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Item #: SCP-1201-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1201-JP is to be contained by being covered with a structure disguised as a lakebed. Civilian access to the area surrounding SCP-1201-JP is restricted to the extent that it is not unnatural. Anyone who ignores the provided warnings and comes close to SCP-1201-JP is to be detained, and in the case that SCP-1201-JP was witnessed, an amnestic should be administered if deemed necessary. Unauthorized contact between Foundation personnel and SCP-1201-JP-B is strictly prohibited. While there have not been any cases of SCP-1201-JP-B attempting to leave the containment area, motion sensors must be monitoring the containment area at all times.

Description: SCP-1201-JP consists of a building (designated as SCP-1201-JP-A) and a group of humanoids who are active in said building (designated as SCP-1201-JP-B) that exist at the bottom of ████ Lake in ████ Prefecture.

SCP-1201-JP-A is a building that is approximately 90m in length and has an outside and inside appearance similar to a Japanese retail electronics store known as "Yamada Denki". On the South side there seems to be a large opening considered the main entrance, along with 8 smaller doors for employees and an opening on the North side for goods delivery. However, there has been no confirmation of a delivery being made ever since the object was contained by the Foundation.

There is a parking lot on the rooftop and the basement of SCP-1201-JP-A, and on Saturdays and Sundays an SCP-1201-JP-B can be seen directing traffic. Products displayed in SCP-1201-JP-A are the same as those sold in a typical electronics store, and they possess no anomalies. However, the inside of SCP-1201-JP-A is filled with lake water, and the products, other than airtight components, are submerged in said water. Any products in the store can be bought or taken home, and they will work without error if they are properly dried out. However, if the product is not being actively monitored by either human sight or a camera, the product will disappear at random.

SCP-1201-JP-B will start appearing every morning at around 7:00 from a location that is not being monitored, and during business hours (10:00 - 21:00) around 40 will appear and act as if they are employees at the electronics store. After business hours, the number slowly starts decreasing, and all will be gone by around 24:00. Every instance of SCP-1201-JP-B share the same DNA as a Japanese male by the name of ██████████████, who is still alive, and their visual appearances are highly similar as well. However, SCP-1201-JP-B do not share the same memories as the man, and there are no confirmed connections between SCP-1201-JP and the ████ Lake it presides in and the man in question. Each SCP-1201-JP-B has roles such as putting up displays, running the cash registers, unpacking products, along with many other responsibilities, and they are able to tell each other apart. However, they do not seem to possess individual names, rather calling each other by whatever they are responsible for. Each SCP-1201-JP-B is assigned a rank and/or job, and they will perform activities that relate to the task assigned to the individual.

Examples of Activities Performed by SCP-1201-JP-B

  1. Wears a standard uniform for Yamada Denki and has a name tag with "Manager" written on it. No name given. Will sometimes give instructions to other SCP-1201-JP-B.
  2. Wears a standard uniform for Yamada Denki and has a name tag with "Supervisor" written on it. Will sometimes give instructions and work requests to SCP-1201-JP-B that are not the "Manager".
  3. Wears a standard uniform for Yamada Denki and has a blank name tag. Will sometimes give instructions and work requests to SCP-1201-JP-B that are not the "Manager" nor the "Supervisor".
  4. Wears a uniform for security guards. Individuals in the parking lot have a traffic wand. Individuals in the store have a handgun.
  5. Wears grey coveralls. Tasked with unpacking products, making packages, and transporting goods in the backyard.
  6. Wears grey coveralls. Raises their hands in the air in the backyard.
  7. Wears a black coat and a school cap. Connects time to a rope1 in the air conditioning system.

Inside of SCP-1201-JP-A the usual music played at Yamada Denki stores do not play. The music other than Yamada Denki's theme song differs from any music played by any artist that has been published to this day. The following is a list of examples of music that plays inside of SCP-1201-JP-A.

Examples of Music Played in SCP-1201-JP-A

  1. Song length 1 minute. Theme song for Yamada Denki. The only song that is also played in all normal stores.
  2. Song length 4 minutes and 30 seconds. A not yet published work that heavily uses synthesizers and a chorus. Typically played in 4/4 time but will randomly switch to 3/4 time.
  3. Song length 7 minutes and 11 seconds. A type of Gamelan, no unusual aspects.
  4. Song length 2 seconds. Usually only sounds like white noise but when slowed down the phrase "pull the strings from the darkness" repeats 61 times.
  5. Song length 5 minutes and 44 seconds. An audio recording of the branches of an oleander swaying in the wind and brushing against each other. Oleanders are very red.2
  6. Song length 3 minutes and 7 seconds. A song intercepted visually. While this song is playing the surroundings can be seen through auditory senses.
  7. Song length 77 minutes. An ant and an Easter lily.3
  8. Song length 4 minutes and 1 second. An audio recording of a conversation between the heart, stomach, and liver. The majority are complaints about alcohol and meat.4

Addendum 1: There have been criticisms from time to time about there being "abstract" and "subjective" portions of the descriptions of the activities of SCP-1201-JP-B and the songs played in the store, however these are the result of the testimonies given by the Containment Specialists for SCP-1201-JP, along with D-Class Personnel and Foundation junior researchers that participated in the observational studies. It is possible to list the specific BPM and chord progressions of the songs; however, the subjective statements were chosen as they give a better description of SCP-1201-JP. These statements are similar to statements such as "an uplifting song" or "an energetic song", and the accuracy can only be understood by actually observing the songs oneself.

