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Item #: SCP-1134-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: As SCP-1134-JP’s movement remains within a fixed area, only surveillance cameras are required to be set up inside and around the restaurant to monitor its movement. Should SCP-1134-JP raise suspicions on surveillance cameras, it is to be informed that they are only for crime prevention.

Due to the difficulty in preventing civilians from entering the sushi restaurant operated by SCP-1134-JP, civilians who entered the restaurant are to undergo background checks and be placed under monitoring.

SCP-1134-JP is currently receiving medical treatment in the care of a Foundation-owned medical facility. SCP-1134-JP’s ward and its vicinity are under constant surveillance. Upon discovery of any suspicious individuals, Foundation personnel are to investigate their connections to SCP-1134-JP-a and SCP-1134-JP will be transferred to a different medical facility.

Investigation is ongoing regarding the whereabouts of SCP-1134-JP-a. If any information possibly connected to SCP-1134-JP-a is deemed highly reliable, personnel will be deployed to capture SCP-1134-JP-a. A Mobile Task Force will be required due to the high possibility of SCP-1134-JP-a possessing exceptional combat capabilities.

Description: SCP-1134-JP is a humanoid with the appearance of a Japanese male in its fifties. SCP-1134-JP resides in a restaurant named “Rotation Sushi Katsu” located in ██████ City, Miyagi Prefecture and does not leave the building.

The anomalous properties of SCP-1134-JP manifest when two (2) or more humans other than itself enter the restaurant1. Any individuals attempting to prevent entry will believe that they are to enter the restaurant themselves as well. Subjects who have entered the premise will believe that their reason for visiting is “to spin sushi” and will be handed sushi made by SCP-1134-JP. After all subjects have received said sushi, SCP-1134-JP will then begin a tutorial on “sushi spinning technique”. Being directly instructed by SCP-1134-JP on the “sushi spinning technique” and performing the following actions will cause the received sushi to initiate rapid clockwise rotation2. Sushi that initiates said rapid rotation are designated SCP-1134-JP-1. SCP-1134-JP-1 instances are usually named with a combination of its own sushi toppings and other words.

  1. Split a pair of disposable chopsticks as neatly as possible3.
  2. Hold the sushi with said pair of chopsticks4.
  3. Strike the end of the chopsticks with a Japanese tea cup in full force.
  4. Sushi is then released from chopsticks and begins to rotate clockwise upon landing.

Once every subject successfully spins their sushi, SCP-1134-JP will begin another tutorial on the competitive application of SCP-1134-JP-1, “Sushiblade”. Below is a basic summary of Sushiblade rules:

  • Shout “Three! Two! One! HEY RASSHAI5!” while initiating sushi rotation. After shouting and as sushi begins to spin, stretch both arms wide.
  • Sushi will spin on a dohyō6-shaped circular platform with a diameter of 50 centimeters.
  • Opposing SCP-1134-JP-1 instances will clash against each other on the platform.
  • Victory is achieved when one’s SCP-1134-JP-1 continues to rotate while the opponent’s SCP-1134-JP-1 has left the platform, ceased rotation, or has its toppings separated from the rice.
  • SCP-1134-JP-1 that has fallen from the platform will be thoroughly consumed by its owner without any waste or leftover.

After SCP-1134-JP has explained the rules, all subjects will be prompted to initiate Sushiblade in pairs. The pairs will begin Sushiblade immediately upon signal. Once the game is set, SCP-1134-JP will thank both sides for their participation. The winner will be awarded with the right to choose a sushi to their liking while the loser will not be given anything. The loser will express significant grief and run out of the premise. After the event, the winner will frequently revisit SCP-1134-JP, while the loser will gradually forget about SCP-1134-JP and thus will not return to SCP-1134-JP. It is of note that, in the cases of both victorious and defeated subjects, amnestics are ineffective in removing memories regarding SCP-1134-JP and Sushiblade. However, as subjects will not initiate Sushiblade outside the premise, combined with their tendency to refrain from mentioning SCP-1134-JP, SCP-1134-JP’s existence remains unknown to the general public.

SCP-1134-JP-a is a humanoid whose existence was confirmed on 28/04/2019. Please refer to the addendum for additional details.

