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In its rock-solid cage,
SCP-119-FR's dreaming
From its gluttonous rage,
The literature's not escaping

"This object, I tell you, will be named SCP-119-FR!"
-Dr. Auguste Angula, 2015 A.D.

Preparing the Threat Level:

-Take three (3) fresh eggs.
-Break them on the edge of one (1) mixing bowl.
-Hold back the yolk of each egg (for example with a wooden spoon) so that only the egg white flows.

There you are! Now you only have the Yellow left!

The object class was here, duly noted, just under the item number, at the top of the report. As the reader came closer to the screen, frowning, hand shaking on their mouse, a word stood out from the others : Euclid

Special Containment Procedures of Use : Source artefact kept at Memetic Artefacts Storage Site-12. 5m x 5m x 5m room recommended. Abnormal effects not completely neutralized. In case of discovery of an infected file, destruction by incineration is recommended for hard copies, or deletion for binary files. Keep out of reach of children.

"But tell me, Dr. Angula, how exactly would you describe SCP-119-FR?" Dr. Melbourne asked while adjusting his glasses.

- "What a relevant question," his friend answered. "You see, SCP-119-FR is a copy of the "Exercises in Style" collection, by Raymond Queneau. The 1982 edition, to be precise, but still in a pretty good state. The same way that this famous book tells one and the same story in 99 different ways, it will also apply this effect to every text -or piece of text- that we bring accidentally bring within a four meter radius of it."

- My goodness!

- Tell me about it. But, even if the form of the documents is ridiculously changed, the meaning stays the same, and basic information is preserved.

- But isn't that a threat to the Foundation's library?! For that we need to retain a strict and scientific tone…

- Precisely, Angula interrupted him. Because it gets worse: the infected files start to carry this literary disease themselves and can give it to nearby documents. Even if the book is well contained, it's still a Euclid, as its effects are still on the loose.

- The damages it could cause are huge!

- Yes. And you can easily imagine the horror it caused in the bookshop it was found in, on the 17th of July last year, by one of our undercover agents in the local police force of Montpellier. A real mess. Asimov had become a brochure.

- What a woeful world.

- How I would like to prove you wrong…

Addendum-1 : Dr. Angula, 38 y.o., singl., search. react. between SCP-119-FR and other docs. Slipped up, Min. Cont. Br. Tests susp. until. furth. not. Ev. personnel required to ch. inf. docs. If traces of contamin. found, pls contact 44 578 993 15 for quick destru.

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