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Item #: SCP-115-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-115-KO is to be contained in Level 1 Special Sample Storage. Organic objects are not to make contact with SCP-115-KO during containment or an experiment.

All possible experiments on SCP-115-KO have been completed. Experiment conclusions state that the object is nothing more than a metal box, and any subsequent experiments are considered unnecessary. If a researcher wishes to request additional experimentation, please refer to Stats 1-115-77 and report to the quarantine group, then go through Level 2 security approvals in order to ensure that your suggestion is not preceded.

Description: SCP-115-KO is a regular dodecahedral steel box with an edge length of 30cm. SCP-115-KO is completely sealed; judging by its material and size, it can only be assumed that its interior is empty. However, due to unknown reasons, attempts to photograph the interior of SCP-115-KO always fail. Refer to Stats 1-115-77 to see examination results regarding the interior of the object. Efforts to explain how the sample emits electric currents are presently taking the interference hypothesis of external entropy into consideration.

When an organic object makes contact with the object, it emits an electric current of 7A (Amperes). This is from 7 to 10 times the average lethal charge for human subjects, as discovered during the security process following the deaths of three agents. A material hardness test revealed that the object can withstand loads greater than [REDACTED] tonnes.


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