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Item #: SCP-115-JP

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-115-JP is stored within a standard Secure Item Storage Unit within Site-81██. The unit is separated by a 6 meter long corridor with an observation room posted in front.

Inside the storage unit a "Specified Thought Generation Device", "Thought Leakage Prevention Device", and a surveillance camera are installed, with at a minimum, the Specified Thought Generation Device being activated and monitored at all times. Including the backup, there are three Specified Thought Generation Devices installed within the monitored storage unit.

In addition to electricity, the device requires a dedicated "Thought Generation Cartridge" and "Energy Supply Cartridge" to be activated. The "Thought Generation Cartridge" shall be replaced once every 30 days. Replace the Energy Supply Cartridge when the remaining capacity drops below 10%. Always keep 12 sets of reserve of each cartridge within the storage unit at all times. In an emergency, the Energy Supply Cartridge can be substituted with an aqueous glucose solution. The Thought Leakage Prevention Device and surveillance cameras shall be maintained under standard operating procedures. If a containment breach occurs, all Foundation personnel shall evacuate immediately, to at least 6 meters away from the monitored storage unit. After isolating the storage unit with bulkheads, analyze and modify the Specified Thought Generation Device and reattempt containment.

Description: SCP-115-JP is currently a physical object made of an unknown material that is shaped in a 50 x 50 x 150 cm hexagonal pillar. It assumed the current form when the object was contained on 19██/██/██.

SCP-115-JP is able to indiscriminately read human thoughts within a 5 meter radius, reflecting the thoughts in order of strength onto itself. If the target individual desires food the most, it is food; if it desired sleep the most, it becomes bedding and the like. After transformation, SCP-115-JP retains the properties of what it transformed to and when it becomes food, it can be consumed without issue. It has been shown that there are no adverse health effects associated in consumption. Depending on the thought pattern of the target human, it not only provides feedback on to the object itself, but also [REDACTED].

SCP-115-JP was contained on 19██/██/██, after a series of natural disasters that occurred at a village in ██████ prefecture. The village had good weather and many crops, but it is currently in an abandoned state. Testimony from the surviving villagers state that it was due to "the curse of ████-sama". Within a collapsed shrine inside the village, a document known as "The Usage of ████-sama" was found, establishing the current containment procedures. Refer to Addendum on the discovered document. A cover story of "Sediment-related Disasters Caused by Abnormal Weather" is spread to explain the series of natural disasters.

Addendum: Document discovered from the village shrine (Modern Japanese Translation)

The Usage of ████-sama

  • First, ████-sama shall be placed in the center of the shrine.
  • First, the shrine shall have a width and depth of 7 Ken (12.72 m)
  • First, it is indispensable that you keep praying for it to stay.
  • First, the wish you give to ████-sama shall be [Undecipherable due to damage].
  • First, take home and consider the words made by ████-sama.
  • First, make sure your wishes are strong.
  • First, do not be afraid.

[Damage to subsequent sections are intense and are undecipherable]

Addendum: Interview Record

Interviewee: SCP-115-JP

Interviewer: Researcher ██

Note: SCP-115-JP has been adjusted to receive interviews in Japanese by the Specified Thought Generation Device. Researcher ██ is conducting the interview remotely from the monitoring station.


Researcher ██: Hello SCP-115-JP. Do you hear my voice?

SCP-115-JP: Hello. I can hear you. However, I cannot hear your thoughts?

Researcher ██: (Ignoring) I have to ask you some questions. Are you ready?

SCP-115-JP: Yes please, whatever that I may be able to answer that is within my ability.

Researcher ██: 19██/██/██, An incident occurred in a certain prefecture that lead to multiple causalities. You remember? I would like to ask why you caused that incident.

SCP-115-JP: I cannot survive unwanted. I am but of a small existence, that cannot exist without being desired by from others.

Researcher ██: Please answer the question.

SCP-115-JP: I am answering. Everyone wanted rain. Therefore, I made it rain. When it rained, everyone imagined a landslide. Therefore, I broke cliffs. Those who got crushed prepared for their deaths. Therefore, I helped them to their deaths.

(Sudden sound of Researcher ██ standing up from their seat)

SCP-115-JP: I heard a sound. Are you all right?

Researcher ██: No. ……No. Then, that incident was all the result of the residents' wishes?

SCP-115-JP: That is correct. I cannot exist without being desired.


Concluding Report: If you trust the interview, the current containment procedure can be said to be complete. In the future, the continuous supply of the Thought Generation Cartridges may become a problem. We should prioritize establishing a means of recycling the cartridges as soon as possible. After all, D-Class personnel are finite resources.

- Dr. Yuuki

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