Addendum 2: Following Event 1201-JP-2, Foundation Personnel are no longer allowed to come in contact with SCP-1201-JP-B. All records of Event 1201-JP-2 have been deleted in accordance with the Yubiso Agreement 388.

Exploration Log 1201-JP-3: Below is a transcript of the Exploration Log by the Mobile Task Force inside of SCP-1201-JP-A. The results of this mission have been logged as Event 1201-JP-1. Authorization from a Containment Specialist for this object is necessary in order to view the video recordings.

<Records of the MTF approaching SCP-1201-JP-A have been omitted. Recordings begin at the point where the Mobile Task Force, wearing diving gear, just entered the inside of SCP-1201-JP-A.>

Alpha: We've gotten in place. No abnormalities in the instruments.

Bravo: No abnormalities in the secondary instruments.

Charlie: No abnormalities in tertiary instruments.

Delta: No abnormalities in recording devices. [camera records the 3 individuals in front walking forward]

Dr. ██ Please check if there is anything unusual with the products on display. Delta, continue recording the three in front of you.

Alpha & Delta: Roger that.

[The MTF walk around the store for around 3 minutes, looking at the products]

Alpha: Everything looks normal to me. Bravo, Charlie, did you find anything?

Bravo: Nothing stands out.

Charlie: Nothing here. Other than being flooded with water, it seems to be your usual electronics.

Alpha: We will continue the exploration.

Dr. ██: Yes, please do so.

[Nothing unusual on screen for 45 seconds]

[The right side of the screen is suddenly covered. It is discovered that it is a refrigerator on a dolly. Due to this, Charlie cannot be seen on screen for approximately 0.6 seconds.]

Delta: Ah!

SCP-1201-JP-B: Oh, uh, terribly sorry about that. Please, continue browsing as you wish.

Delta: To Headquarters, there has been an unexpected contact with an SCP-1201-JP-B. The individual seems to have pushed the dolly to another department of the store.

Dr. ██: Since it doesn't seem to differ too much from the sample of individuals we have seen before, continue with the exploration. Charlie, please don't stop there… Charlie? Alpha, please look behind you and check on Charlie.

Alpha: Roger tha… Charlie? Headquarters, Charlie's face has become the same as the SCP-1201-JP-B.

Charlie's radio: Hm, you looked away for a moment, didn't you?

[The individual that used to be Charlie takes their helmet off and continues speaking.]

Charlie's radio: It seems you have not been told. Or was it an accident? Ah, so it was our fault, well I'm sorry for that. You, the camera man, please continue your observations. Continue your observations. After all, that is the only resistance you've been allowed.

Alpha: Where is Charlie? Bring him back. [points the underwater firearm]

Charlie's radio: I understand your frustrations, however, there's nothing a simple janitor like me can do.

Alpha: Headquarters, we await your instructions.

Dr. ██: We are considering the options.

[For 4 minutes, some talking can be overheard on the Headquarter's radio. Alpha continues to point the firearm. The individual that used to be Charlie stares at the camera.]

Dr. ██: Please withdraw. Do not panic, and be careful that you do not get out of Delta's camera range. Odd, nothing happened when the D-Class…

Charlie's radio: That is because he was ignorant, climber. Here, I'll give your back your gadgets. Is it heavy? Please, be careful. The exit is that way. Just make sure you don't stop observing…

[No abnormalities were recorded afterwards.]

4 says after the exploration, MTF Codename "Charlie" was declared deceased, and this incident was recorded as Event 1201-JP-1. This phenomenon was not observed in any of the experiments using D-Class Personnel nor with any explorations performed before Event SCP-1201-JP-2.

Wiretap Log of one of the "Manager's" Phone Calls: This is a transcript of an audio recording taken right before Event 1201-JP-2. The person on the other end of the phone call is unknown. The audio from the other end was recorded as white noise.

[Dial tone]

It's me. It's been a while since I heard from you. Everything has been going well… Yes? Oh, yes. The observation is still ongoing. There's no problem. Huh? No, you told us that we could do it however we please, so we're doing just that and… yes?

So, about that, to explain from the beginning, I need you to remember that we were brought here against our will because of you. We were changed from our own individual into a sacrifice for the world, and while we've accepted it now, there was still a lot of internal conflict. Now do you remember that, within that mix of confusion and hope, when we discussed how you and us could come to a compromise, this was the resulting method?

The observation continues, but it doesn't seem like they've noticed yet. Yes. We did. However, it ended in failure. Our hopes are always… yes. Yes. No. Oh you want to complain? Tell that to the engineer. It's not our job.

Our job? Of course.

Sell, Contentment, Payment.


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