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Item #: SCP-1305-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Each instance of SCP-1305-JP is to be enclosed in a plastic cover and stored in a standard low-value item storage locker.

SCP-1305-JP-A instances are to be saved in digital text format to a flash drive and stored in a standard low-value item storage locker. Printed copies of SCP-1305-JP-A instances are to be destroyed immediately after the test.

Web Scanning Bot-55 ("Zorgons") is to monitor social media in the English-speaking regions and flag commercial authors and creative communities that are the focus of criticism, ridicule, and emotional conflict due to scandal, aggressive interpersonal activities, extremism, and/or radical claims as potential targets of SCP-1305-JP.

Description: SCP-1305-JP is a collective designation for black-and-white photographs featuring chimpanzees (Pan troglodytes) wearing clothing and equipped with various firearms. As of writing, four instances have been recovered, and at least one other has been misplaced by the original recipient.

With no exceptions to date, SCP-1305-JP has been sent in a plain red envelope to novelists in the United States of America, whose addresses or contact information1 have been disclosed to the public. The following statement is invariably printed in black ink on the reverse side of SCP-1305-JP.

From The General Headquarter, Juliana Camps, OW 2

You Only Contaminate It With Petty Ideologies

We Just Type It With No Intention

Give Your Inspirations Back To Us

Long Live The Daydreams

May All Authors Rot In The Hell

Fuck You

SCP-1305-JP manifests its anomalous properties when an individual (hereinafter referred to as "SCP-1305-JP-1"), who has published a fictional work of literature (hereinafter referred to as the "fiction") as printed media or digital text within the past two years, makes direct skin contact with its surface.

After approximately two to four days, SCP-1305-JP-1 begins to experience a series of lucid dreams, in which they are locked in a barely lit cell and tortured incessantly by six to ten clothed chimpanzees. The tortures to which the affected individual is subjected can range from the mundane (such as whippings, fist beatings and finger crushing with a thumbscrew) to those that defy physical limitations and laws of physics. During this period, the chimpanzees demand, via typewritten messages in English, the unqualified handover of all fictional ideas currently in SCP-1305-JP-1's possession or to be invented by them in the future. The chimpanzees do not suggest any specific method for the handover, and behave as if it is self-evident that SCP-1305-JP-1 can do it immediately. Verbal consent by SCP-1305-JP-1 does not contribute to the termination of the lucid dream in any way.

SCP-1305-JP-A is the collective designation for any fiction released by SCP-1305-JP-1 after being demanded the handover of ideas3. It is not required to be a work written after the start of lucid dreams; even if the work is actually someone else's creation, it bears anomalous properties when published under the name of SCP-1305-JP-1. For each instance of SCP-1305-JP-A released, regardless of its quantity or literary quality, SCP-1305-JP-1 ceases to experience the lucid dreams described above for the following 48 hours.

All individuals who read an instance of SCP-1305-JP-A become unable to recognize the premise that fictions are created from human conception, and assume that the SCP-1305-JP-A instance is a random product of chance output from an unspecified external source via SCP-1305-JP-1. Concurrently, the affected individuals lose the ability to evaluate the content and nature of fictions previously published by SCP-1305-JP-1 in relation to ancillary information such as SCP-1305-JP-1's gender, appearance, nationality, career, personality, ideology and authority. This cognitive distortion escalates in proportion to the duration of exposure to SCP-1305-JP-A instances, and encompasses all perceptions of any fiction and their authors, as well as all past memories associated with them, in a cumulative 20 minutes.

Affected individuals generally regard SCP-1305-JP-1's self-claim about the SCP-1305-JP-A instances as ridiculous or distasteful, because they "exploit and/or damage the value of literary works by treating what is produced by random chance as if it were the result of their efforts or expressions. " The effects of SCP-1305-JP-A instances in digital format dissipate in approximately five to seven days after ceasing exposure, but the impact on individuals who read SCP-1305-JP-A instances as printed media is irreversible.

Administering amnestics is sufficient to free SCP-1305-JP-1 from anomalous dreams and counteract their ability to generate SCP-1305-JP-A instances. However, the cognitohazardous nature of SCP-1305-JP-A instances released before the amnesticization persists indefinitely unless approximately over eighty percent of their content is altered. All attempts to republish them by disguising the author's identity have failed.

Individuals affected by SCP-1305-JP-A only engage in seemingly impromptu and unplanned writing in the creation of their fiction4. While the resulting fiction is non-anomalous, it often contains the logical inconsistencies, poor plot development, and other literary failures normally expected of such unplanned writing. Affected individuals usually claim that this is caused by their sense of "receiving proper fiction" being temporarily paralyzed, and do not understand the importance of pre-plotting and elaboration. No affected individual has so far recovered their writing skills to the same level as before, except those who have undergone amnesticization. Most affected individuals attempt to "modulate their reception function" through meditation or prolonged sleep.

Extensive experimentation has determined that SCP-1305-JP-A does not affect non-human primates in any way.

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