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SCP-120-JP inside transport vehicle’s containment case.


SCP-120-JP-1 escaping containment. Footage recovered from security camera.

Item #: SCP-120-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-120-JP is to be contained in a special containment case in an establishment concealed as a museum. The museum must regularly allow visitors. The special containment case must be explained as the most valuable fossil inside the museum, and all visitors must be told this. The case is 30x30x40cm, with 7cm thick tempered glass that can be sealed hermetically, with the containment case itself is installed in the center of a 10x10x6m containment room made of pressure-resistant, hermetically-sealed tempered glass made for large aquariums. The containment case must always be monitored through surveillance cameras, and must be monitored by the researcher who has been in charge of SCP-210-JP the longest, and knows its allocation costs.

50m under the containment room, a 20x20x15m suppression containment room sealed with 1m thick concrete is to be arranged. The two walls to the west and east of the containment room should be able to be moved horizontally with the help of 4 large hydraulic cylinders on each side in order to crush its contents. When SCP-120-JP-1 manifests, preliminary procedure 01 must be performed first. If SCP-120-JP-1 hasn’t disappeared, the floor of the room is to be opened, and SCP-120-JP-1 is to be dropped in the suppression containment room. If SCP-120-JP-1 still hasn’t disappeared, an MTF team is to be dispatched to suppress it. If the MTG team fails its suppression, a pit into the underground will be opened through explosives, and SCP-120-JP and SCP-120-JP-1 will be contained underground and buried under sediment.

SCP-120-JP-2 requires no special containment procedures, and is contained in the same way as any safe humanoid object. As SCP-120-JP-2 has not finished compulsory education, she’s been put into an educational facility under the Foundation, and can request to spend time outside. Permission must be given by personnel with clearance Level 2 and higher. Unless special reasons arise, SCP-120-JP-2 is not allowed to leave the site SCP-120-JP is contained in for more than 30 minutes. Also, when leaving for the outside, she must be accompanied by no less than 2 security staff, with staff holding equipment capable of making video calls at any time, and if preliminary procedure is carried out, a video call must be made immediately, and SCP-120-JP-2 must return to the facility.

Preliminary Procedure 01: After providing appropriate bodyguards, SCP-120-JP-2 and SCP-120-JP are to communicate. So far this procedure has made it possible for SCP-120-JP-1 to disappear, but as SCP-120-JP-2 ages, it’s believed the value system will change, and the procedure will no longer be useful.

Description: SCP-120-JP is the shell of a Lambis lambis Linnaeus (Spider conch), about 15cm long.

SCP-120-JP possesses intelligence, and if no human who can recognize SCP-120-JP’s value as extremely expensive (varies depending on the person, but over 1 billion yen), or if it hasn’t been observed by a person who recognizes its value for a long time, it’ll release SCP-120-JP-1 from its aperture. It is currently unclear how SCP-120-JP can understand an observer's sense of value.

SCP-120-JP-1 is an entity about 8m tall and 30m wide. Its appearance is that of a giant black-brownish spider or crab with 5 pairs of legs, with one of its pairs in the shape of claws. When manifesting, it acts extremely violently, and destroys surrounding items and living beings. Although the detailed reasons for its actions are not known, it tends to prioritize the destruction of expensive equipment and rare materials at the facility. Harm to living beings is believed to be accidental. SCP-120-JP-1 will continue to manifest unless neutralized or until it returns to SCP-120-JP. Suppression by MTF teams has not been successful thus far. Whether appearing or disappearing, it’ll return to the inside of SCP-120-JP through its aperture. It’s unclear how SCP-120-JP-1 is able to be stored in SCP-120-JP despite its size. Whether SCP-120-JP-1 is stored inside or not, SCP-120-JP only weighs as much as a common shell of its kind.

SCP-120-JP was recovered from SCP-120-JP-2 (Discussed below) while investigating SCP-120-JP-1, which was witnessed during a great landslide at ██████ on 20██/08/19. SCP-120-JP-1 witnesses were given Class-A amnestics, with the post-treatment being dealt with without issues.

SCP-120-JP-2 is a woman born in 20██, registered in the census as ████. SCP-120-JP-2 is a normal human being without any sort of physical or mental abnormality, but has been incorporated into the special containment procedures due to being the one to communicate with SCP-120-JP the best. SCP-120-JP-2 testifies that she picked up SCP-120-JP at a neighboring beach in June of 20██. Due to her guardian dying in the aforementioned disaster, the Foundation has contained her under the pretense of protection.

Due to SCP-120-JP’s traits, it has manifested and contained SCP-120-JP-1 on multiple occasions. SCP-120-JP-1’s strength is great enough to easily tear apart the walls of its containment room. Unless expressed otherwise, SCP-120-JP-1’s manifestation is put under control by SCP-120-JP-2’s persuasion.

