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An instance of SCP-1330-JP

Item #: SCP-1330-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-1330-JP are to be separately contained in 5x5x5m containment cells, which are provided at 10m intervals, located in Specialized Containment Wing "Cactus Mansion" at Site-81██. Only one SCP-1330-JP instance is allowed to be contained in a cell. Any bar-shaped objects are not allowed to be brought into cells, and any entering attempts into cells during SCP-1330-JP flowering period will be strictly prohibited. Interactions between SCP-1330-JP instances during flowering period have been allowed only once a year. have not been allowed.

Description: SCP-1330-JP is the collective designation for █ instances of saguaro cacti (Carnegiea gigantea), each 2m in height. During the flowering period, SCP-1330-JP instances "grasp" nearby objects via unknown means, and strike other flowering instances with it.

Objects that SCP-1330-JP considers to be appropriate to use are bar-shaped ones, roughly 1.5m to 2.0m in length. These objects utilized for beating will be non-anomalously damaged by physical shock. As SCP-1330-JP is known to consider a human to be an appropriate object to use for beating, any approaches to SCP-1330-JP instances during the flowering period has been prohibited.

SCP-1330-JP instances were discovered in a botanical garden located in ███ City, ███ Prefecture. After a report about "a cactus that grasped Mr. █████ to kill Mrs. █████████" from the owner of said garden to the law enforcement was intercepted, the Foundation recovered all instances. Staffs of garden were administered class-C amnesiacs. It should be noted that Mrs. █████████ was 1.98m in height; an approximately similar size to SCP-1330-JP. Furthermore, an accessory using a cactus flower, which is believed to belong to Mrs. █████████, was found at the scene.

Addendum: SCP-1330-JP instances disperse a material which has identified as pollen when being beaten; as such, it is theorized these actions of SCP-1330-JP are intended for pollination. However, beaten SCP-1330-JP instances get fatal damages in most cases as the durability of SCP-1330-JP is identical to that of non-anomalous saguaro cactus. From the view of population maintain, artificial pollination for SCP-1330-JP by using drones has been planned.

Incident-1330-JP-A: On 20██/██/██, 2 flowering SCP-1330-JP instances were contacted each other for pollination; these instances grasped a square timber for beating at the same time. After a "scramble" between instances, said timber was snapped in half. Immediately after this, both SCP-1330-JP instances smashed each other by wielding snapped timbers. Currently, interactions between SCP-1330-JP instances have been prohibited.

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