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Item #: SCP-131-KO

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-131-KO is contained by a metallic fence and a site installed 300 meters from its edge. Members of the Mobile Task Force Theta-27 (Wind-borne Sand Mouse) must remain vigilant against intrusion attempts and quickly neutralize any intruders upon approach. When exploring the interior of SCP-131-KO, a biological hazmat suit must be worn, and all tools must be thoroughly cleaned after the exploration. Public entry is prohibited under the guise of environmental protection.

Description: SCP-131-KO is located in █████, in the outskirts of the Qassim Province (القصيم) in Saudi Arabia, which was formerly ███ village and its surroundings. This area has been transformed and completely covered with various vegetation types, forming a forest. The trees on the edge generally consist of species common in Arabia, but coniferous and deciduous trees are deeper within. A continuous gentle breeze from an unknown source blows inside the forest, whose strength remains primarily constant regardless of the surrounding weather conditions (although the direction of the wind may change during the rainy season). Initially, there was little elevation difference in the area. However, parts have turned into mountains, forming the upper part of the region. The water flowing through this region has formed a new river into the Persian Gulf near Qatar. Usually, the lower region of the river would be wadis1 due to the climate, but due to the characteristics of the anomaly, the river has rarely dried up. It has been confirmed that the river is free of anomalous objects or pollutants.

Inside SCP-131-KO are numerous porous structures made of various materials, including stone, wood, plastic, and metal. These structures vary significantly in size - typically 70 to 190 cm - and appearance, aside from artificially created holes. The holes in these structures produce sounds by catching the gentle breezes that blow through the forest. These sounds create changes in the environment of the surrounding area. The phenomena observed so far include crustal uplift, increased rainfall, and increased vegetation area and population. Currently, only increased rainfall and vegetation growth are occurring at levels sufficient to sustain SCP-131-KO. The plants generated by this vegetation growth rapidly erode all organic matter and living organisms, except for small rodents and insects, and quickly cover them with their biomass. Explorations conducted in hazmat suits have shown that erosion is not airborne but occurs when unknown particles adhere to surfaces and erode them. This material is much less active outside the containment area and highly sensitive to sunlight.

SCP-131-KO appeared about a month before the anomalous events occurred when the Noonday Oak Troupe visited the village. The Troupe performed and engaged in volunteer activities, assisting the villagers, when they created and donated to the village objects identical to the current ones. These objects cooled the area down and made the sky slightly cloudy, reducing the average amount of sunlight. Five days after the Troupe left the village, the Organization for the Reclamation of Islamic Artifacts (ORIA) raided the village and seized the object. ORIA attempted to replicate the object to use its anomalous effects as a weapon. While they successfully implemented its plan, occupying the village and surrounding area, and continuously producing replicas to defend against external attacks, all signs of life vanished from the area on the seventh day of the occupation. Subsequently, a rapid crustal uplift occurred, raising over 80% of the region by up to 1.2 kilometres, followed by heavy rain that continued for nine days, creating the river that now flows from the current containment area. The Troupe is aware of this incident and expressed regret while confused about why such phenomena occurred. (Refer to the addendum for further details.)

Addendum: Excerpt from a letter from the Troupe to the Foundation

(Omitted) …At least it comforts me that you're in charge of the place. You don't destroy anything without asking. Some people tried to destroy our percussion instruments, saying they were dangerous. They ended up endlessly banging on the warehouse along with the instruments they tried to get rid of. Well, you helped us out a lot back then.

In retrospect, nobody knows why that happened: me, the instrument maker, the troupe leader… Our instruments have saved lives but never killed anything. Sure, there have been odd cases of secondary harm, like being in the breeze too long and catching a cold or getting splinters in the foot while walking on the vegetation. However, this is the first time when it downright killed people. As strange as it sounds, the stuff ORIA made by copying our instruments is quite normal. Yes, the intended purpose is different, but the function was nothing out of the ordinary. However, hundreds or thousands of that stuff piled up that shouldn't have resulted in such a catastrophe. Did they put something that we don't know on the instrument? It looks like the mountain itself has become an instrument because it's constantly windy. I'm not sure if that's the case.

…Anyways, we can't be more frustrated and disheartened by what happened to the village. Something that was made to make life better ends up killing lives; this doesn't make sense… (Omitted)

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