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item number: scp-1379-jp

how dangerous is it: keter

how to keep it trapped: stand guard on scp-1379-jp. even if there are more fun things to do dont do them. always keep an eye on it.

call any living thing that comes out of scp-1379-jp scp-1379-jp-a. also scp-1379-jp-a are VERY DANGEROUS so have everyone pin it down then tie it up with a belt or something then lock it up. also lock up anyone that gets controlled by its powers.

no talking to scp-1379-jp-a, because it makes you feel bad.

what is it: scp-1379-jp is a door in one of the sites. the door cant be destroyed and its locked so you cant go through. if you touch the doorknob you hear super hard math problems. the problems are so hard nobody understands them not even us so we give up.

scp-1379-jp-a is living things that come out of scp-1379-jp. we caught one of them and it is called scp-1379-jp-a-1 and we have it locked up.

scp-1379-jp-a-1 is a living thing that looks like a 20 to 30 year old human. it speaks a funny language that sounds like japanese but we dont know what it is. when you listen to it speak or see words it writes you can tell its like japanese. but because when you see words it writes or talk to it the below things happen we dont know what these words are.

  • you get a headache
  • you get a hot fever like 38 degrees c
  • you get sleepy
  • you sleep until morning

but some people who read scp-1379-jp-a-1's words or talk to it dont end up that way. these people will become friends with scp-1379-jp-a-1 and want to help it escape. this is bad. we think controlling our agents and making them like it is a really dangerous power.

also scp-1379-jp-a-1 is really smart because it can do the following things

  • solve math and science problems we cant solve even after years
  • when counting it goes up to numbers we dont know
  • it can write hard letters that look like kanji but harder
  • we measured its IQ and its so big we couldnt count it.

and also scp-1379-jp-a-1 knows a lot about the foundation. it knows more than us about the objects we contain and also knows all our names and families and stuff. so its very dangerous, definitely keter

recorded questioning:
after we caught it we asked scp-1379-jp-a-1 some questions

addendum 1: everyone thought if a lot of scp-1379-jp-a attacked our world then it would be really bad so we told mom dad the director to destroy all the scp-1379-jp-a. if he gets mad itll be scary so we try our best.

if the things on the other side open the door, we use that… that thing… that… no that one!! that one! we use that thing1 because its really dangerous and we throw it at them. we will protect this world together.

—director lion 2028 august

because we couldnt read the previous document this is the one we wrote after we caught scp-1379-jp-a-1. you probably cant read it but here it is anyway.

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