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A photo of SCP-1332-JP, taken by a civilian.

Item #: SCP-1332-JP

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Direct containment of SCP-1332-JP has not been successful. Current containment efforts are focused on amnesticization and information suppression for witnesses of SCP-1332-JP.

Description: SCP-1332-JP is a single mule (E. asinus × E. caballus). In all cases, SCP-1332-JP was discovered by witnesses (hereafter referred to as "the subjects") while carrying a load on its back. While the load varies in content, the following items have been identified from previous cases.

  • Multiple wooden barrels; filled inside with beverages such as water, milk, wine, and coffee.
  • Dried deer meat.
  • Vegetables and fruits; such as garlic, ginseng, ginger, or raisins.
  • Sacred texts on various religions throughout the world.
  • Wooden box; simple medical equipment and medicines can be found inside.
  • Fabric clothings.

SCP-1332-JP manifests to an individual in a desert area, whose life is threatened by being lost or similar situations. Once manifested, SCP-1332-JP attempts to attract the subject's attention by means such as pulling their clothing with its mouth. This persists until the subject receives part or all of SCP-1332-JP's load. After the subject receives the load, SCP-1332-JP licks the subject's face and then remains in the vicinity of the subject.

All previous cases shared one commonality; SCP-1332-JP was already absent from the scene when the subject was rescued. In some cases, a parchment with text on it was recovered from the subject's belongings. No subject could explain the origin of the parchment. While the text on the parchment was in an unknown language, it was accompanied by an English translation. The content is as follows.

Thank you for the salt. It is truly delicious but not found in my land. May the traveler have good fortune and feast.

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