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SCP-132-KO before containment

Item #: SCP-132-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Temporary Organism Containment Site-17K is built on SCP-132-KO's habitat, blocking other lifeforms from entering. Entry to the site is limited to personnel with Level 2 or 3 clearance and for research purposes only. When entering, they must put on reinforced protection equipment. Used protection equipment must be treated with high heat over 300°C to incinerate SCP-132-KO's seeds. A modified Scranton reality anchor is installed around SCP-132-KO's habitat to maintain the reality at 1.286742 Humes.

Description: SCP-132-KO is an organism that resembles bambooPoaceae Bambusoideae. SCP-132-KO's shape and traits are otherwise identical to those of regular bamboo. However, SCP-132-KO propagates by spreading tiny airborne seeds. When a human inhales a seed, it quickly roots itself inside the human's respiratory system. As the seed grows, it hijacks the host's nervous signals, replacing it with its own, effectively preventing the host from noticing its growth. The host's immune system does not react to the seed as well. It takes about 10 seconds for the seed to grow fully. The host is wholly decomposed at this stage.

Locals of surrounding areas refer to SCP-132-KO as 'the singing bamboo forest', and the sound its leaves make in the wind is deemed holy, being called 'the sound of god'. A-Class amnestics were administered to the local population. The forest caught the Foundation's interest after multiple reports of missing travellers in the vicinity. During the investigation, a Foundation agent became a host and expired. Subsequently, the subjects were contained. Missing travellers were disguised as victims of accidents. Before the Foundation contained them, SCP-132-KO never left its habitat. This is due to the locals shunning entry, considering it a 'holy site', and the organisms requiring a Hume of exactly 1.286742, a requirement only met by its habitat. Why the organism requires such precise Hume is under research.

Addendum: A suspected hypothesis is that the sound SCP-132-KO makes is artificial. Soundwave recordings showed a particular pattern under natural ambience. The said pattern is currently being analysed.

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