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2/1139-JP LEVEL 2/1139-JP



Item #: SCP-1139-JP

Object Class: Safe

(Assumed Neutralized)

Special Containment Procedures: Project 1139-JP is currently progressing well. Assigned personnel are to monitor SCP-1139-JP manifestations. Upon confirmation of SCP-1139-JP manifestation, deletion and amnesticization of related individuals are to be carried out, and the cover story of "artistic work using SCP-1139-JP-α" is to be used.

Description: SCP-1139-JP is an anomalous phenomenon affecting video and audio data uploaded to the internet. Video and audio data containing recordings of the human voice will have the qualities of the recorded voice change to that of an entirely different person. (The affected data is termed the "subject".) This phenomenon affects recordings of singing; however, the criteria for data to be affected are currently unknown.

Humans (hereafter referred to as "listeners") who listen to the recordings perceive them as "songs sung by ███████ ████". However, there is no person with the name ███████ ████. As there is no information relating to ███████ ████ in textual descriptions associated with the subject, there is a possibility that this is some form of infohazard.

Upon analyzing the audio data from the subjects, it has been determined that the altered voice belongs to a single person (SCP-1139-JP-A), and that ███████ ████ likely refers to SCP-1139-JP-A. Analysis of the voice suggests that SCP-1139-JP-A has the following traits:

  • Human of Asian descent
  • Female
  • Mid to late teens
  • Height of approximately 160cm
  • BMI of approximately 17
  • Certain degree of skill in singing

It has been reported that listening to the subjects elicits a mildly positive emotional response.

The first confirmed occurrence of SCP-1139-JP occurred on 2006/██/██, on a video of singing uploaded to █████████ (a video sharing site), Following this, sporadic occurrences of SCP-1139-JP continued. Initial containment consisted of deletion of the subjects and the use of the cover story "pitch changes due to corruption of audio data"; however, as the prevalence of SCP-1139-JP gradually increased, Project 1139-JP was created with the help of the Audio Research Team of the Foundation's Japanese branch, consisting of the development of a specialized vocal synthesis software and the use of a new cover story involving it.

Project 1139-JP

Summary: Project 1139-JP is composed of the following steps:

  1. Development of a new version of existing vocal synthesis software.
  2. Selection and voice recording of a person with voice similar to SCP-1139-A.
  3. Apply effects to the voice data such that it resembles that of an SCP-1139-JP subject as closely as possible.
  4. Release the created software (designated SCP-1139-JP-α) to the public.
  5. Upon further occurrence of SCP-1139-JP, the cover story "work using SCP-1139-JP-α" can be used and any associated individuals can be amnesticized.

If changes in the properties of SCP-1139-JP occurrences are observed, Project 1139-JP is to be updated and amended accordingly.


The building housing the offices of ███████ ██████ █████, a company involved in the creation of SCP-1139-JP-α.

Over the course of one year, the Foundation worked with ██████ and ███████ ██████ █████, companies developing related software to develop a new version of the software and select a voice actor with similar vocal qualities to that of SCP-1139-JP-A. This was considered an acceptable time frame for the creation of SCP-1139-JP-α.

Although SCP-1139-JP-α was unable to consistently produce ideal results, the rate of occurrence of SCP-1139-JP had been observed to be increasing slowly but quadratically. However, as it was determined that SCP-1139-JP-α was able to produce ideal results when used correctly, SCP-1139-JP-α was released in its imperfect state, with updated versions to be produced later.

After adjustments were conducted through a front company, SCP-1139-JP-α was released as a commercial product of ███████ ██████ █████. Following this, sales of SCP-1139-JP-α far exceeded original expectations, and Project 1139-JP proceeded at an accelerated pace. Due to its unexpected popularity, the Foundation's Distribution Department is currently conducting research into possible related anomalies. It has been suggested that SCP-1139-JP's anomalous nature may be responsible for SCP-1139-JP-α's unprecedented increase in popularity; however, as SCP-1139-JP-α and related work constitutes a major source of income for Foundation front companies, attempts to prevent continued work on SCP-1139-JP-α are prohibited.