Abilities of SCP-1134-JP-17
Name Features
Ultimate Tuna Does not possess special abilities, but rotation is stable. Suitable for beginners.
Shrimp Dragon Able to perform powerful strikes with its tail. Separation of toppings and rice is easy.
Roelyon Sprays salmon roe around the field to hinder opponent's rotation, but its own rotation slows down as it loses its roe topping.
Octoborg-O Sucks in opponents as it rotates to perform extremely close-ranged attacks. Difficult to maintain balance. Suitable for experienced players.
Kappa Mercury8 Can launch a cucumber (Cucumis sativus) as a projectile once during rotation. Such an attack is notable for its outstanding power. However, due to the corresponding weight loss, resistance against attacks is lowered.

Video Recording 1134-JP

Foreword: This video recording is produced by a hidden camera on Class-D personnel disguised as ordinary customers.

<Begin recording>

SCP-1134-JP: Heirasshai…hmm. [Smiles.]

D-1028: What’s the matter?

SCP-1134-JP: Heh, to spin sushi, that’s why you’re here isn’t it?

D-1028: [Surprised.] Oh right.

D-1228: [Same reaction as D-1028.] Please teach us the way to spin sushi! Please!

SCP-1134-JP: Wait a bit. Let me make some sushi for spinning.

D-1028, D-1228: Thank you so much!

[SCP-1134-JP proceeds to explain sushi spinning techniques and rules as described above.]

SCP-1134-JP: So, that’s about it.

D-1028: I see…

D-1228: I wonder if I can do it too…

SCP-1134-JP: Relax, you’ll be okay. Alright, let’s have a match.

D-1028: So fast?

D-1228: I’m too nervous…

SCP-1134-JP: It’s fine, it’s fine. I’ll prepare the dohyō now, so hang on a minute.

[SCP-1134-JP prepares disposable chopsticks, a Japanese tea cup and circular platform.]

SCP-1134-JP: And… everything’s set. You can start whenever you want.

D-1028: I’m counting on you Salomon9

D-1228: You can do it Emberjack10! We’re good to go.

SCP-1134-JP: Then get ready!

D-1028, D-1228: Three! Two! One! HEY RASSHAI!

[Both sushi begin to spin and clash violently.]

SCP-1134-JP: Ho… these two are pretty good…

D-1028: Go! Salomon! Right there!

D-1228: Emberjack! Don’t lose!

[Recording omitted due to lack of notable events.]

SCP-1134-JP: …It’s time.

[D-1028’s SCP-1134-JP-1 sent D-1228’s SCP-1134-JP-1 flying out of the platform.]

D-1028: Yes!

D-1228: No way… My Emberjack…

SCP-1134-JP: Game set! The winner is ██11 and Salomon!

D-1028: We did it! We did it Salomon!

D-1228: Damn it, bastard! [Consumes his SCP-1134-JP-1, then pushes D-1028 aside and rushes out of the premise.]

D-1028: He… Hey!

SCP-1134-JP: [Places one hand on D-1028’s shoulder.] It’s better to let him be right now.

D-1028: Yeah… You’re right.

SCP-1134-JP: Now then, you, as the winner, will be given a prize.

D-1028: A prize? What’s that going to be?

SCP-1134-JP: I’ll give you a sushi of your choice. It’s going to be your most important partner, so do consider carefully before you decide.

D-1028: Thank you! …But I don't think I can accept it. Sorry about that.

SCP-1134-JP: How so?

D-1028: It… Salomon is telling me, “I want to keep spinning with you.”

SCP-1134-JP: [Mutters.] Interesting… so you can hear the voice of sushi…

D-1028: Huh?

SCP-1134-JP: [Laughs.] It’s nothing. I’ve just never seen a Sushiblader like you. Feel free to visit whenever you want. Please do come back again.

D-1028: Of course! Thank you so much!

<End recording>

Supplement: Despite the sushi restaurant being surrounded by Foundation agents, D-1228 was not spotted. His whereabouts are currently under investigation. SCP-1134-JP denies any connection to his disappearance, stating that “he grieves for his defeat and is probably on a journey of training”. In addition, D-1028’s SCP-1134-JP-1 is currently contained in a low-threat containment locker.

