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Item #: SCP-117-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-117-DE-1s cell is a standard cell for human occupants in Site-DE4. From 9 a.m. to 10 a.m., SCP-117-DE-1 is to be interviewed about the recurring Event 117-Alpha-1. SCP-117-DE-1 is advised to have breakfast in the cell. The manifesting object SCP-117-DE-2 is to be moved to a storage unit after the event and can be viewed there on request. Issues of the Foundation-Kurier are hereby referred to as SCP-117-DE-2a due to the important data contained within. This is to be accompanied by a corresponding check for security breaches. It is advised to give amnestics to SCP-117-DE-1-instances after reading SCP-117-DE-2a to protect security-relevant data. Issues of SCP-117-DE-2a are made viewable only for the corresponding security levels.

Description: SCP-117-DE-1 is a twenty year old man of Central European descent. His name is ████████ ██████. SCP-117-DE-2 is a daily newspaper that differs in appearance and content every day and can take the form of well-known magazines such as the New York Times, Die Welt, Frankfurter Allgemeine or The Times of India. However, some newspapers might appear, which are either only very locally limited or are not printed at all. For example, there has already been a edition of the so-called Foundation-Kurier, which appears to have been released by the Foundation itself. What all newspapers have in common is the advertisement, which always resembles the same as the corresponding real existing copy, or, in the case of a non-existent newspaper, contains objects that might appeal to the potential target group. However, the messages contained therein always refer to the day after the newspaper was published and thus provide information about future events in the relevant publication area of ​​the respective newspaper. These events can only be weakened, but cannot be completely averted. This has been proven by tests. The original message remains the same. In 2% of the manifestations, the newspaper may appear from another day in the future. The issue with the most distant printing date so far was the one appearing for the ██/██/4█98.

Note: It is forbidden to privately search SCP-117-DE-2-instances for sports or gambling results. I thought we were all grown-ups.
Dr. J. Mandrake.

Discovery: After an astonishingly high increase in the number of winners in a certain area of buildings in a settlement near ██████████████ in Germany, a covert investigation was made. On the third day, SCP-117-DE-1 knocked on the door of the apartment where the two hidden agents were staying and turned himself in. In the later interview, he admitted to having read about the investigation in a version of SCP-117-DE-2a, which could also be verified. The subject had also given his neighbors tips on gambling matters from time to time. He also stated that by turning himself in, he wanted to prevent a future event. Which event exactly was in question was no longer determinable, since the section of the issued newspaper had been burned. SCP-117-DE-1 refused to to provide further information. Over █████ newspapers were found in his apartment and cellar. SCP-117-DE-1 stated that he received these since he was 9 years old. He claimed to not know where they came from, but admitted to feel a little uncomfortable whenever they do. Furthermore, SCP-117-DE-1 stated that it knew about the Foundation through old issues of SCP-117-DE-2a beforehand. Excerpts not a threat to safety precautions are added below.

Event-117-Alpha-1: Event-117-Alpha-1 starts every morning right before SCP-117-DE-1 awakes. SCP-117-DE-2 materializes in front of the bed in which he lies asleep. The origin of the newspapers has not yet been determined. Recordings show a short corruption error the exact same moment SCP-117-DE-2 appears. Observers claim that it is there from one moment to the next. SCP-117-DE-2 usually appears in front of every object in which the subject has gone to sleep. This includes, but is not limited to: Crib and children's bed, bed frame with mattress, bunk bed, folding bed, camp bed, camping bed, garden bed, double bed, futon, box spring bed and other objects such as tables, a cupboard, a park bench or a bathtub. If the subject sleeps on the floor, SCP117-117-DE-2 does not materialize on the floor, but on the upper body of SCP-117-DE-1. The moment SCP-117-DE-1 wakes up, he will leave his bed, pick up SCP-117-DE-2, take a quick look at it, and then prepare for breakfast. The subject will then read SCP-117-DE-2 during breakfast and will have no problems doing so, even if it is written in a foreign language or even an invented language. If an attempt is made to read the newspaper before SCP-117-DE-1 has finished reading it, random events will prevent it from being read. This can include everything from spilling coffee to the appropriate spot to destroying the newspaper. SCP-117-DE-1 is no longer able to read the destroyed article. Though, if he reads the rest of the newspaper, the effect is canceled and everyone is able to read the newspaper again.



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