Containment location Containment duration Containment status Results
Shelf in SCP-120-JP-2’s house Approximately 2251 days Details unknown. Disappearance details unknown. During containment, SCP-120-JP-2 testified that she was talking with SCP-120-JP. Containment failure due to landslide destroying house
Transport vehicle containment case 2 minutes Following recovery from SCP-120-JP-2, it was being transported to a containment facility. SCP-120-JP-1 manifests. First containment failure under Foundation control. Disappeared following SCP-120-JP-2’s persuasion.
Metal case for high-risk containment room 2 days Following the previous failure, the building of a special room was necessary, and so it was contained in a containment room built for another item. SCP-120-JP-1 manifests. Containment room was destroyed, and SCP-120-JP was moved to the containment site’s entrance lobby. Brought under control by SCP-120-JP-2 via video call.
Metal case for high-risk containment room, pattern B 1 day Hoping for an increase in staff’s value system, staff’s valuables were contained in the room in a metal case. SCP-120-JP-1 manifests. Almost destroyed containment room. Persuaded by SCP-120-JP-2 before escaping containment. Brought under control.
Metal case for high-risk containment room, pattern C 3 days Contained alongside items valued by the Foundation, to the extent permitted by the Council. SCP-120-JP-1 manifests. Containment room destroyed, with facility’s barrier walls slowing its movement. Persuasion is done relatively quickly by comparison. Staff involved only see reasonable value.
D-class cell ward 2 days D-class were awarded with what they considered highly-expensive furnishings. The unnaturalness of the situation made the owners realize the true value of the items. SCP-120-JP-1 manifests. Cell destroyed. 8 D-class personnel are killed. Attempts to appease entity by force fail.
Metal case for high-risk containment room 1 day After being given as bingo prize to a researcher from another Site who didn’t know any details, it was returned to the Site. SCP-120-JP-1 manifests. Containment room was partially destroyed. Escape was obstructed. It seems the owner must observe it for at least 24 hours.
Metal case for special containment room 2 days Same procedure as before, with it being constantly observed through a monitor. SCP-120-JP-1 manifests. Temporary containment room was partially destroyed. Escape was obstructed. Owner’s estimated value (1,000,000 yen) is believed to have been too low.
Metal case for special containment room 2 hours Returned to Site after making a researcher’s child believe it was extremely expensive. Temporary containment room was partially destroyed. Escape was obstructed. Child lost interest.
Glass case for high-risk containment room 27 days SCP-120-JP was decorated with gemstones and precious metals, and a new case was built. SCP-120-JP-1 manifests. Containment room almost destroyed. Persuaded before it escaped containment. Containment failed as all involved parties realized SCP-120-JP’s value had not changed.
Glass case for special containment room 9 days SCP-120-JP took a liking to Researcher G during the previous recovery. Unlike SCP-120-JP-2, they’re not nearly as persuassive. Containment did not fail this time.
Glass case for special containment room (Fake museum) -Present See containment procedures Containment did not fail this time.

Addendum 001: In order to establish containment procedures, Researcher G, who was liked by SCP-120-JP, collected information. The following areas of information are considered highly relevant.

Excerpts from listening records-G001:

Because when you think about it, taking into account all the stuff he’s destroyed, isn’t he worth around 5 billion yen or so?

In reality, the cost to contain SCP-120-JP is of █████████ yen, and because of the measurement error on Researcher G’s part, a transfer was made and the current containment procedures were enacted. As it is believed that SCP-120-JP-1’s containment will become more difficult as SCP-120-JP-2 ages, an increase in allocated budget in a manner Researcher G or any other researcher with similar recognition is being considered.

Addendum 002: At the request of SCP-120-JP-2 or SCP-120-JP, video calls can be allowed after consideration. For the sake of SCP-120-JP-2-s safety, direct face-to-face conversation will not be allowed, unless in case of emergency. Consideration must be conducted by at least 3 staff members with Clearance Level 3 or above.

Addendum 003: As a result of SCP-120-JP-2 hearing information about SCP-120-JP, the following notes were made. The truth of each fact is either unknown or not worth pursuing. It must be added that, due to the target’s overbearing attitude, direct interviews with SCP-120-JP result in information with low reliability.

Addendum 004: SCP-120-JP requested paper and pen. At the same time, it requested for its containment case to be left open (Its containment room remained closed) to allow for writing. Following three days of discussion, it was concluded that the containment room would be sufficient for containment, and the case was opened, with a commercial pen and report paper being left inside of the room. Then, a small entity resembling SCP-120-JP-1 emerged from SCP-120-JP, and began writing on the paper. After 30 minutes, the smaller SCP-120-JP-1 entity stopped writing, rolled up the paper into a ball and tossed it away before returning to SCP-120-JP.

Text written on recovered report paper:

One day you’ll become an adult. That’s something one cannot stop. Right now, I probably am the most valuable treasure to you. But one day you’ll find another treasure. If I could stop time, I’d likely stop yours. It’s difficult, to remain as the world’s greatest treasure. You’ll grow up. You have to. You will one day have children. Then, the day will come when you’ll tell your children of these memories with me. I’m sure it’ll occur. And inside those memories of yours, I’ll still be the most valuable treasure to you, and only then will my true value shine. This is the world’s most valuable jewel.[Last line is messily crossed out.]

The aim of SCP-120-JP’s writing is unclear. Until permission is granted, the decision to hide this writing from SCP-120-JP-2 has been decided.

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