This file includes references to inhabitants of the forest where the word is sovereign. Therefore, it follows Protocol 4000-ESHU. You are requested to know it in depth before reading further, both for your own safety and others'.

— S5-8, Director of the Historical-Archaeological Section

Item #: SCP-116-IT

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Since all entrances to SCP-116-IT are found in locations difficult for civilians to reach, it was deemed sufficient to install sonar devices for detecting the presence of any trespasser; said devices are equipped with memetic proximity sound alarms, made by the Memetic Research Division (DRM) to discourage civilians from getting too close.

A camera was installed inside the anomaly to constantly monitor it. Any change in the snake's behavior will be recorded by the camera, which will automatically notify the Marine Science Division (DSM). A group of 5 DSM researchers will thereupon be deployed to inspect the anomaly, as well as 5 members of SSM-II "Legio Atlantidis", should the perjurer turn out to be hostile.

Description: SCP-116-IT is an extradimensional space accessible through 3 passageways off the shores of Messina, Trapani and Portopalo di Capo Passero1 respectively, all located at roughly 100 m below sea level. The entrances share common features, such as: an architraved structure consisting of 2 fluted columns with Ionic capitals upholding an architrave; a triangular pediment above the architrave, with a triskelion carved on it; the building material was confirmed to be marble. All these features match the typical architecture of Ancient Greece and the Magna Graecia colonies.

The entrance gateway leads directly to the center of SCP-116-IT, where the following items are found:

• 3 iron columns located 9 m away from each other, forming an equilateral triangle whose geometric center corresponds to that of the anomalous space. One of the columns is badly damaged, with visible cracks, an advanced state of rusting, and a missing longitudinal section at roughly ¼ of its height which would cause it to collapse, if the column itself was not supported. Apart from their building material, these columns are identical to those found on the gateways.

A criminal holding up the worn-out column with his body, replacing the missing portion. The entity responds to no external stimuli; however, as it can be determined through the only tangible life sign, it is conscious: the wretch appears to be constantly shouting a single word. Following further investigation, said word turned out to be "traditure".2 Research on how the entity is able to survive despite its state is ongoing.

• An iron plaque affixed to the column facing the one upheld by the worm, bearing an inscription in Ancient Greek whose translation is attached below:

We sentence this traitor to the ultimate punishment, for the crimes of onomarpagy [sic],3 replacement and multiple betrayals: because he tried to destroy the societies, the nations he was a guest of, he will uphold them for centuries to come.

Not only that: because any individual needs to love themselves in order to love others, it follows that the hateful one has to despise everyone, including himself. Therefore, our best thaumaturges gave him the power to heal almost immediately, so that he cannot escape his fate through the normally honorable method of suicide, which is a heinous one in his case. However, his healing will be mostly counteracted by the iron coating his prison, which he is extremely susceptible to. After all, pain can quench anyone, and he will especially need that.

Although he committed such crimes and became a threat to our peace, sowing discord with the same pride shown by the goddess Eris, the memory of him must be purged, for even mere references to him might plunge our citizens into the primordial chaos, thus ruining the balance we sacrificed so much for. Therefore, any reference to the guest loathed by Zeus will be erased from words and memories, and this chamber will be forever sealed, so that he and he alone may fully realize what he did to us and to our island.

May the gods curse him.

- The democracies of Naxos, Leontinoi, Zancle, Katane, Syrakousai and Megara Hyblea4

The reason why it is now possible to access SCP-116-IT is unknown.

Addendum 1: Discovery

SCP-116-IT was discovered on 05/07/2021, after some freedivers from Messina reported to "have heard a human voice in the water" while training for a contest which would take place in Bari on 11th December. Hearing their story, some whistleblowers undercover in FIPSAS5 warned the Foundation. At that point, the DSM started an investigation by deploying a LOSNA drone6 and found the anomaly after detecting the "voice" and following it. Further investigation aided by the Historical-Archaeological Section (SS-A) led to the discovery of the other two entrances. Research to determine what events led to SCP-116-IT being created and the unwilling pillar's identity is ongoing.

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