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Item #: SCP-1357-JP

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1357-JP is stored at Site-73 with opaque cloth over it. Bringing and using fire-powered equipment into the containment cell is prohibited, and taking SCP-1357-JP out of the cell is not to be allowed except for testing.

See Addendum 2 for the details of Neutralized classification.

Description: SCP-1357-JP is a watercolor painting of kingfisher (Alcedo atthis), titled "The Kingfisher". Painting material of the object is not anomalous. When the flame occurs around SCP-1357-JP, an entity of unknown composition, which resembles a male kingfisher, emerges from its surface. This entity is designated SCP-1357-JP-1. During the manifestation of SCP-1357-JP-1, the depiction of kingfisher on SCP-1357-JP disappears.

SCP-1357-JP-1 flies into the fire around it, transfers all the flames to its own body, and ascends to the sky. Thereafter, SCP-1357-JP-1 keeps flying until the fire is completely extinguished, and then returns to SCP-1357-JP. In case the fire is extinguished before SCP-1357-JP-1 arrives, it returns likewise. Upon its return, SCP-1357-JP-1 disappears by contacting SCP-1357-JP, and the depiction of kingfisher reappears on SCP-1357-JP. The reason SCP-1357-JP-1 is not incinerated has not been explained.

SCP-1357-JP-1 does not manifest when the fire occurs in a location that it cannot physically access via flight.



SCP-1357-JP was discovered in the abandoned workshop of Willie Wisdom, located outside of ████████, North Dakota, on 2011/03/15. At the time, SCP-1357-JP-1 is believed to have appeared at the fire scene in the area, and the fire department received a number of reports of "flames from the fire scene turning into a giant fireball flying through the air". The Foundation agents living in the vicinity began a search for the anomaly, which led to the recovery of SCP-1357-JP at the workshop about 140m away from the fire scene. Subsequently, residents in the vicinity of the fire scene were administered Class-A amnestics and several false information disseminated to the public.

Addendum 1: The following is a transcription of a paper strip recovered along with SCP-1357-JP.

My dearest grandson,

I saw this bird when I was very young. I was playing on the riverbank and he casually fluttered into my view.

I was mesmerized and fascinated by the sight of him. The blue bird was shining bright as a flame in the sunlight.

After that, I never saw him again. But he still keeps dancing in my memory. That is why I created this painting so that I would never forget him, the bird that inspired me to become an artist.

I am giving you this painting. I would appreciate it if one day, after I pass away, you would remember me from this painting.

And I hope that one day this bird will come to you who is shining like the sun. Happy 4th birthday to you.

From your grandfather.

It has been confirmed that Willie Wisdom died in a car accident on 2011/01/18, and the following day was the birthday of his grandson, Lloyd Wisdom, who was 3 years old at the time. Since Willie Wisdom had not revealed the location of his workshop to anyone before his death in order to prevent his creative activities from being interrupted, SCP-1357-JP is believed to have been left in his workshop without being discovered by his family or acquaintances. As no anomalous properties were identified for the other abandoned artworks, they were returned to Mr. Wisdom's family after the investigation was completed.

Addendum 2: On 2014/04/22, SCP-1357-JP was suddenly activated and SCP-1357-JP-1 appeared. Since SCP-1357-JP-1 was circling in the containment chamber shortly after its appearance and there was no firepower usage in the Site at the time, it was temporarily released in order to determine the cause of its activation. Once released, SCP-1357-JP-1 flew from Site-73 in a north-northwest direction and began to spontaneously combust along the flight path. Notably, this was the first time that the spontaneous combustion was observed since its containment. Approximately 12 minutes after release, SCP-1357-JP-1 was believed to have been completely incinerated for unknown reasons, and the object was later reclassified to Neutralized as the depiction of kingfisher did not subsequently reappear on SCP-1357-JP.

Later investigation revealed that Lloyd Wisdom had died of leukemia at roughly the same time SCP-1357-JP-1 was incinerated. It has also been confirmed that the hospital where Lloyd Wisdom was admitted was located in the direction of the flight of SCP-1357-JP-1. The causal relationship between this fact and the change in the object's anomalous properties is unclear.

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