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Item #: SCP-1214-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Posts about SCP-1214-JP on the Internet are to be monitored and, if necessary, the posters are be located and administered amnestics.

PoI number 581992, which is suspected to be relevant, is to be reserved without assignment.

Description: SCP-1214-JP is a common incandescent light bulb located at approximately 5,000 meters above the ground, suspended from an undetermined altitude. The light output is about 1,600lm (equivalent to 100W). A metal string of about 30cm is attached; the light can be turned off by pulling this.

SCP-1214-JP appears in the sky above a certain an unspecified urban area at night with its light on, and disappears at dawn. Other behaviors have not been observed.

Anomalous properties of SCP-1214-JP manifest when a human reaches its location and turns off its light manually. At the moment of lights-out, the urban area under SCP-1214-JP will vanish and be erased from all records and memories. History will be altered in a way that the city never developed, leaving behind a wilderness without any man-made structures. Since this process involves a large-scale retroactive alteration of history, experimentation has been strictly forbidden.

According to the study of the retroactive alteration traces that led to its discovery, SCP-1214-JP was turned off one time in December 2008, outside of experiments. The person who turned off its light has not been identified, and is believed to have vanished as a result of history alteration.

Addendum: On December 14, 2018, at approximately 8:00 p.m., SCP-1214-JP appeared in the sky above an uninhabited area in the mountains of ████ Prefecture with its lights off. The metal string normally attached to it was not seen. SCP-1214-JP remained motionless, and disappeared after the Geminid meteor shower maximum activity that occurred on the same day. No similar event has been observed since then.

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