noticeable, in deep red color. Device emits alarm that tells the day when the alarm rings.

<Begin log, [██/██ Monday, 8:00 a.m.]>

(inside the subject's room, alarm bell on the subject's bedside rings the electric rhythm for the wake up.)

D-4███: (Huddles up in the bed, annoyingly raises body slightly and checks out the alarm bell)Ah…What day is it today? I wanna sleep more. I don't wanna go work.

(Soon the word 'MON' indicating it's Monday is marked in red light.)

The alarm bell: (In a loud and clear Asian female voice) Today is ██/██. Monday.

(The alarm bell pauses for 2 seconds)

The alarm bell: (In a loud and clear Asian female voice) Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday. Monday.

(D-4███ wakes up in the bed and gazes at the alarm bell with a sleepy look in her face. The alarm bell stops after it repeats 'Monday.' compulsively for 30 seconds.)

(3 seconds of silence, then the subject rubs her eyes and suddenly bursts out smiling)

D-4███: …But it's Thursday today!

(D-4███ wakes up in the bed and runs outside the room in a happy rhythm to wash, end of video.)

<End log, ██/██ Monday, 8:03 a.m.>

Conclusion: The affected personnel could not perceive automated information that it's 'not Thursday' at all. It is confirmed that a defense mechanism of the personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 includes total disregard, alongside than excessive aggression.

Experiment Log-113-E: The working limit of the personnel who consumed SCP-113-KO-1 and the final result.

Subjects: All D-Class personnel who were deployed. This is to test how long the experiment can go on and check for final symptoms. The last remaining personnel, D-9███ has been continuing the experiment for ████ days and it is currently still in progress.

Conclusion: In the early stage of the experiment, D-Class personnel showed abnormal work efficiency and outcome, and they showed enthusiastic attitude, to the point where they voluntarily modify the structure of the conveyor belt to make in more efficient. However, as the experiment goes on for ███ days, participants showed memory loss, rapid aging, mental disorder and other various disorders and gave up the test. Ultimately, people who participated in the experiment more than 2,000 days shared permanent loss of the sense of the day despite the consumption of SCP-113-KO-1 has been discontinued.

Later, researcher Namgoong ██ suggested to provide major research agents in the facility with SCP-113-KO-1, however this has been indefinitely delayed due to potential risk.

Note 1: When the experiment has been done under conditions of 'work for 4 days a week, work for 6 days a week', while the D-Class personnel still had their beliefs about the day being Thursday, their work efficiency is shown to be relatively decreased compared to the given '5 days a week' condition. Later research has shown that other notes, '3 meals a day, 9 to 6 workday, work for 5 days a week, housing for everyone' condition appears to be made after various “trial and error” experiments to exploit SCP-113-KO most 'capitalistically' and 'breed' the laborers. - Senior Researcher ██

Note 2: It scares me that someone could exploit something this useless. Assuming its characteristics were affected by the fact that its production date is '1/13/197█, Thursday', it's difficult to exclude the fact that a “week series”, comprising the other 6 days, from the same factory could exist. If they are, it's highly likely that these exploits are being repeated with an 'appropriate work condition' like what we’re seeing here. Research into this is to begin immediately. -Site-48 Director

Addendum 3: Incident Report
SCP-113-KO Incident report: Thursday Bomb

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