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Item #: SCP-136-DE

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-136-DE is to be placed in a level 3 security cell for humanoid SCPs and is allowed egress within site DE20, along with Doctor Thompkins and 4 guards, and a tracking chip. Experiments, interviews and the like must only be conducted with Doctor Lee.

SCP-136-DE is currently held at site DE10, in a 10 m × 10 m × 3 m cell with simple standard furniture, and eight (8) outlets located in the corners of the room, which are connected to a sedative tank. These have to be used in case of refusal of orders, escape attempts or to prepare for possible transport.

Food, beverages and any requested objects must be provided via a 30 cm wide and 15 cm high large shaft with a double airlock. Access to SCP-136-DE's security cell must consist of two (2) steel doors coupled together, each 2 metres apart. The walls, floors and ceilings must be 50 cm reinforced concrete, with integrity sensors set in, coated with a rubber foam covering.

SCP-136-DE's position, as well as the isolation cell and exit, must be monitored at all times by an algorithm using a camera, integrity sensors, weight sensors, and a tracking chip implanted in SCP-136-DE's neck, in order to immediately respond to any breach of containment by SCP-136-DE. If SCP-136-DE escapes from containment, all doors, exits and otherwise secured passageways are immediately sealed off and, after SCP-136-DE's exact position has been determined, flooded with sedatives and re-contained by the RTF DE10-ℭ.

SCP-136-DE can request certain items or better food, but must remain quiet and cooperative for at least 3 weeks in order to do so. Requests must be approved by the SCP-136-DE project leader, as well as a member of the O4 Council1.

Due to several signs of clinical depression, SCP-136-DE was prescribed therapy by Doctor Hinkeroder.

Addendum-001: Due to severe lack of cooperation and increased attacks on Doctor Hinkeroder by SCP-136-DE, therapy was suspended.

Addendum-002: Due to the consequences of a possible future containment breach, a vote was taken in the O4 Council on a possible "alternative containment" by artificial coma. The vote was negative with a majority of ██ %.

Addendum-003: SCP-136-DE is scheduled to be transferred to Site DE17 as a result of budget cuts.

Description: SCP-136-DE is a sixteen-year-old boy who is 1.81 m tall and weighs 79 kg. In addition, SCP-136-DE has brown hair, yellow eyes and is very athletically built. SCP-136-DE could achieve an IQ of 113 in a standard IQ test, which is slightly above average. In addition, SCP-136-DE shows a strong interest in technology and science fiction, as well as literature related to these topics. SCP-136-DE displays irritable and annoyed behaviour towards Foundation staff, often insulting them and attacking them several times in the past, but seems to have now ceased this behaviour.

SCP-136-DE has the anomalous ability to stop time, through a process that is not yet understood. However, it can suppress this effect on nearby objects, processes or phenomena, enabling it to breathe, move or perform activities such as eating, drinking and more while stopping time. Although the logical conclusion is that SCP-136-DE would be blind during the suppression of its effect, since no light would reach the retina of the eye, this does not seem to be the case, as there is unknown cellular tissue with the appearance of a yellow pattern in the iris of the subject. This is connected to the optic nerve via special nerves, and supplies it with stimuli identical to those of the retina, allowing SCP-136-DE to see normally should it stop time. Although the actual use of its anomalous effect of stopping time does not exhaust it in any way, the suppression of this effect seems to be quite exhausting and has already led to several breakdowns of SCP-136-DE.

Addendum-004: SCP-136-DE seems to have developed a kind of motoric behaviour which ensures that it unconsciously creates a kind of bubble in which it can breathe and move freely. At the edge of this bubble, there seems to be some kind of circulation of air and temperature, ensuring that he can breathe until the available oxygen in the environment has been converted into carbon dioxide. The heat given off by SCP-136-DE's body is evenly distributed in the environment, while at the same time external cold is largely shielded. This entire process appears to occur through a continuous expansion and contraction of the space at the edge of the bubble, with oxygen and carbon dioxide, as well as temperatures, being constantly exchanged.

Discovery: SCP-136-DE was discovered in the small town of ████████ after a Foundation agent embedded with the local police reported constant, mild, out-of-nowhere devastation, as well as video footage of a "teleporting boy". The Foundation prevented the release of this information and, thanks to several video recordings of these events, were able to identify the boy as ████████ ███ and contacted the family under the guise of Child Protective Services. See interview log-136-DE-1.

SCP-136-DE was later recovered from ███████ in the care of █████ ████████. The woman was highly cooperative and handed SCP-136-DE over to the Foundation under the promise "that he would be helped". She was subsequently interviewed, as was SCP-136-DE's mother, and given amnesia. SCP-136-DE was placed in a standard security cell for humanoid anomalies at site DE20, in accordance with procedure Delta 7 for humanoid anomalies, for the time being.


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