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SCP-1242-JP, moments before the manifestation of its anomalous property.

Item #: SCP-1242-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Management company for SCP-1242-JP has been purchased by "Seikai Central Price Ltd.", a subsidiary of a Foundation front corporation "Seikai Group"; SCP-1242-JP itself has been cordoned off from public access under the cover story of long-term renovation work. If any information regarding SCP-1242-JP is leaked to public, the subject will be detained, administered Class-A amnestics and released.

Tests involving SCP-1242-JP is to be conducted by a D-class personnel equipped with communication terminals, under the supervision of a personnel with Security Clearance Level 3 or higher. During the tests, the Foundation satellites are to observe any objects approaching the Earth's atmosphere at all times. The recovery of D-Class personnel found outside the Earth's atmosphere will not, in principle, be performed.

Description: SCP-1242-JP is an anomalous phenomenon that occurs irregularly at all bathroom partitions in the "Shopping Mall ███████████", located in ███████, ██████ Prefecture.

The anomaly, defined as SCP-1242-JP, occurs when an individual (henceforth, "the subject") enters a bathroom partition and relieves themselves. When these criteria are met, the subject is instantly sucked into the toilet pipe with a flash of light. Gravitational analysis by the Foundation has revealed an excessive concentration of gravitational fields in the pipe during this event. However, this gravitational anomaly is presumed to affect the subject only; the effect on toilet bowls, pipes and water has not been observed thus far.

After being sucked into the pipe, the subject is transferred onto a space, designated SCP-1242-JP-11. Video footage has shown that various objects associated with television programs (such as cameras, decorative furnishings and a green screen for chroma key compositing) exist in SCP-1242-JP-1. About 1 minute after the subject is transported to the approximate center of SCP-1242-JP-1, a group of humanoids, collectively designated SCP-1242-JP-2, appears. SCP-1242-JP-2 instances are composed of a "Host" and other "Audiences"; the "Host" instance asks the subject whether they are willing to participate in a "quiz show".

If the subject agrees to participate, the quiz show begins immediately. During this show, the question sentences are displayed on a monitor behind the "Host" SCP-1242-JP-2 instance. Known rules of the quiz are as follows.

  • The subject must answer at least 30 questions within 1 minute, all of which must be answered correctly.
  • The subject can request the hints, up to 3 times. The countdown continues while the "Host" provides the hints.
  • The subject committing a foul will be immediately disqualified.

Given the aforementioned rules, the subject is required to answer 1 question every 2 seconds. Any subject who decides not to participate in the show, answers incorrectly even one time, or commits a foul will be considered "disqualified" and transferred to a point in the atmosphere, approximately 226-251km above the ground2.

The genre of questions varies, and the subject cannot answer correctly in most cases. The Foundation has not observed any individuals answering all the questions correctly. The winner of the quiz show is transported to a point in space approximately 350-400km above the ground. Regardless of the final result, an audio message titled the "tip for next" is provided shortly before the subject's transferring; this message contains fragmentary information about the correct answers of the questions that will be given in the next activation of SCP-1242-JP.

Recovery Log: On 20██/██/██, the Foundation conducted an investigation in and around ███████ following a series of disappearances. During this time, Agent █████ used a bathroom in the "Shopping Mall ███████████", resulting in the unintentional activation of SCP-1242-JP. 2 minutes later, the signal from GPS devices attached to Agent █████ moved into the atmospheric layer, 231km above the bathroom. Said bathroom was determined to be an anomaly and designated as SCP-1242-JP, and its current containment procedures were established shortly after; all involved civilian were administered amnestics, and a proper cover story was disseminated.

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