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Fragment of SCP-1340's broadcast recording

Item #: SCP-1340-RU

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No methods of anomaly capture and containment have been developed as of yet; research efforts are currently ongoing. Anomaly witness identification and capture is to be performed according to standard Foundation search protocols. All circumstances of contact with the anomaly are to be ascertained on successful capture. If the first contact with SCP-1340 has been broken prematurely, it is required to perform a second test contact attempt. If the test proves negative, the subject is to be administered class B amnestics and released (with a week-long period of observation). All other subjects are to undergo comprehensive treatment procedures1 and be administered class D amnestics. Should treatment fail, false memories of their personality and a dislike to television technologies should be implanted as per the "Second Life" protocol. Such subjects are then to be relocated to closed communes under Foundation control2 (in particular, those lacking access to television), where they can be used in covert safe research experiments amidst routine tasks.

Description: SCP-1340 is a phenomenon consisting of spontaneous appearances of an image of a human eye on CRT-based TV screens; said image takes up the majority of the kinescope's visible area. Despite apparent lack of consistency between cases of the phenomenon's appearance, certain patterns have been deduced as intrinsic, such as:

  • SCP-1340 appears exclusively on cathode-ray tube-based devices (though implementation of this technology may vary) connected to analog television antennas;
  • SCP-1340's periods of activity fall between 23:00 and 02:00 on local time; all registered incidents involving SCP-1340 are localized to the northern hemisphere (between 45° and 75° latitude);
  • Each particular registered incident has involved only a single witness (hereafter referred to as 'observer'). Possibility of concurrent observation in different locations has been confirmed by experiment; as such, the anomaly cannot be contained through observer isolation.

General analysis of anomaly witness reports as well as replicated contact efforts have permitted to pinpoint the course of SCP-1340's activity. During first contact the anomaly manifests on active television screens that have been showing "white noise" for extended periods of time. During subsequent contact events the anomaly is capable of overriding low-quality transmissions. Presence or absence of audio transmission has no effect on contact probability. Upon manifestation the device begins showing an image of a human eye which takes up the majority of the screen. Said eye is blue and belongs to a man; the image is clear and free of any effects that hamper overall perception of the contents.

Analysis of the eye's sclera has confirmed that all instances of the anomaly transmit the image of the same man. The eye is always wide open (slowed and infrequent blinking is present), the pupil is dilated, and the eye often reacts (with delay) to the observer's movement, tracking them. If the affected device has audio enabled, upon manifestation the sound volume will be reduced to 25 dB, and it will consist of weak "white noise" static along with intact and fragmented words, distorted and pronounced with apparent difficulty.

Should the observer shut off or destroy the device during first contact with SCP-1340 (destruction of the kinescope is sufficient in the latter case), the anomaly will no longer manifest in front of that observer. Otherwise the anomaly will continue manifesting itself on the device every time under the described requirements (even without the observer present). Under continued observation SCP-1340 expands its sphere of influence and begins to appear not only in the location of first contact, but also in other places where the observer is present.


Room an observer affected by SCP-1340

It has been noted that in 65% of registered cases during repeated contacts the anomaly brings into existence an unlimited number of CRT television devices of various kinds and models (exclusively within the locale of first contact), which seem to operate without any apparent power sources. The TVs are placed on the floor, on various furniture present and on each other, and vary in size substantially. During the anomaly's active periods all devices transmit the same image of SCP-1340, and the anomaly's eye is not able to track the observer (instead chaotically looking from side to side), while the sounds' volume (despite a considerable number of additional speakers) increases by only up to 10 dB. The TV devices are off while the anomaly is inactive.

Observers rarely disclose the occasion and usually consider it a sign of psychological illness. In rare cases the subjects have been able to get rid of SCP-1340's presence through prolonged medical treatment; in addition, the observers develop phobias towards watching television, which prevent further contacts with the anomaly. Due to the circumstances above the Foundation is currently unable to discern the periodicity of manifestations or the overall ammount of contact cases.

All experiments with SCP-1340 have been classified by the Ethics Committee.

The Foundation has successfully recovered several documents that explain the anomaly's appearance from internal GoI archive records; the addendums are available with clearance level 4.

Addendums to the SCP-1340 document:

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