Addendum: On 28/04/2019, SCP-1134-JP was discovered to be critically injured. The restaurant’s interior was ransacked, especially cooking equipment and ingredients, which were completely destroyed. The process of ransacking was recorded by surveillance cameras within the premise.

Video Recording 1134-JP-2

SCP-1134-JP: Heirasshai, Sir. A table for one?

Unknown individual: [Silence.]

SCP-1134-JP: Sir?

Unknown individual: [Walks into the back of the premise without saying a word.]

SCP-1134-JP: Hey wait. You’re not supposed to go there.

Unknown individual: [Returns with a circular platform in hand.]

SCP-1134-JP: …So that’s what you’re here for. Alright. [Takes out sushi.]

Unknown individual, SCP-1134-JP: Three! Two! One! HEY RASSHAI!

SCP-1134-JP: Anticlockwise rotation? You… you bastard! This is! [Grits teeth.]

Unknown individual: …That’s right. It’s a burger steak.

SCP-1134-JP: Not only are you getting your hands on the taboo, you don’t even bother naming your sushi partner! Curse you! Where’s your honour as a Sushiblader!

Unknown individual: Tools don’t need names! Victory is all! Nothing matters if you can't win!

SCP-1134-JP: [Shouts.]

[Both of their SCP-1134-JP-1 instances clash violently for 20 minutes.]

SCP-1134-JP: Perhaps I’ve been mistaken, but with the style of your sushi spinning, are you ███12!?

Unknown individual: [Silence.]

SCP-1134-JP: Answer me! Why! ███!

Unknown individual: …I don’t know who you’re talking about. [Takes off their hood, exposing a head similar to that of a typical domestic pig (Sus scrofa domesticus).]

SCP-1134-JP: You… are you… consumed by burger steak…

Unknown individual: Hah! You’ve let your guard down!

[SCP-1134-JP’s SCP-1134-JP-1 is knocked out of the platform.]

SCP-1134-JP: No!

Unknown individual: This isn’t over yet. [Squishes SCP-1134-JP’s SCP-1134-JP-1 under its feet as it repeatedly shoots its own SCP-1134-JP-1 at SCP-1134-JP.]

SCP-1134-JP: [Cries out in pain.] Sto… Stop it… If you keep doing this… you can’t turn back…

Unknown individual: [Laughs.] Look at you, you pitiful soul. Let me end yo… Oh. [Looks towards the door.]

[An individual with high resemblance to SCP-1134-JP (designated SCP-1134-JP-a) enters the premise and walks towards SCP-1134-JP.]

SCP-1134-JP-a: Not looking so hot huh, my dear big brother Katsu.

SCP-1134-JP: Are you… Sakae?

SCP-1134-JP-a: That is but an abandoned name. I am now the leader of Dark Sushi. Yami is my title.

Unknown individual: Master, let me…

SCP-1134-JP-a: Calm down. I’ll do it. I’m sure it’s his wish to be ended by his own brother in blood. [Laughs.]

SCP-1134-JP: Please stop…

SCP-1134-JP-a: Brother, you used to make me practice with sushi all the time, right? Not that I asked you to, though. I’ve begged you to stop too, but have you?

Unknown individual: Master, it’s almost time.

SCP-1134-JP-a: Ah, I know. So long, brother. [Takes out a container resembling a large bowl and holds it with two soup spoons as if the spoons are a pair of chopsticks.]

SCP-1134-JP: [Shocked.] No way! That’s! This can’t be!

SCP-1134-JP-a: This is as real as it can get. What’s the point of clinging on to puny sushi? Those that can’t keep up with the times are not needed. This, is my… [Launches container at SCP-1134-JP.]

SCP-1134-JP: [Directly struck by projectile. Cries out in pain and loses consciousness.]

SCP-1134-JP-a: …Ramen.

[After a few seconds of silence, SCP-1134-JP-a and the unknown individual open the door and leave the premise.]

Post-script: Upon discovery, SCP-1134-JP was immediately delivered to a Foundation-owned medical facility for treatment. Fortunately, none of the injuries were fatal and SCP-1134-JP's condition has been stabilized. However, its consciousness is yet to be recovered. As for the “Dark Sushi” mentioned in this recording, no information is available to date and investigation is underway.

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