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SCP-1302-JP at initial containment

Item #: SCP-1302-JP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: All windows of SCP-1302-JP's passenger capsules are to be obscured with opaque covers. Personnel are to be in wait nearby when a capsule reaches to the entrance gate of SCP-1302-JP.

The facility where contains SCP-1302-JP and its surrounding area has been maintained by a Foundation front company, in order to avoid the public access and/or the reutilization by local government or corporations.

Description: SCP-1302-JP is a Ferris wheel with 16 passenger capsules, approximately 40m in height; it is located so as to occlude the entrance of an abandoned amusement park "████████ Land". SCP-1302-JP was discovered after █ reports of disappearances. While SCP-1302-JP shows almost the same deterioration as other equipment in the park, no mention about Ferris wheel exists in past records such as construction plans and guidebooks; all former visitors and employees did not clearly remember whether the park had a Ferris wheel or not. At first glance, SCP-1302-JP appears to be stationary — in reality, however, it is revolving at extremely slow rate despite the lack of power supply system (see Addendum).

Several unidentified individuals have been trapped in passenger capsules of SCP-1302-JP. While these individuals has displayed no sign of starvation and dehydration, most of them are in mental breakdown. All tests and plans regarding the forcible opening of capsules or the suspension of SCP-1302-JP resulted in [REDACTED] of personnel involved; thus, all of these plans are currently suspended.

Observation Log 1302 – Drone "い-███"
Note: For the sake of convenience, passenger capsules were designated in a rotation direction order. At the time of discovery, Capsule#1 was found at a position slightly away from the entrance gate.
# Subject Log
1 Empty. Interior of this capsule is completely covered by red hand-prints, 50cm long and 22cm wide.
4 A middle-aged male wearing orange working clothes. The subject is trying to open the door of capsule while crying and screaming.
5 A young male wearing eyeglasses and a drone equipped with hydraulic salvage appliances. The drone is already dismantled. The male is continuously writing the considerations about his current situation into documents at his hand.
7 Two males and two females; all appears to be in late 10's or early 20's. [REDACTED] at all times. No intellectual behavior has been observed.
8 A young male wearing business suit. The subject is hanged from the ceiling by a tie. He was observed to be continuously struggling over ██ minutes.
10 Four male children. Three of the subjects are motionlessly lying in a heap on the floor. One active individual is writing a text string on window glasses by using a red liquid. As a personnel lost consciousness upon seeing the text, the observation was suspended.
12 An adult male and an adult female. The female is [REDACTED] and convulsing in her seat. The male is placing the female's █████, ████, █████ and ███████ on the floor, rearranging their placements repeatedly.
13 An adult male, an adult female and a female child. The male is crying while hugging two motionless females. All limbs of both females are amputated.
14 A young male. The subject is looking outside from window, yawning sometimes.
15 Interior is obscured with a mass of pulsating flesh and organs. A muffled voice repeats the lyrics of "Dies Iræ" on an irregular basis.
16 All windows are dyed in red. N/A

Capsule#16 spontaneously opened when it reached the entrance gate. Estimated ████ liters of a red, opaque liquid flowed out from capsule simultaneously, swallowing up the waiting Foundation personnel. Sample could not be taken, as liquid in question and personnel were immediately vanished. However, a full human skeleton was subsequently discovered in near SCP-1302-JP; it is believed that this skeleton was also flowed out of Capsule#16.

Addendum: Based on long-term observation, it is estimated that SCP-1302-JP takes ███ years for one revolution. Capsule#15 is expected to reach the entrance gate in 203█.

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