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SCP-122-DE in her containment.
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Item #: SCP-122-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-122-DE is to be housed in a humanoid anomaly containment cell at Site-DE20 in Sector A2. Electronic devices such as mobile phones, computers or video game consoles of all types are not permitted within 5 m of SCP-122-DE, unless they are required for testing purposes. SCP-122-DE will start telling jokes when a low number of people are under its effect. Personnel who laugh at them do not need to be punished. In fact, they are encouraged to give in to the urge.

SCP-122-DE receives three normal meals a day. She is to be given humorous material1 in a every week, as "reading food"; Special care must be taken to not use material with politically incorrect, inhumane, and/or animal-despising content. SCP-122-DE should have a psychological interview with site psychologist Dr. Sand once a month. According to Dr. Sand's expert opinion, SCP-122-DE is allowed to act as a comedian at site celebrations, such as parties and birthdays, if it wears an electric shock collar.

SCP-122-DE wears a white black grey cotton full body suit to prevent it from hiding any object. The suit is open at the back, so her tattoo is always visible. SCP-122-DE's request to take it off inside his cell is allowed and a bell has been attached to his cell to comply.

Addendum 1:SCP-122-DE is to be denied access to any kind of costume, uniform or other clothing with special meaning. This includes masks, jewellery and accessories.

Addendum 2: Dr. Baumann is to vaccinate SCP-122-DE against all known types of influenza under the supervision of Dr. Schulte, and examine them every month.

Addendum 01.08.201█: SCP-122-DE-A is kept in a Class B2 safe deposit box. Written permission from the head of research and a level 4 or higher clearance is required if personnel wish to research it further. No experiments are currently planned.

Description: SCP-122-DE is a female person estimated to be between twenty and thirty years old. With a body weight of 65 kilograms and a height of 1.82 meters, SCP-122-DE is within the normal range for her age. She is fluent and speaks mainly German, but is also able to communicate in five other languages (English, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese). She is fluent in several dialects in each language she speaks.

SCP-122-DEs abilities are still being researched. It is currently known that SCP-122-DE can spontaneously make people around her feel happy, which can be seen in the increased release of happiness hormones such as endorphins and serotonin. The range varies according to the number of people affected.

However, SCP-122-DE has no influence on the "taste" of the person affected. This means that a person who does not laugh at simple jokes will not react with laughter when they are told in SCP-122-DEs range of action. However, it can occur with a ten percent probability and if SCP-122-DE has a high to very high "fun level" (see further down in the table).

It seems that SCP-122-DE draws its power from and is bound to the amusement of the people around it. After some testing, it was found that SCP-122-DE's influence on other people cannot be completely contained and therefore attempts were made to gain benefit from it by enhancing the motivation of site personnel.

"Frau Harlekina, von MLG-Videospieler gegen THC-Marihuana"2 is tattooed in a circle on SCP-122-DE's back. In the center of the circle is a smiling face that is only painted on, but does not wash off. The face changes both its facial expression and colour, proportional to the number of people having "fun", which includes everyone who feels positive emotions. The "fun level" mentioned in the document is the value of all persons directly under SCP-122-DE's influence.

A rough classification, smaller differences in shading are not considered.
"Fun Level" Face Conditions and Effect
Zero (0) Dark grey, A skull SCP-122-DE claims that this would mean her death.
poor (<10) Blue, "Uncomfortable/Short before crying" SCP-122-DE shows a high degree of nervousness. An experiment showed that SCP-122-DE tried to make someone laugh by telling jokes with a high probability of success. Through this behaviour it tried to increase the "fun level", which always worked before.
Low (20-40) Orange, "smiling" At this stage the passive informational change effect is strongest, otherwise SCP-122-DE behaves like a "normal" person.
Medium (≈ 55) Light green, "Grinning" SCP-122-DE and those present are in a good mood. Is the desired level of containment
High (70-90) Golden yellow, "Laughing" Persons in SCP-122-DEs environments regularly spontaneously and without any apparent reason start to express signs of amusement3 and throughout the day.
Very High (100<) Changing, "Out of control" In a radius of 15 meters around SCP-122-DEs everyone is in a festive mood, which manifests itself in excitement. Only known from reports of SCP-122-DE.

Addendum: It was accidentally discovered that when SCP-122-DE sneezes or coughs, confetti manifests itself within a radius of 3 meters. This then trickles down from the ceiling. Furthermore, it was discovered that the amount of confetti is proportional to the severity of the disease when SCP-122-DE had a small flu and a temporary suction device had to be installed in its cell, as several hundred kilograms of paper fell around its cell.

Discovery: SCP-122-DE was taken into custody by the police in Basel on ██.03.20██. She was suspected of inciting participants in the carnival procession from a hill to let off more than they had planned. The effect of SCP-122-DE on her fellow man caused chaos throughout the district, including the two Foundation undercover agents. SCP-122-DE fled, but was later found when she volunteered to take part in an impromptu play. SCP-122-DE wore a fantasy costume during her two arrests, consisting of a dark half-mask and a white fabric with colored squares, apparently a mixture of the figure of Arlecchino and the white clown. The clothes were kept in a lockable cabinet for non-anomalous objects and SCP-122-DE received her current wardrobe.

Document 122-DE-1
This document was issued by SCP-122-DE during the first interview.
Note: Someone had crossed out the name by hand and made a change with a red violet felt pen.

Frau Harlekina
Heiliger Bimbam! You just found your own Mrs I Have The Fun Of My ENTIRE Life from Gamers Against Weed! Who needs Dr. Wondertainment6 if there is a wonderful entertainer? No, seriously: who is this guy?
Catch them all and become Mrs Gamer!

05. Mr Overlord Cute Little Puppy🐾
08. Mrs I Have The Fun Of My ENTIRE LifeFrau Harlekina
09. Mr Just Spoiler The Hole Plot
10. Mrs Censorship
11. Mr Bad Relationship Advice
12. Ms Creepypasta Junky
13. Ms Copyright (Custom-made!)
15. Mx Someone
16. Ms Social Media Star
17. Ms My Beloved Little Idiot (Baka-Edition)
18. Mr Im Singing You A Song About Cold Love
26. Ms. Mad About Video Games
27. Mr. Meme
28. Mr. Ominous (discontinued)
35. Mr. Finale
69. Mr. Ace
666. Master Sexy Devilman
__. I have no more Ideas for funny Names

Addendum 1: On 01.04.20██, a document was found in a book in [DELETED], confirming SCP-122-DE's statement that she had spent a while with “Herman Fuller's Circus Of The Disquieting”.

Addendum 2: On 01.08.201█ a square wooden box with a side length of 18 cm was found at a place where Herman Fuller's Circus Of The Disquieting was staying. When agents opened it on the spot, they found a letter. SCP-122-DE was asked to identify the box as the original one she spoke of in the interview. She confirmed her suspicions and demonstrated her "trick" of disappearing in the box. The box was then recorded as SCP-122-DE-A. Both the discovery and the letterf7 put SCP-122-DE in mourning. SCP-122-DE offered to help in the search for its creator(s).

Names were painted on the surface with different colours, which are probably the pseudonyms of the individual circus members. Remarkable is a label and an engraving on the bottom. On the slightly damaged sticky note was a hand-written message: "Prototyp für unsichtbare Freunde; verworfen wegen ethische Bedenken9". The engraving forms the name " Ms Mirabilis".
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