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SCP-1254 in its current state. Pink drawing elements at the object's lower part ('cheeks') apparently constitute reaction to the photographer.

Item #: SCP-1254-RU

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1254 is to be kept in the light room, presence of natural lighting and living vegetation is preferable. Communication with small animals, such as cats, hamsters and mice, is allowed since it has a positive effect on the object's condition.

Anyone wishing to access SCP-1254 can apply for permission to the Junior Researcher Khorkov.

Description: SCP-1254 is a porcelain cup with a schematic face pattern on it. There is a fingerprint on the side of the cup done with a blue watercolor paint. The fingerprint seems to be left by a child, judging by the small size of it.

Elements of the face portrayed on SCP-1254 can move and change their shape in response to the external stimuli, giving it particular expression. Sometimes additional elements may appear or disappear. For example, SCP-1254 often follows moving objects with its eyes, but in absence of such objects it turns its eyes to the brightest light source. However, it does not react to the personnel's attempts of establishing communication. Intellectual abilities of SCP-1254 are to be determined.

SCP-1254 is able of materializing matter inside itself. However, these abilities are limited to creation of gases or small particles. Hypothetically, SCP-1254 is able of memorization and and replication of substances that it encountered in the past.

Discovery Log: SCP-1254 was discovered in the basement of residential building to the address [REDACTED] by Field Agent ██████ ████, embedded for collecting city rumors in tn. ███████.

According to the report of discovery, Agent was able to overhear conversation of two subjects about "alive cup" in the beer-house "██████ ████". Subjects were put under surveillance which led Agent to the basement [REDACTED], where later in their absence was discovered cup by him, matching description, given by subject.

The object was covered in soot, filled with butts, and, obviously, was used as ashtray. Object drew Agent's attention when drew face on it turned in his direction. The facial expression was described by Agent like "sad" and "unhappy", however, when Agent extended hand to take the object, it, according to him, quickly was changed to scared.

Object was seized and 17.09.████ taken to Site-7, where was classified as "Safe" and placed into standard vault cell №6B-57.

The subjects, subsequently found and questioned, couldn't say how SCP-1254 entered to them, referring to amnesia due to heavy drunkenness. Subjects were administered Class B amnestics and released.

Incidents №1-А – 1-D: During keeping of object in the vault cell №6B-57 for the period 18.09.████ to 25.09.████ happened four events, during which thick black smoke was coming from SCP-1254. Black circles portraying SCP-1254's eyes at that time were transformed into narrow horizontal strokes, and SCP-1254 differed with low sensitivity to external stimuli and reacted to Foundation's personnel with big late, until few minutes. When response occurred, stream of smoke stopped, and SCP-1254's features took their normal form.

First event of the series 1-А – 1-D was seen by trickle of smoke, extending from vault cell. After that, video surveillance system was placed to the cell. Footages, made at the time incidents 1-B – 1-D, have shown that specified transformation of SCP-1254's "eyes" happens minutes before
direct advancing of event.

Addendum 1 (dated 28/09/████): Results of SCP-1254's overall study.

The goal of the study was identification of SCP-1254's implicit anomalous properties.

During one of the experiments was studied SCP-1254's interaction with its content. There were offered to drink clean water from SCP-1254 to test subjects. Test subjects informed that water has bitter taste, which was not in the reference samples. Subsequent chemical analysis confirmed the presence low doses of bitter, but non-toxic food additives in water, both their generation happens before someone drinks from SCP-1254.

Obviously, such a feature is constitute a manifestation of SCP-1254's ability to the materialisation of substance.

Other abnormal properties were not identified, in addition to the described.

Addendum 2 (dated 30/09/████): The request for review of the SCP-1254's Special Containment Procedures received from Junior Researcher Khorkov, who assisted during experimentation with SCP-1254. The text of request is shown below.

As you may know, research of SCP-1254, which recently got to us was doing our group. Mine role in this research confined to that clean and disinfect SCP-1254 before give it to someone to drink from it. And I noticed that when we cleaned it from soot and bister, its expression of face changed to… less sorrowful. You remember how miserable it was all the time, that was there are? But I will sworn that once we was cleaned up it, SCP-1254 was a little happier. In this regard, I ask to change SCP-1254's Special Containment Procedures. Details in the attachment.

The request rejected. – Dr. Zarin

Addendum 3 (dated 15/10/████): Agent ████████, embedded into fire department №█ of tn. ████████, reported that 21.08.████ private preschool educational institution "Daycare «█████»" burned down, in consequence of which the facility became unusable. There were not victims, but the establishment has closed down.

There was investigated in connection with received information, during which personality of kids, attended this Daycare, and their parents, as well as establishment's personnel were established. The interrogation of some of them reaffirmed that in the one of the groups had been "funny cup" truly, play with which liked to all children and even was a reason for arguments among them.

Addendum 4 (dated 20/10/████): Excerpt from the experiments log №2.

The request on conduction of the series of experiments with SCP-1254 in order to expanded study of its anomaly properties was submitted by Junior Researcher Khorkov. Request approved.

Addendum 5 (dated 26/10/████): In connection with results derived from research of SCP-1254, Junior Researcher Khorkov appointed as Head Researcher of SCP-1254.

Containment Procedures adjusted.

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