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Item #: SCP-1256-RU

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:: SCP-1256 is being tracked by MTF δ-82 ("Pulvis"). Discovered specimens should be examined and moved to a water depth of ten meters.

Description: SCP-1256 is a generic term for single 8-meter sand statues that appear sporadically, usually no more than ten times a year, on beaches around the world.

SCP-1256 typically appear no more than forty meters from the water's edge and appear as an out-of-proportion humanoid figure. Approximately 24 000 specimens have been discovered at the time of writing, the oldest of which is at least 38 000 000 years old.

Upon direct contact with the object, a person feels a telepathic transmission of a short-term, lasting about 480 milliseconds, part of a certain mental construct - while each person will receive a part of the same content without any linguistic foundation. However, the duration of this telepathic message is so short that a person without specialized equipment is unable to separate their own thought stream from the embedded message.

With the help of KARNN-D thought transcription technology, developed in 2031, it is possible to separate the anomalous parts of the mental construct from human thoughts at the time of recording and combine them into one common transcription, presented in addendum R-6783. It was also later determined that the resulting thought construct is looped, thus for approximately 7200 instances of SCP-1256, the telepathic incorporation of the construct begins over again.

SCP-1256 are indestructible, the only way to dispose of a single statue is to completely submerge it in the water of water body on the beach where it appeared. Then, within two or three days, the object disintegrates into smallest particles and loses all its anomalous properties.

The nature of the phenomena described in the thought stream, as well as SCP-1256 itself, remains unknown.

Addendum R-6783: Transcription of the thought construct SCP-1256, 2267 year.

Fulfilled with innermost desire, I touch the flaming sphere.

My flesh cracks, melts and crystallizes as I slowly break apart the solidified layer of ash.

Everywhere I look, I see only emptiness; coldness - from above, where I come from; warmth - from below, from where you and all of yours negligibly small parts will appear.

At this moment world is getting dressed into the seas.

Stepping through the bottom of sea and feeling the power of water I look up again – at how the concept of what is called time forms a sphere in the firmament moving around the orb.

Soon it turns into a line, that’s no longer capable to linger in my mind. She runs over my head, replaced by radiant starlight.

Twisting the stone, I raise the bottom of the seas, creating a cradle for you, in which I seek the beauty that you would be glad to contemplate.

When the last unhewn stone is smoother than the firmament, I notice young shoots in the mud trying to become something more. Something that you can enjoy.

Finally, with every grain of sand in my body, I feel all those smallest particles that in the future will become you; and everything you ever need.

Now, when there’s no ashes left, no raging thunderstorms, when nothing threatens you and everything that will be for you, I can return to the depths of the seas which is so similar in its darkness to the cold from which I came.

Here I disintegrate into millions of pieces that fill the seas and that carry the last thoughts of my fading consciousness, and although my body is eternal may it not be reassembled from grains of sand as now only you rule this world.

It will be hard, but you can handle it. Even on darkest nights, remember - you are loved.

Arise, child of the seas.

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