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Appearance of SCP-1249-JP on discovery

Item #: SCP-1249-JP

Object Class: Nagi1

Special Containment Procedures: The notebook in which SCP-1249-JP is written is held in a Low-Security Containment Locker at Site-8154, and is not to be removed except for research purposes.

If new instances of SCP-1249-JP are discovered, two or more agents are to be sent to recover it immediately. The "box" radical (匚)2 is to be drawn around the instance of SCP-1249-JP, and the object on which the instance is written is then to be retrieved for containment. Disappearances of people caused by SCP-1249-JP's effects are to be handled with an appropriate cover story.

Description: SCP-1249-JP is a drawing composed of the kanji for "person" (人) repeated several times, and is currently thought to be read as Nakashinden Takeo to Shirakawa Minami to Itowa Harutaka to Shioiwa Ryuuji to Ouse Rin to Hikita Shousei to Hagiwara Itsuka.3 SCP-1249-JP appears to be written in black ink, but its composition has not been discovered. It is thought that prior to containment, SCP-1249-JP carried a memetic anomaly that made the aforementioned reading apparent to subjects who viewed the drawing in person.

Prior to containment, people near4 the notebook in which SCP-1249-JP is written would have their names added to the reading of SCP-1249-JP over the course of 20 seconds, and it is thought that in the case of multiple people being in range one would be picked at random. Affected subjects would disappear and a "person" character (人) would be added to the drawing. The affected subjects' whereabouts are currently unknown.

The above anomalous effects are purely conjecture based on the information in Addendum 1249-JP.2, and are not confirmed. SCP-1249-JP's true anomalous properties are currently under research.

Addendum 1249-JP.1: Discovery

SCP-1249-JP was discovered on 2018/05/19, in the home of Takeo Nakashinden, located in Edogawa ward, Tokyo. At first, the Foundation was informed of "people disappearing after entering the home of Mr. Nakashinden, whose whereabouts were unknown", and sent one agent to investiage.

Upon discovery, SCP-1249-JP's reading was confirmed as Nakashinden Takeo to Shirakawa Minami to Itowa Harutaka to Shioiwa Ryuuji. From this reading, it is thought that Mr. Nakashinden, his partner Minami Shirakawa, and the two police officers Harutaka Itowa and Ryuuji Shioiwa who entered his home for initial investigation were the four people who had been affected by SCP-1249-JP's anomalous effects. The search for the aforementioned people is still ongoing.

Mr. Nakashinden had been conducting studies relating to kanji at ███████ University, and it is known that he had a hobby of constructing "original" kanji, which is thought to relate to the creation of SCP-1249-JP. It has also been confirmed that the notebook on which SCP-1249-JP is written is completely non-anomalous. Several pages of this notebook contain drawings thought to be nonexistent kanji and their readings, written in pencil or pen, and thus it is thought that this notebook was used by Mr. Nakashinden for his hobby of constructing "original" kanji. These drawings appear to be non-anomalous.

Addendum 1249-JP.2: Details regarding Neutralized classification

The following is a transcript of the video recording of SCP-1249-JP's discovery. Agent Sawara (embedded with the police force at the time), as well as three police officers, Rin Ouse, Shousei Hikita and Itsuka Hagiwara.

Video Log 1249-JP.1

[Begin Recording]

Front matter omitted.

Officer Ouse: Everyone, come here.

All three officers and Agent Sawara gather in the living room.

Agent Sawara: What is it?

Officer Ouse: This note, it looks like it has a kanji written on it, but it's—

Officer Hikita: Nakashinden Takeo to Shirakawa Minami to Itowa—

Agent Sawara: You can read it… These are names, too.

Officer Hagiwara: Huh? What happened to Ouse?

Rin Ouse is confirmed to have disappeared.

Officer Hikita: Wait a second, this one is read Ouse Rin.

Officer Hagiwara: Wait, wait, this is weird!

Agent Sawara: (to Command, softly) We found a scip, I think. I'll bring it in for containment.

Officer Hikita: What the hell's going on…

Officer Hagiwara: I don't know, but people are disappearing! Let's get the hell out of here!

Officer Hikita: Fuck, calm down. Let's get—

Shousei Hikita disappears. The disappearance is caught on camera, and is instantaneous.

Agent Sawara: Hikita!

Officer Hagiwara: (sitting on the ground) Sawara, please help! What is this, what's happening—

Agent Sawara: Hagiwara, get up, quick! Get out of here, right now!

Agent Sawara picks up SCP-1249-JP's notebook and exits Mr. Nakashinden's home along with Itsuka Hagiwara. Upon exiting the front door, it is discovered that Officer Hagiwara has disappeared.

Agent Sawara: Hagiwara… Ah, fuck! What, what do I do?!

Agent Sawara shouts loudly, and then begins to talk to himself as if panicked.

Agent Sawara: Wait, if this is a kanji, then…

Agent Sawara quickly retrieves a marker from his breast pocket and draws a "box" radical (匚) around SCP-1249-JP.

Agent Sawara: How's that, you fucker?!

[End Recording]

Following this, Agent Sawara successfully returned to Site-8154 with SCP-1249-JP, without suffering its anomalous effects. It is thought that the "box" radical drawn around SCP-1249-JP serves as an a ideographical form of "containment" for SCP-1249-JP. It was also determined that SCP-1249-JP's anomalous properties were related to its composition as a kanji. When SCP-1249-JP was brought to Site-8154, it had lost all its anomalous properties, and although attempts were made to restore its anomalous properties in order to conduct experiments, none were successful. Thus, SCP-1249-JP was classified Nagi. Attempts to replicate the anomalous properties of SCP-1249-JP are still underway.

Even if it's contained ideographically, it looks like it could… I'm worried. —Researcher ███████, in charge of SCP-1249-JP containment


Current appearance of SCP-1249-JP

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