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Item#: 115-vn
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:



Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-115-VN instances are being kept in a biological containment locker in the Safe-class containment wing of Site-29-VN.

Description: SCP-115-VN is a collection of seven medical pills, each encased separately. A line of text that reads “eye brightening pill by dado” is printed on the back of every case.

SCP-115-VN only displays its anomalous properties when directly consumed by a human. Consuming an instance will enable a subject to see through a non-transparent layer of matter made from any material. After consuming a second instance, said subject will be able to see through all matters surrounding themselves in a certain radius. This radius initially equals to 20 meters, but will increase exponentially and approach infinity during the next 15 minutes. After this time period, the subject will only be able to see objects in an infinite distance, or in other words, permanently lose their vision.

Discovery: SCP-115-VN was discovered by the Foundation when a 27-year-old male citizen from Hanoi, Vietnam arrived at his local police station to report himself being framed. This individual presented all SCP-115-VN instances as evidence and claimed that the anomaly had fully damaged his vision. However, he also strongly opposed being questioned for more information by police officers. Through investigative methods, Foundation agents under the guise of local police officers have collected the following text messages from his personal smartphone:

19:32, August 21st, 2020

Hello there
Am I chatting with the pharmacist Dado?
I’ve heard that you got quite a lot of yummy things

hello this is dado
good pharmacist of office supply and laundry cheap rate
yes dado hamborger very yummy
what do u need

Pills that help me look through walls
Can you do that?
Self isolation at home is really boring man, I want to try something new 😏

no big deal
dado is can do
pill arrive tomorrow

Hey dude
I’m not joking.
Are you bullshitting with me man?

19:48, August 21st, 2020

Hey dude where are you
Can’t you just give me a sign even when you can’t do it?

sr dado type slow
dado trustworthy man
dado customer always king

Ok ok

▶︎ View photo
price + banking info here
dado has amazon prime global free shipping

See the money yet dude
I’m waiting for it

have fun w the pills

21:18, August 22nd, 2020

Hey Dado
Is this a joke?
Why is there only 1 pill?

its dado, not dado
1 pill enough
dado pill good pill

21:32, August 22nd, 2020

Woah bro
This is sick
Exactly what I needed

is that so
u like then good
remember to tell ur friends and family to buy from dado

Also hey bro


I want to feeeeeeeel better bro
Can you do this again but heavier?

what u mean dado not understand

Okay bro listen to me
This pill only makes me see through 1 wall
But the bathroom of that cute chick in my neighborhood is more than 2 walls away

what did u said
dado good capitalist
respect woman and children
so dado dont approve you do illegal things

Chill bro, why so tense
It’s just an example
Everyone likes beautiful things, don’t they? 👀

dado get it
dado likes nice thing too
how heavy do u need

Just tune it up all the way bro

so thats what u want
lets do this
see through everything alright


u sure
really see through everything alright


u trust dado

15:36, August 23rd, 2020

Got it already, thanks bro
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15:47, August 23rd, 2020

Whoa nice, it works bro

Whats this?
Bro how do i stoppthis?
▶︎ 0:08
▶︎ 1:16
thefuxk man
you fking motgerfker ofa damn dryg dealler

This person is unavailable.

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