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Confirmed locations of SCP-1304-JP cases.

Item #: SCP-1304-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Surveillance of all major media communities in Central Asia is to be conducted on June 9 of every year regarding statements by Sarah I. Galbraith, with agents dispatched to perform amnestization and cover story procedures following their discovery.

Description: SCP-1304-JP is a memetic phenomenon regarding a person named “Sarah I. Galbraith” that has been targeting Turkic people residing in Central Asian countries on June 9 since 2010. SCP-1304-JP manifests in the shape of a one-day impact on the mind and memories of influencers through a yet-to-identify source. It’s worth noting that many of the affected influencers complain of headaches during the appointed day.

People influenced by SCP-1304-JP say and act based on the belief that “June 9 is the Anniversary of Sarah. I Galbraith’s death”. When multiple people are affected in the same year, they begin collaborating as a group despite no indication of previous communication between parties. Following the event, the affected people cannot remember their words and actions, often causing confusion and misunderstandings. In some cases, the phrase “Today is the Anniversary of Sarah I. Galbraith’s death. We pray for her soul.” and other variations are used.

Based on a full-access search of the Foundation’s database, no person by the name of Sarah I. Galbraith has been identified or associated with any SCP-1304-JP outbreak. The same is true regarding several names of ethnicities, nationalities and aliases associated with Sarah I. Galbraith.

Confirmed SCP-1304-JP Cases
Year Details Notes
2010 State representative (Akim) from Mangystau mentioned “Shigastan’s founding mother, Sarah I. Galbraith” on his Facebook account. Discovered by the representative’s secretary, with the post shared over 200 times before the representative deleted it. People who replied to the post were flagged as potentially affected.
2011 Announcer for RTKT(Qazaqstan Radio and Television Corporation) offered his condolences at the end of the morning news segment. Announcer was demoted to a local broadcast station following the event.
2012 Uzbekistan’s Major rock band ███ held a one minute moment of silence to Sarah I. Galbraith during a guerrila live performance in [REDACTED] station. The 1 minute and 21 seconds song immediately following the moment of silence, about the freedom and independence of ethnic groups has only been played at this live concert.
2013 ███ ballot papers with the name of Sarah I. Galbraith were discovered during Turkmenistan’s presidential elections vote counting. Affected people were not identified due to the nature of the vote. In accordance with local law, votes were declared invalid.
2014 At least ██ references to “Sarah I. Galbraith, mother of the revolution” were found on placards during the massive protests in Tashkert following gas shortages. Placards contained statements regarding self-determination alongside a national flag that doesn’t exist.
2015 A set of ritualistic murders not matching any known religious group occurred in Dushanbe. The victims were two British women in the middle of a vacation trip. Three people turned themselves to the authorities and were charged with murder and corpse desecration. A note regarding the ritual process was found at the scene, mentioning Sarah I. Galbraith.
2016 ███ people gathered on a hill in the outskirts of Aktau, capital of the Mangystau Region, each holding a wild thistle (Cirsium japonicum). SCP-1304-JP has not been confirmed following this incident. See Addendum.

Addendum: At the 2016 SCP-1304-JP case, a tomb was discovered at the gathering place. The following text was found inscribed in the tombstone, in Kazakh language.

Sarah I. Galbraith
████.██.██ ~ 2010.06.09
The mother of our homeland, Shigastan, who watches over the lake, peacefully rests here.
The wild thistle blooms twice.

The first sentence on the tombstone had been roughly carved, with this damage and the second sentence having been recently etched. The grave had been opened from the outside, with the tomb being empty.

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