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Akira Oishi's apartment

Item #: SCP-1377-JP

Object Class: Pending

Special Containment Procedures: Akira Oishi's apartment has been cordoned off with the cooperation of local police, and should only be opened during experimentation.

Description: SCP-1377-JP is an input-output process. Information regarding SCP-1377-JP is presumed to be incapable of being memorized or recorded, excluding speculation.

Input Output
None Putrid odor, vomit odor
Apple None
Dictionary A dictionary with bite marks1
Thousand yen note None
A piece of paper with 1+1 written on it None
Raw beef None
A live rodent A rodent with bite marks2
D-31874 (male, 36) Screaming3, D-31874, human skeletal remains with no flesh present except the head4
D-31875 (female, 23) D-31875, a stain on the abdomen of the clothing5, a note that reads 'food'6
Three apples None
D-31875, ten apples D-31875
Akira Oishi (male, 36)7 Screaming8, Akira Oishi with different clothes
A live rodent A live rodent
Three apples None
D-31875 D-31875, a stain on the abdomen of the clothing9
Five apples None
D-31874 D-31874
Akira Oishi, a researcher (male, 28) Akira Oishi, a researcher
D-31875 D-31875, small human skeletal remains10
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