Item #: SCP-137-KO

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Initial containment of SCP-137-KO by the Foundation has been deemed unnecessary since its anomaly mainly stems from its location, rather than its properties. Therefore, the Foundation is to monitor and intercept police reports for new SCP-137-KO instances after confirming its manifestation.

Description: SCP-137-KO refers to the underground cavities found in ███, Mujin-si, Republic of Korea. They mostly appear below areas with high foot traffic, such as residential districts or busy streets. The cavities are usually located no deeper than 2 metres underground.

SCP-137-KO anomalously resembles a human 'petrified in fear'. Because of this, finders commonly mistake it as a place where a victim of a murder was buried; however, SCP-137-KO does not house the organic traces typical of a human corpse.

The environment around SCP-137-KO appears deformed, albeit in a small magnitude; deformities that may cause severe structural damage do not result in the expected consequence. Examples of said deformities include:

  • A funnel attached to the mouth part thought to be a disfigured water pipe. Found below a bathtub of a house.
  • Electric wires wrapped around the torso with their cores exposed. Found below a busy street.
  • Shackles locked on the limbs composed with the same materials from the surrounding rocks. Found at the bottom of a lake. Notably, the face of the cavity was exposed over the ground.

Addendum: At 15/02/2018, while Junior Researcher ████ Han was moving his mother's grave located in ████, Mujin-si, he discovered that the body and all organic traces of it have disappeared. An investigation is under progress following confirmed reports of multiple other graves located in the same area displaying identical anomalies.

Following the incident, Researcher Han was administered amnestics and assigned with irrelevant tasks.

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