2/122-PT LEVEL 2/122-PT



Item #: SCP-122-PT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Yellow

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-122-PT must be kept in a standard containment vault attached to a standard containment locker in Site PT33, within a containment chamber exclusively for SCP-122-PT, due to the dangerousness of SCP-122-PT-2 and the frequent testing of the object.

The containment chamber has a 1.5 m x 0.3 m x 0.5 m metallic table available in the center of the room for the object's containment vault to be placed on during testing. Personnel who intend to conduct testing involving SCP-122-PT must obtain level 3/122-PT authorization prior to doing so, in addition to submitting a detailed report as to the reason for testing and what is intended to be concluded about the object. Testing on humans with direct injection of SCP-122-PT-2 into the bloodstream is strictly prohibited.

Vials containing samples of SCP-122-PT-2 must be kept inside the other containment locker in the object's chamber, which is refrigerated. No more than 500mL of SCP-122-PT-2 should be stored at the same time.

Testing with SCP-122-PT must be supervised by one staff member of Level 4 Clearance or higher.

Containment Update 20/04/2018: The object has been reclassified as NEUTRALIZED. On 20/04/2018, during a regular security test due to the incident detailed in Incident Log 122-PT-Ψ, it was noted that SCP-122-PT had lost its anomalous properties. The reason for this event is not known for sure, but it is theorized that it is related to the events described in the aforementioned incident. The neutralized object and the remaining samples of SCP-122-PT-2 have been moved to a common safe object containment chamber. Projects involving the study of SCP-122-PT-2 can only be carried out with the authorization of the Director of the Medical Department of Site 33PT, as the amount of fluid available is now limited.

Addendum 122-PT-02: The capture and interrogation of an undercover agent at Site PT33 suggests that SCP-122-PT is a high priority target for GoI "The Reliquary". Since Site PT33 houses highly hazardous objects and a containment breach such as the one one observed in this case could cause many human losses, revisions regarding the containment protocol and changes regarding the architecture of Site PT33 are currently underway. For more information regarding the interrogation, personnel with Level 3 or higher authorization may refer to Incident Log 122-PT-Ψ.

Addendum 122-PT-03: The architecture of Site PT33 has been changed to provide greater security to the objects contained within. More information about such changes can be accessed by personnel with access to the protocols of Project Bulwark.


SCP-122-PT right after its recovery in a secret base of GoI "The Reliquary".



Description: SCP-122-PT is the designation given to an anomalous object composed of two parts, hereafter referred to as SCP-122-PT-1 and SCP-122-PT-2.

SCP-122-PT-1 consists of an old-fashioned syringe made of a light metal, the composition of which is unknown to the Foundation. The syringe is capable of holding a volume of 8 mL and weighs 300 g. SCP-122-PT-1 also features a hypodermic needle rated size 12 on the BWG (Birmingham Wire Gauge) scale. The needle of SCP-122-PT-1 is capable of penetrating any surface tested by the Foundation and does not generate any kind of nervous stimulus if used to penetrate a living being that is capable of generating such stimuli. The needle also leaves no trace of any penetration down to the subatomic level.

SCP-122-PT-2 is the high viscosity, violet colored liquid within SCP-122-PT-1's plunger. SCP-122-PT-2 has a chemical composition similar to that of type O- human blood, with the addition of large amounts of Antimony Sulfate (Sb2[SO4]3), [DATA EXPUNGED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. SCP-122-PT-2 is also virtually infinite, as the liquid's visible level within SCP-122-PT-1 never decreases.

For more information regarding SCP-122-PT-2, level 02/122-PT personnel may refer to Document 122-PT-Φ and level 03/122-PT personnel may refer to Incident Log 122-PT-Ψ.

Addendum 122-PT-01: Discovery: SCP-122-PT was discovered in a secret operations base of the Group of Interest "The Reliquary" in the city of Vitória, Espírito Santo, on 02/03/2018 after a review of a diary found during investigations regarding SCP-088-PT, with relevant information regarding multiple anomalous objects (Level 5 or higher personnel may refer to [DATA EXPUNGED]). SCP-122-PT was found to be in possession of members of the aforementioned GoI, who were using it to undetectably eliminate high priority targets.

During the capture of the object, records found in the organization's secret facility revealed that ██ people were eliminated through the use of SCP-122-PT, including █ members of the Lusophone Foundation, the politician [REDACTED] and [DATA EXPUNGED]. It is theorized that The Reliquary carried out such actions in order to increase its influence on a global scale.

It is not known whether The Reliquary created SCP-122-PT or if they merely used its anomalous properties for their own purposes.

Incident Log 122-PT-Ψ: Level 3/122-PT Clearance required to access.

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