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Object at the location of discovery.

Item #: SCP-1241-RU

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1241-1 is to be removed from the hull and placed in a secure locker at Site-3, other parts and hull kept separately.

It is highly recommended not to let people with artificial/mechanised body parts near the object in its active state.

Description: SCP-1241 is a Soviet-made GIALA-410 radio receiver, constructed in 1980. The parts show no anomalous properties, with the exception of a stone ring (SCP-1241-1) engraved with the runes █, █, █, and ████, of unknown origin. It is assumed that due to the presence of these runes, the receiver exhibits its anomalous properties.

Connecting SCP-1241-1 to other radios of this specification did not produce any anomalous effects.

At certain intervals (2-4 hours), the object will spontaneously turn on and tune in to the only available radio wave [REDACTED]; attempts to tune in to this wave through a conventional radio did not provide any anomalous effects. The main information broadcast on this radio wave are lectures on existentialism. The text is read by a famous follower of existentialism in Russia, ████ ███████, who died in ████. The Foundation has been unsuccessful in its attempts to trace the source of the signal broadcast.

All objects that are within clear audible range of the broadcast (8 metres) "come to life", starting to transmit the status of their state by making themselves or parts of themselves knocks similar to Morse code. Biological forms are not affected by the anomalous effect.

Cups seemingly "bounce" what they think, flashlights change brightness intensity when turned on, and vice versa. - Dr. ███████.

Subjects of SCP-1241 are able to communicate by recognising human speech in 3 (three) different languages, those being: Russian, English, and French.

Sayings and statuses of subjects lean towards the basic philosophy of existentialism. Additionally, all objects declare that they are alive, are most often in a state of melancholy or existential anguish and try to "find their former self." If the subjects are not provided with any social support (dialogue), they begin to deform and eventually become unusable. In the case of a successful conversation, objects often begin to show signs of metamorphosis, after which they lose their anomalous properties and turn into an object similar to themselves, changing their appearance or purpose.

Addendum 1: Object was discovered at the [REDACTED] event surrounded by deformed objects in the city of █████. Following recovery, SCP-1241 was transferred to the Foundation.

Addendum 2: Interviews with SCP-1241 subjects.

Addendum 3: From the unofficial correspondence between Dr. Platonov and Dr. Hertz.

Addendum 4: Test log for SCP-1241-1


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