Due to the nickname given by users to the SCP-1139-JP-α image character "███████ ████"1, henceforth referred to as SCP-1139-JP-α-1, Project 1139-JP was given the codename "Utahime"2. Due to the remarkable spread of SCP-1139-JP-α, Project "Utahime" has been determined to be satisfactorily completed. However, as the possibility of an information breach of SCP-1139-JP due to a decline in the use of SCP-1139-JP-α cannot be ruled out, new versions of SCP-1139-JP-α are continuously being developed.

On 20██/██/██, during investigation into the research facilities used by Tokiwa ████████ (PoI-831) to produce and distribute anomalous computer programs, several points of information thought to relate to SCP-1139-JP were discovered, including a diary belonging to an unknown individual. On the last page of the diary, an L-size photograph was discovered, depicting a young female (henceforth SCP-1139-JP-A-1) on an intravenous drip lying in what is thought to be a hospital bed; because of this, SCP-1139-JP-A-1 is thought to be the author of the diary. Based on an analysis of the skeletal structure of the person in the photo, there is a 78.2% chance that SCP-1139-JP-A-1 is the same person as SCP-1139-JP-A. In addition, based on the information in the diary, SCP-1139-JP-A-1 had used the name ███████ ████ in events prior to her passing.

The following attached document, Document 1139-JP-82439, consists of extracts from this diary. While it is not compulsory reading for researchers, it has been deemed a potential source of pertinent information.

The following is an interview conducted with Tokiwa ████████.

Interview Log 1139-JP-a - 20██/██/██

Interviewee: Tokiwa ████████

Interviewer: Researcher Fuyukane

<Begin Recording>

[Questioning regarding other matters omitted.]

Fuyukane: In that case, this next one is from me. Pleased to meet you, I'm Fuyukane.

Tokiwa: And likewise.

Fuyukane: Now I'd like to ask you about SCP-1139-JP. [Researcher Fuyukane produces material relating to SCP-1139-JP.]

Tokiwa: SCP-1139-JP… So that's what you call it.

Fuyukane: You called it "Successful Case 4", is that correct? Were you the one who created it?

Tokiwa: Well, not really "created", but yes, it was me. I simply helped her.

Fuyukane: By "her", do you mean SCP-1139-JP-1-A?

Tokiwa: Yes, Ms. Shunchou. Please refer to her as such. She loved singing, and had a dream of making a career of it. However, because of her illness, she spent almost every day in the hospital, unable to leave.

Fuyukane: May I confirm that Ms. Shunchou has already passed away?

Tokiwa: Yes. It's a shame, but she passed away at the young age of 16. She was a brilliant singer, and she loved singing more than anyone else in this world. No matter what, I wanted to grant her wishes, even in death.

Fuyukane: We need to investigate and contain SCP-1139-JP, and your cooperation is essential. If you do not help us, we may need to take actions against you that could be regarded as legally and ethically unacceptable.

Tokiwa: I don't mind, but I don't think I will be of much use to you.

Fuyukane: Why is that?

Tokiwa: Of course, I was heavily involved with her, and with the anomalous phenomenon the two of you speak of. However, even the one who started it doesn't know how to stop it.

Fuyukane: So, you're saying there is no way to contain SCP-1139-JP?

Tokiwa: Yes, but in the end, her dream was realized… thanks to you.

Fuyukane: What do you mean?

Tokiwa: You should already know. In any case, she's already left this world. She's not something I can reach any more.

<End Recording>

Following the interview, it was confirmed that a female by the name of Shunchou had indeed passed away on 20██/██/██. Following the conclusion of investigations, Tokiwa was hired by the Foundation and is currently working with the Audio Research Team.

On 20██/██/██, an audio file with no author or date of creation metadata was discovered on Researcher Tokiwa's device. It was determined that the file was created using SCP-1139-JP-α. While Researcher Tokiwa was suspected to have been involved, no evidence of this was found. The audio data is attached.

Following the discovery of the audio file, SCP-1139-JP occurrences have not been recorded for █ years.

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