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SCP-137-FR closed, front side.
"A world without religion, is it possible?"


SCP-137-FR closed, back side.

Item #: SCP-137-FR

Threat Level: Yellow

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containement Procedures: SCP-137-FR is to be kept inside a secure locker at Site-Aleph and removed from containment only for the purpose of tests on Class-D personnel. Outside of these tests, only personnel confirmed as non-religious may handle SCP-137-FR, in order to prevent any accidental opening.

Description: SCP-137-FR is a 15x25cm glossy paper brochure, folded in half. Printed on the front side are the words "A world with no religion, is it possible?" along with a depiction of the earth surrounded by various religious symbols. The back side bears a single word, "yes". At the bottom is the logo for an organisation named "SAPHIR"1, which was previously unknown (see Recovery Log). The two inner pages are blank.

When closed, SCP-137-FR exhibits no anomalous effects. However, when opened by a subject affiliated to any religious denomination, both the object and subject vanish. The subject and SCP-137-FR will then reappear 1 second to 8 hours after opening.

The subject will return in a severe state of shock, with considerably weakened mental health, and will manifest a visceral repulsion towards the subject's original religion prior to the experiment. Subjects invariably claim to have remained in the exact location they were before, but in a dystopian world where the only existing religion is theirs. Although the exact duration of their presence there is undetermined, it appears considerably longer than the duration of their disappearance. An average duration of three months has been suggested.

As the subjects' severe state of shock compromises interrogation, a crisis unit was established and the use of tranquilizers was allowed.

SCP-137-FR experiment log:

Recovery log: SCP-137-FR appears to have been distributed in multiple copies on ██/██/████, in a square in the city of Dijon, France, by volunteers from an organisation known as SAPPHIRE. The Foundation's attention was drawn when agents embedded in the local police received witness accounts of people "vanishing suddenly" and "reappearing completely panicked." When MTF Zeta-8 "White Dove" arrived to administer amnestics to the witnesses and victims, the SAPPHIRE members had disappeared, after having recovered or destroyed all copies of SCP-137-FR. Fortunately, SCP-137-FR was found in a trash can near the square, where it had been thrown by a civilian who did not open it.

Research has been conducted to determine the nature and purpose of SAPPHIRE, so far mostly unsuccessful. According to previous findings, SAPPHIRE appears to be an intellectual group wishing to impact religion as a whole in order to promote rational thinking. The motto written underneath their logo, "Nostram Assulam Pavete" (latin for "Fear Our Shine") shows they consider themselves a threat. Further clearing is awaited.

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