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Item #: SCP-131-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Prozedures: SCP-131-DE has not yet been contained. Should it become known on which property SCP-131-DE has appeared, MTF-DE6-𝕰 "Großwildjäger" (i. e. "Big Game Hunters") is to be dispatched to attempt to capture the entity and prevent the property owners from entering said property. Should the existence of SCP-131-DE become public, standard disinformation protocols are to be put into effect.

Remains of SCP-131-DE's victims shall be buried according to protocol directive-281T (burial without direct view of the body) and cause of death attributed to domestic accidents.

Description: SCP-131-DE is an adult white shark (Carcharodon carcharias), which is capable of moving not only in water bodies but also in seemingly any form of solid matter, as if it were still in the water. If it is close to the surface or its body protrudes, it causes a characteristic bow wave in solids, but it disappears again after its "descent". Only one specimen of SCP-131-DE appears to exist, as there have never been sightings at two locations simultaneously. The entity seems to feed on humans only, according to observations.

SCP-131-DE has an for sharks atypical hunting behavior, because it fixates on exactly one person at any time. The person in question legally owns the property, or at least the apartment in which it lives in all cases documented so far. Additionally, SCP-131-DE never leaves the legal boundaries of the property during its hunting phase.1. It usually stalks its victim for several days, creating ripples on surfaces or causing its dorsal fin to protrude, which usually causes paranoia and eventually panic in its prey. As soon as the victim panics and starts to flee, SCP-131-DE attacks.2. In doing so, it will either jump out of the ground or walls to grab its victim. If successful, SCP-131-DE will shred its prey by tearing and tugging to eat it on the spot, as it apparently cannot imbue it with its anomalous properties to carry it off. If it is detected doing so, it will attempt to attack, kill, and possibly eat any witnesses as well.

When SCP-131-DE has killed and eaten its prey, or has been unsuccessful for over two weeks, it will apparently leave the property to attack another victim. The time spans between attacks in relation to appearance locations suggest that SCP-131-DE actually swims the entire distance and has no ability to teleport.

Little data is available on SCP-131-DE's biology, as its matter-ignoring properties and seemingly random appearance pattern have prevented it from being captured. However, with respect to its behavior, it has been noted that targets of SCP-131-DE often reside in regions where little to no unscrupulous or illegal business practices are employed in real estate trading. A corresponding proposal to use this fact to restrict SCP-131-DE to a specific area was rejected by O4 Council and the Ethics Committee.

Nachtrag 131-DE-1: Manfred ████████, a victim of SCP-131-DE, attempted on ██.██.2019, to sell his house. Eduard █████, a well-known real estate shark, became aware of the ad and took advantage of the seller's panic to buy the property for far less than its actual market price. Eduard █████ later died from amputation of his legs and numerous body traumas when he entered his apartment. His wife, Manuela █████, who witnessed the incident, testified that "directly below him, an extremely angry-looking shark appeared, engulfed his legs up to his knees, and tossed its head back and forth until it tore them off."

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