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Item #: SCP-119-PT

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-119-PT must be contained in a large room, of at least 80 m². Said room must be decored with expensive furniture considered elegant and opulent by modern society standards. The items inside the room must include: two chairs, a single table, a dresser and a commode. All items therein must be made entirely out of mahogany wood. The furniture must be properly varnished and lustrous.

The following objects and utensils must be present: a complete makeup kit, a small comb, perfume, rejuvenating cream. a teapot and at least two cups made of china. The room must always have a delicate fragrance of roses or lavender, in the air. The floor must be covered with a carpet of a vivid colour, which has to always be clean and dust-free.

SCP-119-PT must have exclusive access, at all times, to a restroom whose sole purpose is to allow SCP-119-PT to bathe in a bathtub. The restroom must be clean and have access to hot water at all times, with an option to regulate the water's temperature. It must also have, liquid soap and a pink clean towel, both easily accessible. The restroom must not be less than 23 m².

Failure to meet such conditions will anger SCP-119-PT. In that angered state, the anomalous effect of SCP-119-PT will not be limited to direct contact with a subject but will affect an area of approximately 450 meters, ignoring walls or any other obstructing structures. This effect cannot be nullified without the pacification of SCP-119-PT, which must be done by offering the entity a chocolate bar.[1]

While it technically may be possible to contain SCP-119-PT in its angered state, the cost-benefit of supplying the furniture, accessories and decorations is superior, in comparison, to the need of completely isolate an area of, at least, 450 meters from the location of SCP-119-PT.

Description: SCP-119-PT looks like an eighteen years old girl, but its real age is unknown. It has white and smooth skin; long and grey hair; big, blue eyes and very thin eyebrows. It weighs 53.2 kilograms and is 1.66 meters tall. It is currently wearing a white and black short dress with small red details and a red flat sandal. The choice about which clothes to use is entirely at the discretion of SCP-119-PT.

SCP-119-PT is very socially adept, capable of easily initiating and conducting pleasant conversations. When someone meets SCP-119-PT in its room, SCP-119-PT will invite the person to sit and will wish that a pleasant stay will be held. There is not any segregation or changing in the treating manner due to gender, physical size, age or ethnicity of the guest. SCP-119-PT will then talk to the guest, asking about his life, relationships, job or studies and if his day was enjoyable until now. In some cases, it will also offer tea. The conversation, in all cases, will be pleasant will significantly improve the mood of both SCP-119-PT and its interlocutor. The Foundation establishes that the meetings must last no more than forty minutes, otherwise they would last for hours.

The improvement of behaviour and mood of those who came into contact with SCP-119-PT goes on for a little over an hour, returning to their standard mood after. However, approximately three hours after the end of the meeting, the individual will start to feel adverse effects; the reports until now were: headache, dizziness, cough, itching, loss of appetite, insomnia, body aches, shortness of breath and the immeasurable desire to meet SCP-119-PT again.[1]

After 24 hours, the symptoms, which were previously considered trivial, intensify. The person will constantly complain of muscle pain, sore throat, migraine and their skin will be irritated due to itching. After 48 hours, the individual hardly ever get up and stand still, he will have debilitated reasoning, weakened voice, slender body due to malnutrition, bloody cough and his skin will be peeled. After 72 hours, if the person stills alive, the situation will reach extreme levels: inability to move, inability to speak intelligently and to swallow, constants screams of pain, rickety body, intense and constant bloody cough and the body surface will be mostly skinless, exposing his flesh. Nobody stayed alive after 74 hours.

Seeing the last adverse effect, the subject will implore, to the point of self-humiliations, to visit SCP-119-PT again. Fulfilling this wish, at the moment of the meeting with SCP-119-PT, every symptom will disappear, there will be no more pain, cough, dizziness and the person will be receptive to eat food again. However, the damage already done to the body will stay. With the end of the second meeting, the adverse effect will return and in a few minutes, depending on the person, without a change in its gravity or intensity.

After direct contact with SCP-119-PT, the only method known to delay the death of the person is to maintain them for an indefinite period inside SCP-119-PT's containment chamber. In the present day, there isn't a cure or treatment for the condition.

[1]: Complement to anomalous effects:
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