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SCP-1278-KO at time of discovery.

Item #: SCP-1278-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1278-KO is bought by the Foundation, and its entrance is sealed shut. No other measures were required.

Description: SCP-1278-KO refers to the area on the third floor of an office building in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do, which lacks any partition walls.

The following phenomena happen in SCP-1278-KO from 8:00 AM to 2:30 PM KST, at which the inside of the room resets at 8:00 AM and repeats. Byproducts generated by SCP-1278-KO during the phenomena are non-anomalous.

Occurrence #2, recorded at discovery on 31/10/2022.

1. At 8:00 AM, the lights inside SCP-1278-KO turn on, and SCP-1278-KO-A(referred to as A), who is in charge of installing decotiles1, and his assistant SCP-1278-KO-B(referred to as B), appears from the entrance out of nowhere. A puts his bag full of bags down in the centre of SCP-1278-KO.

2. A proceeds to enjoy a cup of instant cafe latte. A then pulls out a broom and scraper and starts cleaning the leftmost corner of the room after drinking the latte.

3. B follows A's orders, heads to the entrance, and disappears, after which he reappears, struggling to push a handcart carrying twelve(12) decotile boxes to the wall near the entrance. B repeats this action until 9:00 AM, when 48 boxes are piled up. A orders B to bring a heavy-duty glue canister and several gunny sacks, to which B complies.

4. After cleaning the left corner, A pulls out a glue spatula from the toolbox, opens the glue can with his hand, and pours it on the floor. He then proceeds to coat the floor with the glue evenly.

5. Several minutes past 9, B starts sweeping the centre of the room with the broom. As B sweeps slower compared to A's glue spreading, A continues to blame B while cleaning. From this point on, B appears intimidated. While B is cleaning, A harshly orders B to move ten (10) decotile boxes near the glue-coated floor. A opens the boxes and starts installing the tiles.

6. At 10 AM, B still has not finished cleaning. A asks B why he is taking so long. B replies by saying there were bumps on the bottom of the tiles, and when he removed the bumps, there was a lot of cement, which he took a lot of time scraping off with scrapers. A insults B saying that B is a "braindead twat", and snatches the broom from B's hand and starts cleaning himself. He blames B again for forgetting to hammer the clearly visible nails on the floor.

7. A finishes installing the tiles on the left side and cleaning the centre of the room. At 10:30 AM, he pours glue onto the centre of the room and continues installing the tiles. A blames B for doing a lousy job cleaning the floor and insults him, complaining, "anyone can sweep the floor". A urges B to move the decotile boxes near the wall onto the left floor, where the tiles are installed. Suffering from the verbal abuse, B starts weeping, to which A scoffs, saying he does not deserve to cry.

8. At 11:00 AM, B has completed moving the tile boxes and sits on the floor with a blank expression. A urges B to clean the right side of the room, saying that the faster he cleans the room, the earlier they'll all go home. B sips some water, picks up the broom and sweeps the right side of the room. At 11:30 AM, A is nearly finished with the centre tiles and drinks water near B.

9. After cleaning, B moves the decotile boxes to the centre of the room. A then scolds B to use the handcart if he's over-encumbered and insults B, saying if he keeps being "braindead", he'll "end up like those blokes in Itaewon". B fights back, saying, "that is no way to talk about the dead". A ignores it and keeps insulting B. B weeps.

10. At noon, A finishes the installation, and B collects decotile debris and trash into the gunny bags. A lectures B that "earning money is tough, nothing in this world is easy" and blames B's incompetence for taking longer than external workers. B, pouting, picks up A's used cigarette carton and throws it into the gunny sack.

11. A few minutes before 1:00 PM, A puts all his equipment into the tool bag. He grabs the bag and heads out to the door they entered with B. The lights inside SCP-1278-KO turn off.

Occurence #4. Content that overlaps with the 2nd occurrence was omitted.

  • Heading: SCP-1278-KO was heavily damaged after 2:30 PM, so SCP-1278-KO-A and -B cannot finish their work before 2:30 PM.

1. B is astonished at SCP-1278-KO's status. B mentions the work might go on until the next day, to which A responds by saying the real work has just begun. B seems intimidated.

2. B is noticeably slower compared to the 2nd occurrence. A's insults, and scolding becomes more frequent.

3. A blames B saying, "It's supposed to be done by 1:30. Are you fucking braindead?" B complains the workload is too much to be finished by that time, to which A response by blaming B's slow execution. B appears mortified.

