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Item #: SCP-1338-RU

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1338 is to be kept in a standard humanoid containment cell located at Site-█. Observation of the object should occur only through surveillance cameras. A photograph of a hedgehog must always be kept near the object, in such a way that it will not cause serious damage to the object if its anomalous effect occurs.
SCP-1338 must maintain its own personal hygiene. Shaving, cutting nails and other such activities must be done above a special urn, the contents of which must be burned once a month.

Description: SCP-1338 is a severely underweight 27 year old Caucasian male, who weighs 56 kg and is 198 cm tall.

Medical examination of the object has shown that, physically, it is not anomalous, except for its ability to heal small stab wounds at a rate faster than that of a normal human being. The main anomalous ability of SCP-1338 is its memetic effect, which takes affect on those who have looked at it for at least 45 seconds. This effect only occurs upon direct observation of the objection and can be triggered by pieces of the object that are at least 6 cm in size. This was discovered by binding several skin samples from the object together, after which the tests were carried out.

Those afflicted, known as SCP-1338-1, feel a strong desire to throw a hedgehog at SCP-1338. The characteristics and species of the hedgehog do not seem to be important. SCP-1338-1 instances have used the corpse of a hedgehog or a printed photo or model of one, the material of which is unimportant. When a hedgehog or an image of a hedgehog cannot be located, the victim will draw outlines of a hedgehog in the air and imitate throwing it at the object. Once SCP-1338-1 has successfully hit its target, the effect will be interrupted, and the object must be observed again for the effect to be activated anew.

Addendum 1: Interview with SCP-1338

Interviewer: Dr. Kraynikov

Interviewed: SCP-1338

Foreword: Dr. Kraynikov was placed behind a one-way mirror with the mirror on his side to prevent accidental activation of the object's anomalous effect.


Dr. Kraynikov: SCP-1338, first of all, can you tell us your real name?

SCP-1338: First, explain why the hell you call me by some combination of letters and numbers.

Dr. Kraynikov: It's a necessary measure. Tell us your real name.

SCP-1338: (sighing) ████████ █████ ██████.

Dr. Kraynikov: Thank you. Can you remember when you first noticed… your anomaly?

SCP-1338: I think a few months ago… yeah, around that time.

Dr. Kraynikov: Okay. Do you know exactly why your anomaly appeared?

SCP-1338: Uh… So, okay, aren't you guys Greenpeace or any other animal rights activists? I don't want to be responsible for what I say.

Dr. Kraynikov: I assure you, we do not belong to these organizations. You can trust us.

SCP-1338: Nonsense… Okay, there's nothing left to lose because of this shit anyway. My friends and I are gambling guys, we liked extreme darts. But one day, we decided to create…our own dart game with new rules: throwing hedgehogs at dartboards. It was fun, we made good money on it, thanks to people who also liked to hurt animals. But then my house got burned down. It must have been Greenpeace… Damn them… And that's how it all started. Perhaps this is somehow connected.

Dr. Kraynikov: Okay, thank you.

Afterword: Later, SCP-1338 was explained its containment in a concise and non-threatening way, which included him being told that he was in the medical wing.

Incident 1338-A: ██/██/██ the "Eternal" Organization's telescope detected a large cosmic object approaching the Earth. On closer observation, the object was discovered to be a meteorite consisting of several thousand hedgehog corpses. The meteorite entered the atmosphere at high speeds and, after a couple of minutes, fell into a glade near the Site-█, having barely survived the fall. It lost a lot of its mass during its passage through the atmosphere, but most of it was well preserved, the reason of which is unknown. The hedgehog corpses were easy to separate from the total mass after the fall, and these corpses had no anomalous effects. Special containment procedures are under review.

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