Item #: SCP-128-PT

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Purple

Special Containment Procedures: A lot surrounding the current location of SCP-128-PT has been fenced off and designated as private property. In the center of the lot, there are two subterranean air chambers that contain the anomaly. The external chamber is maintained at 70,000 Pa (~0.7 atm). In the event of any increase or decrease in pressure in the external chamber, a team is to be sent to repair the damaged chamber. The air chambers, which were originally above-ground, have been covered with soil, hiding them from the sight of nearby observers.

Research into technology capable of rescuing staff trapped in SCP-128-PT-1 is under way. Until then, supplies are to be sent weekly to the staff trapped in SCP-128-PT-1, along side equipment approved by the Area PT2's director. The creation of Stationary Task Force PT4-μ ("Quaternions"), which would operate a containment installation inside SCP-128-PT-1, was proposed. Until evacuation of SCP-128-PT-1 is possible, this proposal has been suspended, and the space has been designated as a green zone1.

Description: SCP-128-PT is an object theorized to be a hyper-dimensional spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin. Its intersection with normal space occupies a volume of 5.3 m by 10.1 m by 2.5 m in height, and is located 1.2 m above the ground. The exterior of the anomaly is uncommonly black, as it reflects practically 0% of the light that falls on it. The interior is illuminated artificially, and the surface of the corridors in its interior are composed of an unknown metal.

Any object that touches the walls of SCP-128-PT disappears instantaneously, and rapidly arrives at SCP-128-PT-1, the space immediately above the anomaly's floor. Staff lost in SCP-128-PT-1 have found themselves in locations with geometries coherent with one another, and many have been able to find each other in this space.

Discovery: SCP-128-PT was discovered by SAMA (Autonomous Atmosphere Monitoring System), which detected an intense air flux converging on ████████-MA, █.█ km away from Area PT2, where the anomaly was found. In a few hours, the air flux was able to be stopped utilizing [REDACTED], and the vacuum chamber that currently surrounds the anomaly was constructed in three days. Since then, it has been designated SCP-128-PT.

Aerial imagery revealed that in the first few hours after its appearance, the object changed form constantly. Mobile Task Force PT2-Alpha ("Homeless") was stationed at Area PT2, and part of it was sent to explore the anomaly 24h after the end of the vacuum chamber's construction.

On the following day, a second expedition was sent into the anomaly to collect samples. All of those who attempted to retrieve samples of SCP-128-PT's walls became stuck within SCP-128-PT-1. Attempts to retrieve samples from the ceiling or floor did not cause these effects, however they were unable to be removed, even when they appeared completely disconnected from the structure.

In general, there are many more corridors accessible in SCP-128-PT-1 than there are in the intersection of the anomaly with normal space. Additionally, the total volume of corridors explored by staff trapped there exceeds the anomaly's external volume significantly.

The only confirmed casualty of this expedition so far was Agent ███████ ████████, who touched SCP-128-PT near it's entrance. On the outside of the anomaly, there appeared to be only empty space. None of the Solar System's astronomical bodies were visible, including Earth, however a few distant stars were visible. Looking into the interior of the anomaly, it was noted that the entrance was blocked by a wall. The agent stretched his hand towards space. After a certain point his hand disappeared. The agent began to be pulled outwards, and his suit began to depressurize rapidly. When his body passed through the point where his hand had disappeared, the agent's recording showed SCP-128-PT shrinking rapidly and disappearing after approximately 0.1 s. No change to SCP-128-PT was noticed by observers within SCP-128-PT or in normal space after this event.

As he explored SCP-128-PT-1, 2-α 04 found, in a location inaccessible in base space, a source of noise which produced a sound similar to that of an alarm. It was noted that the intensity of the noise was inversely proportional to the distance to the source cubed. Taking this into consideration, the hypothesis that SCP-128-PT might be a non-anomalous four-dimension object arose.

After the second expedition, in order to rescue the staff within SCP-128-PT, two four-dimensional objects were created. Each of these objects was made by the union of two three-dimensional objects (one in normal space and another in SCP-128-PT-1), utilizing a substance with a melting point between the temperature within the vacuum chamber that surrounds the anomaly, and room temperature.

When these objects were moved in SCP-128-PT-1, observers in base space saw a visible section of the object move. When force was applied on the objects, in order to transfer the section in base space into SCP-128-PT-1 and vice-versa, the objects disappeared from SCP-128-PT-1, and the two sections exchanged spaces successfully, however they did not affect the staff member that would be transported into base space.

Using a similar design to the two previous objects, a third object was created. It incorporated a camera in each section. This object was used to map SCP-128-PT in all its dimensions. The result of the mapping is available upon request.

Addendum: Note from the Director of Research on SCP-128-PT.

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