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SCP-1329-RU-EX-1. First documented evidence. Note the blackout during the "relocation"; all photons inside the subway car stopped mid-flight preventing physical objects from being observed.

Item #: SCP-1329-RU-EX

Object Class: Uncontained Explained

Special Containment Procedures: Development not currently viable.

Theoretical background for the item's existence has been created and integrated into current natural science by the conventional scientific community. SCP-1329-EX's existence on Earth is to be concealed from public knowledge.

Description: SCP-1329-EX is a unique type of spacetime curvatures, known as "pseudoportals". Any object passing through such a portal enters the same part of space it would enter had the portal not been there. In other words, a pseudoportal is a portal that leads to itself. To date, there are ██ documented instances of SCP-1329-EX, with the number growing steadily.

The similarity of the terms "portal" and "pseudoportal" stems from their inherent connection to the concepts of "spacetime curvatures" and "wormholes". However, there is a fundamental difference between their working principles.

  • A portal is an extensive spacetime curvature that bypasses normal topology in order to link two disparate points in space. In other words, portals allow to reduce an infinitely large distance between two spacetime points to a near-zero value.
  • A pseudoportal is an extensive spacetime curvature that divides its two adjacent points by forming a space that is not compliant with the rules of standard topology. In other words, pseudoportals allow to expand an infinitesimal distance between two points of space to an infinite value.

Unlike "wormholes", the displacement caused by portals and pseudoportals occurs almost immediately.1

SCP-1329-EX's nature explained by Dr. Smagin in layman's terms:

Everyone knows what a portal is. To put it simple, imagine entering a door located in Site-7 and then finding yourself on the other end of the world. A pseudoportal is the opposite. You enter a door in Site-7 and nothing seems to happen. In reality, though, you might have travelled hundreds, thousands, or even millions of… miles? Maybe miles, or maybe… light years. You won't enjoy this little big adventure due to the nature of the curvature in question. On top of that, for the very same reason everything will look perfectly normal. So, let's say there is a pseudoportal in your restroom. Every single morning your body would be zipping through galaxies and nebulae within mere nanoseconds; this trip would go unnoticed, as it ends exactly in the time and place it started. That's why the anomaly had remained hidden for so long.

Pseudoportals are generally indiscernible, but on rare occasions their presence is indicated with a slight diffraction similar to a boundary between hot and cold air. Each instance of SCP-1329-EX emits a faint cosmic background radiation at a certain sequence. Tracking said emissions is a reliable means of identifying the anomaly as a pseudoportal.

SCP-1329-EX possess another noteworthy property. Despite such curvatures having a strong relation to spacetime topology, SCP-1329-EX are attached to certain points of the planet. Thus, SCP-1329-EX stay mostly unaffected by the Earth's orbiting and rotation, as well as the movement of the Solar system.

Several Foundation researchers argue that each pseudoportal requires a comprehensive examination regarding hidden threats capable of causing, among other things, a K-Class Scenario. Therefore, newfound areas that visually match SCP-1329-EX are not to be classified as Explained or Safe without appropriate investigation.

Discovery: The first (and the most important one considering its location) pseudoportal was discovered between █████████████ and ███████████████ stations of the Moscow Metro in the spring of 2018. Various anomalies resembling SCP-1329-EX had been studied for 9 years by the time. However, Site-7 personnel were the first to document SCP-1329-EX via live recording: the process of "relocation" was captured on ██/██/2018, using a special camera modified with SCP-1038-ARC.

The following is an abridged list of known pseudoportals:

Designation Location
SCP-1329-EX-1 A line between █████████████ and ███████████████ stations of the Moscow Metro, Russia.
SCP-1329-EX-3 The deepest adit of the ███████████████ coal mine, India. Was initially believed to be a geology-related anomaly.
SCP-1329-EX-7 A hogweed thicket in ███████, the Tambov region, Russia.
SCP-1329-EX-11 A cafeteria closet in ███████, Maine, USA.
SCP-1329-EX-12 A restaurant in the Ostankino Tower, Moscow, Russia. Resides on a spinning floor and moves accordingly.
SCP-1329-EX-17 A footbridge in ████████████ Park, Washington, DC, USA.
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