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Item #: SCP-132-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-132-JP-1 instances are to be kept within a cage for small animals, with anything written on paper being prohibited from being within the holding room. SCP-132-JP-1 is to be fed a diet similar to other insects of the Lepismatidae family.
One mature instance of SCP-132-JP-1 is to be reserved for breeding, and all other instances are to be incinerated before their metamorphosis. Personnel engaging in incineration are to be rotated every two times, and are to be referred to a mental therapist and made to take a physical examination after rotation.

SCP-132-JP-2 instances are to be contained within a piece of A4 paper, which is also used as an egg-laying ground for SCP-132-JP-1. The holding room for SCP-132-JP-2 is to be separate from SCP-132-JP-1. A printer within the holding room is to be used three times a day, with 310 random hiragana characters being printed onto a piece of A4 paper for feeding purposes. The font size is to be set to 10 in order to accommodate the printer.
If nothing goes wrong with SCP-132-JP-2's development, after four months of incubation, only one instance is to be retrieved and all the rest are to be incinerated. The retrieved instance of SCP-132-JP-1 is to be reserved for continued breeding purposes.

Attempts to communicate with SCP-132-JP-2 are prohibited. For more information, please reference special document Case-132-KK.

Description: SCP-132-JP-1 consists of an unclassified species within the Insecta class bearing resemblance to the Lepismatidae family. Its appearance and diet bear resemblance to the oriental silverfish (Ctenolepisma villosa), however, during its metamorphosis, it can survive temperatures as low as −5℃, as well as having built a resistance to dry environments.
Once a month, SCP-132-JP-1 will engage in asexual reproduction and lay eggs. The instances will lay their eggs on a medium (often a plant-derived aggregate fiber) with characters written on it, with ten to thirty eggs being laid within twenty minutes.
The eggs laid at this point will consist of adhesive fiber, which will then dissolve 5 minutes later, leaving a radial stain on the fiber. Even when using highly water-resistant paper, the eggs dissolve with no problem and leave a radial stain.
SCP-132-JP-1's average life span is six to seven months.

Thirty minutes after the radial stain is created, ten to thirty instances of SCP-132-JP-2 emerge on the paper's surface. These are thought to be SCP-132-JP-1's larval forms.
SCP-132-JP-2 consists of the same dye present on the medium before their appearance, and bear resemblance to the characters "ゅ" or "ゆ". If there are multiple letters written in different dyes or styles on a single sheet of paper, one of them will be selected at random.
SCP-132-JP-2 instances will move on the paper by winding around, eating any characters written in the same ink as themselves. The eaten characters will disappear from the paper.
SCP-132-JP-2 instances exhibit similar behaviours and group thinking to fishes, leaving traces of ink on the paper as they move for a short time.

As they continue to develop, SCP-132-JP-2 will change into a round pupal form 5 months after hatching. Thirty minutes after changing into a pupal form, an SCP-132-JP-1 instance will burst from the dye on the paper.
It is possible to physically damage the "ゆ" characters that SCP-132-JP-2 instances take the form of, or destroy them by painting over them. It is also possible to move SCP-132-JP-2 instances between papers by tearing a piece of one of them off and affixing it onto another paper of the same material.

Three weeks after an SCP-132-JP-2 instance hatches, it starts talking by making characters that are the same dye and font as itself appear on the paper. The characters will disappear 10 to 14 seconds afterwards, but at this time, if one writes characters that are a different dye from itself, communication with SCP-132-JP-2 is possible.
Below, an edited summary of conversations held with SCP-132-JP utilizing this property are listed.

132 Conversation Log-01:
Interviewee: Herd SCP-132-JP-2-C03 
Interviewer: Dr. ██████

.:*・゜ゅゆ swim practice
                 ゅゅゆゆ yay
        Hey there, do you know anything about your situation?
.:*・*・゜.:*・゜ゅゆゆ im hungry
              ゆゆゆ were alive that's all
                              ゅゅ are you talking with someone?

                   .:*・゜ゅゆ let's goooo
                   .:*・*・゜.:*・゜ゅゆゆ give food
        Can you recognize the outside of this A4 paper?
               mix it uuuup
            ゅゅゆゆゆ other than talking, we can only see
              ゆゆ  this "white sea". but we know about outside
                              ゅゅ gather practice

                       ゅゆ im going to rest
                                     .:*・*・゜.:*・゜ゅゆゆ no food?
             Why do you know about it?
    there we go ゅゅゅゅゆゆゆ because we saw it one time 

                         .:*・゜ゅゆ hold on
            Was it the silverfish?
         ゅゅゅゅゅゆゆゆ probably
       lets look for food

        What do you think about us?
       ゅゆゅゅゅゅゅゆゆゆ people who give food… good!
  we're beat    ゆゆゆ

132 Conversation Log-04:
Interviewee: Herd SCP-132-JP-2-C05 
Interviewer: Dr. ██████

          .:*ゅ     the rows are breaking?
                 .:*・゜ゆ      .:*・゜ゆ
    Do you know about your fellow fish?
           feeling okay?    ゆ ゆ ゆ we know well
                                about everyone
      ゆゆゅゅゆゆ good night
                      .:*・゜.:*・゜ゅゆ meal delicos

                  ゅ     over here
                     ゆ         ゆ
            Do you know about the other herds?
             closer closer ゆゆ ゆ we know
      cant sleep
     ゆゆゅゅゆゆ in trouble now
          .:*・゜.:*・゜ゅゆ exercise

                   ゆ   ゆ am i a little off?
        Do you know what we are doing with the other herds?
     ゆゆ        we're pooped ゆゆゆ we know
     ゅゅ we go
                            ゅゆ im gonna rest

                  ゆ there we go
   What do you think about that?
        ゆゆ           ゆゆゆ nothing we can do about it
        ゅゅ                youre just doing your best
        ゆゆ good night             to have your meals
                            ゅゆ im gonna sleep

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