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Item #: SCP-1210-JP-J

Object Class: Euclid1

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1210-JP-J is to be contained in a livestock facility at Site-81██. It is to be fed grass twice a day. I told you, that's a wolf. Give it pork. Oh stop it, sheep only eat grass. Huh? It's a obviously wolf so it'll only eat meat. Give it both grass and meat.

Description: SCP-1210-JP-J is an anomalous wolf sheep It's a wolf but it's baaing like a sheep well it's eating meat animal. SCP-1210-JP-J has the head of a gray wolf (Canis lupus) Look, it's a wolf hold on and the body of a sheep (Ovis aries) See? but it has the head of a wolf I told you, it's a sheep. SCP-1210-JP-J was discovered living at mount ████ in the ███████ prefracture. See, wolves live in mountains so it's a wolf. That's not enought evidence to go off of. Just admit that I'm right. When SCP-1210-JP-J was first discovered, a plate with "sheep" written on it was hanging around its neck. HA! I WIN! Hold on, "sheep" could just be its name. What kind of a name is that???

SCP-1210-JP-J will force people who look at it to engage in a heated argument about whether or not it is a wolf or a sheep. For example, the passage above is a direct result of its abnormality affecting Foundation personnel. Anyone who is affected by SCP-1210-JP-J will fiercely deny any proof, articles, or statements that go against what they think. The arguing will continue until a neutral third party comes to intervene; there are some people who are not affected by SCP-1210-JP-J, however the reason for this is unknown. Currently, Site-81██ Is split between the Wolf Faction, the Sheep Faction, and neutrals. While at one point there would often be fights among Foundation personnel over this matter, a "ceasefire" was created between both sides once it was realized that the arguing was hindering the Foundation's ability to function. This section of the report is not allowed to be edited as to admonish Dr. Laamb (representing the Wolf Faction) and Dr. Wolfe (representing the Sheep Faction) on their actions.

Let's come to a ceasefire. -Dr. Laamb

Yes, I'm tired of this editing war. -Dr. Wolfe

Postscript: A new variation of SCP-1210-JP-J was discovered at the same mountain where SCP-1210-JP-J was found. Below is an image of it.


The creature that was discovered


I prohibit any further editing of this page. -Dr. Engle

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