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Item #: SCP-1299-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1299-JP’s movement must always be followed using GPS. Furthermore, the waters navigated by SCP-1299-JP are closed off to any vessels and submarines that are not part of the Foundation under the cover story “military exercise”.

All human attempts at entering SCP-1299-JP are prohibited. Drones are to be used to perform internal inspections.

Description: SCP-1299-JP is the submarine “Ganryū”, used by the Foundation. SCP-1299-JP “sails” and “anchors” every 4 weeks, following the route used in 2012 during a sailing drill for 16 weeks. Presently, there’s been no remarkable deviations to this route. If the ship is landed and disturbed, it will disappear and reappear on its normal route.

All objects and life-forms entering SCP-1299-JP will disappear within 1 hour following entry. The moment at which this happens has not been observed thus far. Furthermore, banging and scratching noises are heard from the inside when SCP-1299-JP resurfaces. Following investigation, it’s believed these sounds are produced by a humanoid entity within SCP-1299-JP. Using radiographic testing to investigate, as of may of 2018, a total of 87 entities have been found, although only their skeletons have been confirmed.

The reason behind SCP-1299-JP’s anomaly is not known. At the very least, no anomalies were detected in the communications performed right before its entry into the Foundation’s base. The period between the end of communications and the detection of the anomaly by the Foundation was 10 minutes. It’s known that upon deck-landing, the forward hatch opened by itself.

Addendum: The following is part of a mail sent by SCP-1299-JP:

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