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Item #: SCP-137-DE

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: To date, no method is known to successfully contain SCP-137-DE, and it is to be assumed the Foundation is unable to develop such. SCP-137-DE is to be monitored via satellites during winter and its course to be predicted. All meteorological data of the alps is to be edited so that the eccentric behavior of SCP-137-DE does not become apparent, with its influence upon areas inhabited by humans explained as regular snow storms, including the use of amnestics if required. The same applies to avalanches and other natural disasters caused by the anomaly.

The resting place chosen by SCP-137-DE is to be banned from civilian scientific investigations, until activtity resumes. Additionally, when SCP-137-DE's awakening is imminent, entry to said places is fully prohibited.

The Foundation currently supports protective programs for sustaining the nature in the alps, as a means of appeasing SCP-137-DE.


SCP-137-DE, due to light pollution, the clouds behind the anomaly appear black. Image was provided by the archivists of the GOC.

Description: SCP-137-DE is a construct of ice luminescent from within that resembles the form of a bird of prey, which cannot be assigned to a known species. SCP-137-DE possesses a wing span of around 500 meters, a total length of 200 meters excluding its 100 meter long tail feathers, and a weight of approximated 50.000 tons.

Despite the fact its body texture would render it incapable of flight, SCP-137-DE can fly like a regular bird, reaching heights of up to 20.000 meters. Furthermore, the material it consists of somehow allows for avian movements. Regardless of its location, it also produces a severe snow storm with a diameter of around 10 km around itself during its active phase, obscuring its body from view, which simplifies the suppression of knowledge about the anomaly's existence considerably. Furthermore, data retrieved from the GOC conclude that it cooles down the air around it to -20 °C, thereby allowing flight even during intensive sunlight without melting.

SCP-137-DE was initially sighted in 2013 and has so far only moved within the alps or surrounding locations. The entity is solely active during winter, and spends the other seasons atop the peaks of high mountains or glaciers, on which it lets itself be snowed in by its own blizzard at the beginning of its resting phase. It is currently unknown if SCP-137-DE requires nutrition, oxygen, or sleep.


SCP-137-DE's snow storm above Geneva.

Although SCP-137-DE usually stays at high altitudes, it flies close to the ground from time to time. Its snow storm causes snow chaos and economic damages during this, when it flies over populated places, such as cites or villages. It is capable of cutting off whole valleys from the rest of the world through its created masses of snow.


Aftermath of an overflight by SCP-137-DE.

It is possible to provoke the anomaly via excessive destruction of the alps' natural regions, even if this occurred during its resting phase. In such cases, it will move to the affected area during its active period and attack surrounding human villages by creating blizzards and severe hail while causing avalanches through systematic snow fall that can completely bury villages under themselves. In some unconfirmed cases, the anomaly would deliberately threw itself onto humans directly related to the environmental destruction. But such attacks are so far only known through witness reports and have never been documented.

Incident 137-DE-GOC-1: On the 28th February 2018, the Global Occult Coalition launched a termination attempt on SCP-137-DE, independent from the Foundation, according to gained data because to both the number of casualties as well as the sum of caused economic damages had become too massive. The attempt involved the utilization of five jets of the type Eurofighter Typhoon with ammunition that generated intense heat. In addition, the machines were modified for flights inside SCP-137-DE's snow storm. The mission was tracked using cameras and microphones on the outer chassis and recordings from the GOC.

Incident 137-DE-2: On the 5th of February 2019, tourists at the frozen Lake Schwarzsee in Canton of Fribourg, Switzerland observed through a suddenly oncoming snow storm, how the ice layer broke open, whereafter SCP-137-DE flew out of the lake, fully recovered. The entity later caused heavy snowfalls in Tyrol and South Tyrol, blocked the Brenner motorway, and made several valleys inaccessible for a few days. Witnesses were amnesticized, with videos posted to the internet being portrayed as hoax and censored due to the poor quality. Immediately following this event, the GOC requested assistance by the Foundation, sending them all data it had gathered about the entity for this purpose. When analyzing the data, it was revealed that the interference SCP-137-DE causes in akiva detectors is similar to a phenomenon different artifacts by the Mages Academy caused when tested with the same examination method.

Document 137-DE-1: The following document is part of a phone call recorded by the GOC that is dated 2th of January 2013. Participants of the conversation could not be identified in time, however, as the corresponding data was lost in a fire two days later. The GOC assumes sabotage.

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