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Item#: SCP-121-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-121-DE is held in a room measuring 7 x 7 x 3 metres at site DE17. The floor, ceiling and walls are made of bricks and surrounded by soil. The wall to the corridor as well as the door are covered with a 1 milimetre thick tin lead sheet. There is no furniture in the cell. SCP-121-DE is also to be guarded around the clock by two (2) Class C security officers. Access is only permitted if each person entering the room is wearing an augmented reality headset that displays the environment on the screen. This must not be removed in the room, under any circumstances. Any SCP-121-DE-A instances are prohibited from accessing the subject. Should such an instance nevertheless be found within twenty (20) metres of SCP-121-DE, it shall be terminated at the greatest possible distance.

Description: SCP-121-DE is a 176 centimetre tall, human-like creature with a highly pronounced outgrowth at the back of its head that appears to be a perfect extension of the "human" part of its skull and is 20 centimetres long. This pulsates reddishly when it uses its anomalous abilities. However, unlike humans, it has no facial features. Likewise, there is no sign of any hairiness or primary or secondary sex organs. Research leader Dr Lei described SCP-121-DE's external appearance as "a figure built by a three-year-old child out of plasticine, which is supposed to be a human being". SCP-121-DE possesses telepathic powers and the ability to penetrate, but not manipulate, almost any solid matter with a maximum thickness of half a metre (0.5 metres). Exceptions to this are even minimal amounts of lead or iridium. However, telepathy can only be used when the target is looking directly at SCP-121-DE. If this ability is used, the target always hears words described as "terrifying", the language of which cannot yet be assigned. The anomaly here only applies to sentient beings. It is also able to transfer its own telepathic powers to other living beings. These are called SCP-121-DE-A and develop a small organ below the cerebellum which enables the telepathic abilities corresponding to those of SCP-121-DE. This is called the 121 organ. In SCP-121-DE, an extension of the brain has been found in the outgrowth at the back of the head, which is responsible for telepathy. It is unknown exactly how this process takes place. It is equally uncertain whether the 121 organ begins to form through telepathy or in some other anomalous way. The organ also has the ability to withdraw into the cerebrum of the SCP-121-DE-A subject and cut off its blood supply. It then integrates with the dead brain tissue and decomposes with it. This process has only been observed once so far (see Atachment-121-03: Organ materialisation). Should an SCP-121-DE-A instance be in the presence of SCP-121-DE, the main anomaly is apparently able to amplify its own powers and thus eliminate several people in one blow. However, this is done at the cost of the SCP-121-DE-A instance's life.

Discovery: SCP-121-DE was found in [REDACTED], Bavaria, Germany by Agent Phillipp in the local city park on 06/03/2013. When an MTF arrived shortly afterwards, the agent was found unconscious. With difficulty SCP-121-DE was stunned and secured. Following this operation, four (4) members of the MTF and seven (7) passers-by, as well as Agent Phillipp, were found to have 121 organ. Initially, they were all inducted into the ranks of the Foundation as Class E members. Of this group, five (5) subjects died at irregular intervals over a 2.5 year period under Foundation observation and all deaths, with the exception of SCP-121-DE-A10 and -A3, were due to overexposure to the additional organ. All attempts to save the subjects failed.


Attachment_DE-121-01: Reintegration A1

SCP-121-DE-A1 was restored to agent status on the advice of Dr Lei, and after thorough investigation by the O4 Council. The only condition was that Agent Phillipp must wear an implant with a built-in tracking device.

Attachment_DE-121-02: Death case A10

SCP-121-DE-A10 presented itself unsolicited for an operation in which the 121 organ was to be surgically removed for examination purposes. However, as soon as a device from the chief surgeon touched the organ, it seemed to disappear within three (3) seconds. One (1) minute later, SCP-121-DE-A10 died. Later investigation revealed that the 121 organ had retracted into the subject's cerebrum to cut off the blood supply. It then apparently destroyed itself.

Attachment_DE-121-03: Organ materialisation

Detailed examinations revealed that the 121 organ SCP-121-DE-A10 did not dissolve but integrated into the dead brain tissue. The additional organ began to decompose along with the brain. The recovered tissue samples showed similarities to human diaphragm tissue.

Attachment_DE-121-04: Communication request

Despite repeated requests, the O4 Council refuses to use any SCP-121-DE-A instances to establish communication with SCP-121-DE. No reasons were given.

Attachment_DE-121-05: Test protocol

Attachment_DE-121-06: Project Trickster

Addendum from 05/11/2013: SCP-121-DE-A1 has been introduced Project Trickster ~O4-4

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