4. The two kept working until 2:30 when they vanished. The situation returned to that of 8:00 AM.

Occurence #5. Content that overlaps with the 2nd occurrence was omitted.

  • Heading: SCP-1278-KO-A and -B's work was constantly disrupted to hinder them from completing any work.

1. D-11211 constantly disturbs what A is doing. A snaps and punches B in the face. B, fallen to the ground, denies the disruption and cries. A mutters at B that he is dense.

2. D-11211 disrupts B. B seems very stressed. B complains at A, but A responds with blaming and insults.

SCP-1278-KO-B: Ouch!

SCP-1278-KO-A: You fucking wankstain. (Yells) Oi, what the fuck are you on about!

SCP-1278-KO-B: (Sobbing, upset) Why do you keep hitting me? I'm working!

SCP-1278-KO-A: I hit you? You hit me! Sweet mother of… Fuck, this thing's hard as it is, and your shite's making it worse, you plonker! Do you call this work? Why are you like this? Are you braindead or what?

SCP-1278-KO-B: I'm not a plonker! I'm helping you! But you don't tell me what I did good, and you only blame me for what I didn't do right!

SCP-1278-KO-A: Shut your gob, you shite! Do you want another fist to your face?

[Omitted for simplicity]

3. B stops working and leaves through the entrance with a blank expression. A shouts at B, asking where he's going and leaves with him. The time is 2:00 PM. They do not return.

  • SCP-1278-KO-A and -B seems to be unable to recognise D-11211.

Occurrence #6 and further. Content that overlaps with the 2nd occurrence was omitted.

1. B seems more stressed as time progresses.

2. Overwhelmed with stress, B grabs a knife he pulled out from the tool bag, slits his throat and kills himself. This happens from Occurrence #6 to #██.

3. After #██, B silently helps A with an upset expression. B collapses from fatigue more frequently, and so do the following A's insults.

  • SCP-1278-KO-A's behaviour remained similar in every occurrence.

Discovery: SCP-1278-KO was discovered while investigating the news that Kim ██(SCP-1278-KO-A) and Lee ██(SCP-1278-KO-B), who went missing in Gangseo-Gu, Seoul, were discovered on the third floor of an office building in Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do. The two are well known to the people near Dongmyo. Investigation done by MTF Unit Yota-98 ("Yakult Lady") recorded the following transcription.

Date: 03/11/2022
Interviewer: Park Sang-sun (MTF Yota-98 Agent)
Interviewee: Jeong ██

[Start of Log]

Park Sang-sun: Hey, have this Yakult. It's one of our new products. You look daunted. Any reason why?

Jeong ██: Thank you. I'm just worried about my son.

Park Sang-sun: Why, did he break your heart or something?

Jeong ██: It's not that. My sonSCP-1278-KO-B is missing.

Park Sang-sun: (Surprised) Blimey…

Jeong ██: He went to work in Gangseo-gu, but he's not yet coming back… He's not even taking my calls — It feels like I'm rotting from the inside.

Park Sang-sun: Must be anxious if you don't see your son every day. What's he like?

Jeong ██: o job, helps me around in the supermarket. I give some allowance for that. He's too soft and socially awkward — he got bullied a lot when he went to school, so I asked his uncle Kim ██SCP-1278-KO-A to bring my son to work to help him around with his decotile job.

Park Sang-sun: How's Kim ██ like? Is he an interior designer?

Jeong ██: Decotiles. Those square ones you put on the floor. That chap did that for twenty years. He runs a kiosk at Dongdaemun-gu when he's not working on that. A lot of blokes hate him; he's ill-tempered and stubborn, like he has a stick up his arse. He's a man of his word, though. Much better than my good-for-nothing son. Old folks like me don't like lazy guys like him.

Park Sang-sun: So your uncle goes around with your son, putting tiles on the floor. No news from the uncle, then?

Jeong ██: That lad's gone missing with my son. I trust him with my heart that he'll treat my son well… My son's not someone who'll commit a crime… But my son once said this; uncle Kim speaks too harshly and never praises him, so he can't do this anymore. He says he's doing what he's supposed to do, but I don't know. After work, he tells me he doesn't feel himself growing at all. The guy pays him 150,000 won3 per job, and he cannot be less thankful.

Park Sang-sun: Maybe you're pushing your son too hard. He could become even more antisocial, being scared like that. Think of your son — money's important and all, but there's more important stuff too, right?

Jeong ██: Nope, ask the Kiosk owners there. We need money more than our health. (Sigh)

[End of Log]

The Foundation is investigating the reason behind the missing of two individuals and the manifestation of SCP-1278-KO.

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