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SCP-134-FR (unfolded by a drone).

Item #: SCP-134-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-134-FR is to be contained in a safe in the storage area of safe memetics objects on Site-Kybian. The safe's code is available to any researcher with a clearance level higher than two, or on request of Dr. Neko. If the object vanishes, a census is to be conducted among the on-site staff. In case there is a missing personnel member, the areas to which they usually work are to be searched. If the object is recovered by this method, a small dose of class-B amnestics are to be administered to the relevant personnel. The subject will be able to return to work after a psychological monitoring period of at least two weeks. If the subject still shows signs of an addiction to SCP-134 FR, a new dose of amnestics will be administered. If SCP-134-FR is not recovered within Site-Kybian, a MTF must be deployed to search the surrounding areas. If it does not appear within two months, the search must extend to a global scale, involving as many branches as need be.

Description: SCP-134-FR appears to be a maths exam written by a student in Terminale S class1 by the name of Martin ██████, as indicated on the paper. Other than one anomalous question, the paper has no anomalous properties. The subject of this exam is mathematical sequences. It mostly consists of exercises when it is asked to determine the limits of various sequences. At the question I)2)b), it is apparently asked to create a scatter plot graph for the sequence $U_{n+1}=|-(2)^n*\sqrt{8U_{n}-2n}|$ with U0=2 using no particular scale or interval of representation. A graph is represented right after this question, using a 1:1 scale for the abscissa axis, while using a 500:1 scale for the ordinate axis. After element U6, the graph is continued by a sheet of paper attached with glue (this sheet of paper can not be removed). This sheet of paper is folded on itself an apparently infinite number of times, the maximal unfolded paper length being 9.4km (in other words, up to U940261). Abscissas are from now on noted at the bottom of the paper. It should be noted that the thickness of the folded paper does not change and remains equal to two (2) centimeters no matter how many times it has been unfolded.
Seeing this paper causes among human subjects a strong desire to unfold it, "for math purposes", "in order to find the limit of the sequence Un", or "for science", as subjects say. This effect can only target one subject at time, two observers being attracted successively, at a time interval of about thirty (30) seconds. The effect is not dangerous immediately, the subject being able to, if they have the needed resources, still take care of themselves. However, they will refuse to stay away from SCP-134-FR for a long period of time, potentially preventing them from buying food, or having a social or a professional life.
The amount of unfolded paper is, at a certain stage, sufficient enough to obstruct the displacements of the subject, even block them from unfolding it further, or even suffocating them (this has only been observed once, and upon discovering the object. A single math teacher was found at his home starving, and suffocating. No "Martin ██████" has been found among his current or previous pupils).

Security Tests relative to SCP-134-FR:

Test 134-FR-A1 :
Goal: Determine the true effects of the object on human subjects.
Test Result(s): See the description above.

Test 134-FR-A2:
Goal: Analyze the effects of the object on several subjects.
Personnel members involved: D-2108 and D-2329, with Dr. Neko supervising the operation with the help Pr. Tio.
Audio transcript of the test:
Indicatives : D1 for D-2108, D2 for D-2329, S for Dr. Neko, and A for Pr. Tio.
Beginning of the transcript:
S: They are in the test room. We will soon be able to open the box.
A: Okay. I am turning their vocal transmission on.
D1: …site mess, it is really disgusting. What do you think ?
D2: Give me a break, I am worried enough, stop overdoing it.
D1: Well, I am worried too.
A: Hum. Do you hear me ?
D1: Yes ?
D2: Yup.
S: Good evening, you two. We are about to begin. For the last time, I repeat that the object you are about to see is not dangerous. Follow our orders and everything will be fine.
D2: Here we go.
A: I'm opening the box.
The box containing the object is opened. D-2108 is coming closer in order to look at the document. D-2329 is following him.
D1: Wooow ! This is one old thing ! Remind me of the high school … Look at it !
D2: Yeah … That is about … Sequences, got it. Wait … What is this paper, right here ?
S: Beginning of the exposure.
A: Well-noted.
D2: Hey, a sequence $U_{n+1}=|-(2)^n*\sqrt{8U_{n}-2n}|$ with U0=2 is represented here. I propose studying its limit.
A: That's it, it has started.
D1: Err … Are you feeling okay ? You happened to speak … err … suddenly well.
D2: So we have to draw the elements by Un of all points n belonging to N from 0 to +∞. We have U1, U2, U3.
D1: Damn, I did not know that you were so clever.
S : D-2329 is starting to unfold it. Oh wait, the other one has moved.
D1: I propose to assist you in the search of this limit. We have U10, U11 … We can already conjecture about the sequence's variations. It is strictly monotonically increasing for every index n in N.
D2: Wait … What ?
S: 2329, say "Cupcake" if you understand what i say.
D2: … Shut up ! What happened to me ?
A: It seems that D-2329 is no longer affected.
S: [to D2:] I think so. Please do not pay attention to that, 2329, continue to look at the object. [to Tio:]Note this; it lasted thirty seconds. Now, it looks like it is the turn of D-2108.
D1: For n=56, we have Un=1.0384593717069*1034.
D2: Well, fine. Why did you not tell us about it before ? I was worried for nothing. And why is this moron unfolding this paper saying numbers ?
S: Later, please. Look at this object.
D2: Wait, I scre-. The sequence is still increasing at n=100. We shall carry on determining the elements of Un.
D1: Woah, I have a memory lapse …
S: You unfolded some paper.
A: [to himself:] Damn, the cleaning guys will get mad at us.
S: About thirty seconds, must verify this … We are going to base on ten total changes in order to confirm that thirty is the right time interval.
A: Ok.
D2: Three hundred and fort … for … ?
D1: For science and the love of arithmetic, we continue with n=346. n=347, n=348, n=349.
D2: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Aw. My jaw hurts.
A: I think they had gone over the results of the precedent test.
D2: For fuck's sake, shut up.
S: Come on, three more cycles each to go and it will all be over. Still thirty, by the way.
D1: Ho, there is a lot of paper on the floor. Is it because of us ?
S: Yes. [to Tio :] Note that it begins to cover the floor.
D1: Woah, I almost tripped over it. By the way, what are you counting ? The number of meters we have unfold ?
A: No, the time interval between each change.
D1: Well, I hope it will not last veee. veeeee … veeeee …
S: Phew, looks like it is difficult for them to say the numbers.
[the subject's paper unfolding speed seems to increase]
D2: Looks like I got the hiccups.
S: Still thirty seconds.
D1: We are about U1555. The sequence is still increasing. Beautiful.
S: Well … Maybe we should stop here after all. Still thirty seconds, and the paper is spreading everywhere. Think that we still have to isolate and fold it with the bots.
A: Okay. D-2329, close the box, and put the bag hanging on the wall to your right on the head of D-2108.
D2: Well, at last.
End of the transcript.
Test result(s): Thirty seconds have been determined to be the time interval between each change.

Addendum #1: On the last page of the exam is written : "Sir, I truly wanted to thank you for this year in your class. My math level was far from brilliant, but your perpetual inducements, sometimes tinted with your dark humor (I remember well your "those results will soon converge to 0 as well" on the school report, as it is for your "has hit rock bottom, but is still digging" and even your "sometimes turns over … To look at the blackboard"), helped me persevere. I append this exam to those of your current class, willing to show you my progress as your worst pupil. I would never have come this far without you. Thank you. I wish you happy holiday. Goodbye.

Addendum #2: It has been recently discovered that the words "GET FCKD U CRAPY SCUMBAG" were written using invisible ink under U7 on the graph. The writing style is similar to those observed on the message and on the test.

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