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Item #: SCP-118-KO

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-118-KO is to be contained in a designated containment base at █████████ of ████████████. (Level 5 security clearance required for specific location) SCP-118-KO should be contained via an unmanned containment mechanism. The automated security system terminates all lifeforms approaching closer than 1 km from SCP-118-KO. All direct hazards to humans within 1 km of the subject should be removed. In case of a containment breach, SCP-118-KO is to be contained via operation 'feigned illness'.

Description: SCP-118-KO is a disc with bumps around the edge made of an unknown metal, and measures 10 centimetres in diameter. It only activates when a person is threatened1 within a diameter of one kilometre. When active, SCP-118-KO teleports above the threatened human, then proceeds to enter the 'salvation' state, where the object can exert strong physical force and psychological manipulation.

SCP-118-KO in the 'salvation' state inflicts a feeling a tranquillity and happiness on the aggressor. It responds to situational threats such as traffic accidents or natural disasters by physically lifting the person in danger to safety, or blocking cars or boulders from hitting the person. It has been observed to teleport subjects when under immediate threat of death.

It is noteworthy that SCP-118-KO only uses its ability to humanely save a person in danger, without harming the aggressor. If the person reaches safely, SCP-118-KO becomes inert until another person in danger appears within one kilometre from its position.

Addendum: In 1996 █████████, the Manna Charitable Foundation held a large-scale gathering that the SCP Foundation monitored and recorded. The document below is an excerpt from the statement given at the gathering.

I thank you for gathering here on this joyful day. (Omitted) God descended upon this land and saved the poor souls with his almighty and generous power. The holy and noble miracles he practised stems only from the pure will to save the unfortunate, for he is the true glistening saviour, the warm ray of light shining upon the damned.
Albeit not as glowing as his miracle, we have another miracle we made in front of our eyes. This miracle that shows its incredible power only to save the ones in peril, the poor and the weak represents us, the Manna Charitable Foundation. Now, people, our miracle starts on this day, on this land.

After the speech, the members shot something up into the sky. Judging from the initial discovery of SCP-118-KO from █████████, this gathering is presumed to be the origin of SCP-118-KO.

Notice from SCP-118-KO Designated containment base security chief Dr Halps

I didn't expect to hear so much stupidity like "Why is SCP-118-KO Keter?". Let me make this clear for the last time. SCP-118-KO saves anyone without any judgement of value, as long as they are threatened. This means it saves anyone, regardless if it's a naive nine-year-old girl or a murderer who killed dozens, as long as they are in danger.

Now apply this to the Foundation. It may decide that the woman in unspeakable pain to keep the world existing, a girl in permanent sleep because of her reality-bending abilities, even that godforsaken Able are in danger, and breach containment of all of them. Know that we have SCP instances that must be put in agony and despair to keep the world afloat. Do you all understand how dangerous SCP-118-KO is now?

If anyone downplays SCP-118-KO's threat and pays less attention to SCP-118-KO, it is a matter of time that SCP-118-KO approaches such SCP instances with its ability. If you don't want a herd of Keter class SCP objects escaping Foundation facilities, remember that the containment of SCP-118-KO is of utmost importance.

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