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SCP-1334-JP-1275 shortly before the "impact"1

Item #: SCP-1334-JP

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1334-JP is currently uncontained. In order to observe and identify SCP-1334-JP emergence events, a global anti-SCP-1334-JP alert system centered on multiple ground-based warning sites and early warning satellites has been established by Mobile Task Force Upsilon-91 ("We'll not meet again"). When an SCP-1334-JP emergence event occurs, Foundation personnel deployed as SCP-1334-JP-related advisors to the military organizations of various countries, mainly the nuclear powers, are to lead in canceling of alert and retaliatory measures against SCP-1334-JP in coordination with Mobile Task Force Upsilon-91. In case the civilians witness or somehow detect SCP-1334-JP appearance events, the cover story "Test Firing" or "Meteor Shower" are to be applied, or the individuals involved are to be administered Class-A amnestics2.

SCP-1334-JP-1268, the only instance of SCP-1334-JP currently under the Foundation custody, is contained in a hangar within Orbital Containment Site-86, which is outfitted with a full-circle radiation shielding and Metcalfe Non-Corporeal Entity Repulsive Force Field Generators around the perimeter.

Description: SCP-1334-JP is a collective designation for multiple Type XII Voluntary Spectral Entities3. Although SCP-1334-JP instances can vary in their shape, they all match to those of a missile or rocket capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. While SCP-1334-JP has no physical body, its presence can be detected by optical means, radars, and infrared sensors. Each SCP-1334-JP instance has human equivalent intelligence and can communicate with other instances or with human beings. Despite SCP-1334-JP emiting a limited amount of weak radiation, no radioactive material is known to exist within SCP-1334-JP. Radiation levels in each SCP-1334-JP instance are generally consistent with those normally detected in nuclear weapons of the same design.

SCP-1334-JP emerges at irregular intervals to take a flight course that "impacts" a populated area of a nation in possession of nuclear weapons, exposing themselves to the missile defense network of the targeted state. During an emergence event, SCP-1334-JP perfectly imitates the behavior of actual nuclear warhead missiles; as such, it is extremely difficult to distinguish SCP-1334-JP from actual nuclear missiles through conventional missile defense networks. SCP-1334-JP emergence events are invariably executed as simultaneous attacks by a number of SCP-1334-JP instances that exceed the limits of the targeted missile defense network's and the Foundation's interception capabilities. After "impacting" on the ground, SCP-1334-JP disappears without causing any damage to its surroundings.

The first confirmed SCP-1334-JP emergence event occurred in 198█, when ███ instances of SCP-1334-JP were launched from Soviet Union territory to various locations in Western Europe. All SCP-1334-JP instances that emerged in this event took the form of Soviet military intermediate-range ballistic missiles (IRBM). After detecting SCP-1334-JP in the boost phase, the United States of America and other NATO countries immediately began to prepare for a retaliatory nuclear attack against the Soviet Union, misinterpreting it as an actual nuclear attack. However, a Foundation Mobile Task Force (then operating over Western Europe to contain SCP-████) confirmed that these IRBMs were spectral entities; the retaliatory attack was successfully averted by a notice from the Foundation. This prompted a Foundation investigation into SCP-1334-JP, as well as the establishment of current Special Containment Procedures, following the notification of SCP-1334-JP's existence to the leaders of the nuclear powers.

As of 20██, SCP-1334-JP emergence events have occurred ██ times, and the total number of confirmed SCP-1334-JP instances has reached ████.

During the 4th confirmed SCP-1334-JP emergence event in 199█, the Foundation communications surveillance system intercepted a highly encrypted ██F transmission that was believed to be between SCP-1334-JP instances. Decryption attempts revealed that these were intended to instruct each other on how to effectively expose to and overload the ██████ military's radar network. In addition, these communications were based on certain tactics. This discovery confirmed the assumption that SCP-1334-JP had intelligence as voluntary spectral entities, and several attempts were made to contact SCP-1334-JP over the radio; the attempts were deemed failed as SCP-1334-JP did not respond.

In 201█, a mission to capture an instance of SCP-1334-JP was carried out by Orbital Task Force मा-11 ("Gravity Well Buckets"), with the aim of conducting a detailed investigation and establishing communication with SCP-1334-JP. The mission was to surround and restrain a ballistic missile-type SCP-1334-JP instance that entered space during the mid-course phase by high-mobility spacecrafts equipped with Metcalfe Non-Corporeal Entity Repulsive Force Field Generators, and bring it directly to Orbital Containment Site-86. This was successfully accomplished, and SCP-1334-JP-1268 was brought to the Foundation custody.

Interview Log 1334-JP-02:

Addendum 1334-JP-01: In 200█, █ optical surveillance satellites were integrated into the anti-SCP-1334-JP alert system for precise identification of their original models and other features. These satellites were used for analysis in two SCP-1334-JP emergence events; in conjunction with reviewing the information on previous SCP-1334-JP emergences, nearly all SCP-1334-JP instances were identified to be in the form of nuclear warhead missiles, which were decommissioned before the corresponding emergence events. Investigations are currently ongoing with the goal of determining more detailed conditions for a missile to become the original of SCP-1334-JP.

Addendum 1334-JP-02: As of 20██, the targets of SCP-1334-JP emergence events have shifted to the newer countries possessing nuclear weapons. █ of the potential target countries that have not yet established diplomatic relations with the Foundation have not received effective notification regarding SCP-1334-JP, and are at risk of responding to an SCP-1334-JP emergence event with a retaliatory nuclear attack. New protocols have been initiated to address this situation, including the infiltration of Foundation agents into these countries.

Addendum 1334-JP-03: The following is the complete text of a statement submitted by Dr. Richardson to the O5 Council in April 20██.

Based on the findings so far, it is almost certain that all SCP-1334-JP instances documented to date are originated from nuclear warhead missiles that were decommissioned by nuclear weapons reduction treaties signed prior to the encounter with each instance. For example, the original missile of SCP-1334-JP-1268 was decommissioned by the 2002 SORT. The first recorded instances were probably disposed of by the 1987 Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty, judging by the date of their emergence and their presumed models. Considering the testimony of SCP-1334-JP-1268, it is most likely that our nuclear disarmament is the cause of their emergence.

As the research head of SCP-1334-JP, I firmly recommend that we, humanity, must not reduce our nuclear arsenal any further. The Foundation should demand the governments of the world to slow down and, if possible, suspend the current nuclear disarmament efforts. As long as they are stored as non-anomalous nuclear missiles, their threat to humanity is only equal to that of a Safe class anomaly. It is far safer than destroying the missiles, turning them into SCP-1334-JP and letting the situation deteriorate further out of control.

Granted, the threat level of SCP-1334-JP will be greatly diminished if nuclear arsenals continue to be curtailed until the dreamlike future, where mankind has abandoned all nuclear weapons, arrives. However, I do not believe that humanity is trustworthy enough to assure that someone somewhere will not flip the switch for a retaliatory nuclear attack at some point before then.

The O5 Council is currently in discussion over whether this statement should be reflected in the Special Containment Procedures.

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